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Various shades of blue are used to dye the blue onyx crystal, and the resulting gemstones can be either unbanded or banded. This stone shares many qualities with its sibling black onyx, including smooth, elegant, and resonating with earthy metaphysical forces.

The magnificent blue onyx stone’s colors are reminiscent of the ocean’s crashing waves. In addition, the varying shades of blue produce an intriguing visual appeal that is hard to resist.

Also, the beauty of the blue onyx meaning may be attributed to Gaia only in part—bands of chalcedony and blue onyx are interspersed with one another. The parallel bands give the impression of being agate, although the bands are straight rather than curved.

The throat chakra, linked to blue onyx healing properties, is crucial for open dialogue, honest self-expression, and original thought. The stone will help you find inner peace and connect with a higher force for wisdom.

blue onyx

What Is Blue Onyx?

While talking about onyx stones, we’ll use the term “blue onyx” to describe those that have been dyed to various colors of blue. It aids in overcoming mental weakness, and in taming unpleasant emotions such as melancholy, worry, and rage.

Blue Onyx is a powerful talisman against dark magic, and it will also help to deflect any negative energy that may be aimed in your direction. It will also purge any noxious vibes you may have picked up in the past that may be hurting your present situation.

It has the potential to increase one’s vitality, physical strength, and perseverance. Other conditions such as cataracts, abscesses, cell damage, and even epilepsy may potentially benefit from its application.

The power of blue onyx can help you break free from toxic relationships that are holding you back from realizing your full potential. Mistaken emotions and hasty judgment will be banished along with them.

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Where Is Blue Onyx Found?

The United States, India, Brazil, and Uruguay are all good places to look for blue onyx. It will also purge any noxious vibes you may have picked up in the past that may be hurting your present situation.

Lemuria is a watery location that encourages the free expression of emotion, intuition, and dreams. Working with Lemurian energy requires an open heart and a willingness to allow any part of yourself to grow slowly.

Look no further than the blue onyx if you’re looking for a protective stone to aid your divination rituals. The blue onyx crystal’s healing vibrations will fortify your will and equip you with the necessary tools to overcome your conditions.

What Is The Meaning Of Blue Onyx?

Crystal aficionados generally agree upon the standard energy profile and significance of blue onyx to be one of enhanced mental ability. This stone can help you become more resilient in the face of the negative forces that seek access to your emotional and mental realms.

In the eyes of many alternative medicine practitioners, addiction is just a sign of mental fragility and an inability to rein in destructive urges. The empowering vibrational energy of blue onyx can help you conquer mental health issues by bolstering your resolve and equipping you with the tools you need to make certain adjustments in your life.

Not only can it help you keep the unpleasant stuff at bay, but it might also make you a more self-aware person. You can figure out how to handle specific scenarios based on your past reactions and the answers you’ve come up with so far.

How Will Blue Onyx Help You?

Blue onyx has been found to be excellent for the teeth, bones, and bone marrow. Diseases of the foot and blood vessels can also benefit from this therapy.

The power of blue onyx can help you break free from toxic relationships that are holding you back from realizing your full potential. Mistaken emotions and hasty judgment will be banished along with them.

When you move forward with this new enthusiasm, you may be amazed by how many things fall into place for you. Because this stone can help you tap into your inner wisdom, you may find yourself acting in ways that seem irrational at first.

The use of blue onyx will free you from verbal inhibitions and enable you to express yourself openly and positively. In addition, it will help you be more considerate in your speech and aware of your partner’s emotions.

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How To Use Blue Onyx?

When you wear jewelry made from blue onyx, you’ll feel empowered and in control of your emotions. You’ll feel more at home wherever you go, and more confident in your own skin.

You can alleviate your sorrow and agony by keeping this stone near your auric fields. Your body’s energies will be more in harmony, making you more stable and less prone to erratic behavior.

Moreover, you’ll grow stronger as you face and overcome adversity. It will shield you not just from physical harm but also from any mental harm that may come your way.

This stone can also be used to enhance the energies in your house or workplace. In addition, it will protect you from harm and draw off any negative energy you may be experiencing.

The power of blue onyx will inspire you to take stock of your experiences and grow from them. Carrying a piece of blue onyx with you can help you focus your energy and bring it into alignment with your supernatural entity, allowing you to tap into your intuition and receive wisdom from above.

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How To Cleanse Blue Onyx?

  • Soaking it in freshwater is the simplest solution. Physical stains can be removed with mild soap, but for the most part, it’s preferable to use clean water without any detergents or other additives.
  • Cleaning with the sun or moon is another option. The stone should be placed on a sunny window sill during the day.
  • Some people believe that burying the stone in fresh soil would have the same effect. The idea here is that bad vibes are absorbed by the planet and transformed into positive, calming energy for its inhabitants.
  • Blue onyx, in whatever form it may be found, must constantly be cleansed before use. It’s a form of self-sacrifice in that you’re allowing someone else to carry your emotional baggage rather than keeping it all to yourself.
  • Let it soak up the moon’s rays instead. Then, take it inside during the full moon. The stone will be revived and look brand new in the morning

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blue onyx



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