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Since December 2019, the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) may be stressful for people. Last few weeks the outbreak has extended to touch almost every corner of the world. The numbers of confirmed cases and deaths are soaring, it is overwhelming enough to read on the news. Adults or children, we are fear and anxious about the pandemic. As humans we find ways to cope with the stress, then we come together in a crisis and win this war!

The coronavirus outbreak is not just psychologically affecting us, it has brought lots of real-life problems, one of them: masks are sold out. People are making DIY masks. Can DIY masks protect us from Coronavirus? That I cannot answer. What I can tell is making DIY masks distracts me from the hectic situation. I feel even better when I start giving out DIY masks to peoples who are facing shortage of mask.

diy masks

A way to cope with stress and helps people at the same time. Sounds a winner!

For crafters who are interested in making masks for themselves, friends and family or their own community, here are some useful resources you may interest:

Free Face Mask Pattern and Instructions 

What’s the best material for a DIY cloth face mask for COVID-19?

DIY Fabric Face Mask Tutorial – 2-layers face mask with filter pocket (with mask pattern)

DIY Face Mask Tutorial – 3 Pleats Surgical Style with Filter Pocket (with mask pattern)

DIY Face Mask Keeper – Quick and easy way to store used surgical mask temporarily

Stay strong, be kind.