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Safety, strength, preservation, endurance, and an exquisite sense of grounding all come from the Muladhara in the hierarchy of human desires. Our kundalini serpent rests here, as does our masculine energy, and this chakra serves as the physical basis for all the others.

The good news is that the root chakra is relatively easy to mend—thanks to crystals for root chakra. The healing frequencies of root chakra crystals and other practices like yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and grounding on the earth.

The goal of cultivating root chakra energy is to provide emotional and physical stability as a foundation for processing more complex feelings. You can find the proper sense of security, intimacy, and purification in the grounding energy of gemstones for your root chakra.


What Is Root Chakra?

The root chakra is the energetic center in charge of our fundamental requirements: physical survival, emotional stability, and spiritual well-being. It has to do with the stability we feel in our lives, both the physical solidity we discover in nature and the cultural and familial stability we feel via our forebears and past.

The root chakra stores information about our ancestors; clearing karma from previous lives will help bring these memories back to the surface. Unconscious generational patterns are caused by problems from previous incarnations, especially those that endanger one’s ability to stay alive.

When you fully possess your power, you have taken the first step toward it at your root chakra. Disrupting this flow can have repercussions for other energy centers in your body.

What Are 15 Powerful Crystals For Root Chakra?

Low energy levels, particularly in the lower body, are another symptom of a blocked root chakra. When our foundation is shaky, we may experience a wide range of symptoms, from urinary and bowel dysfunction to arthritic pain and impaired parasympathetic nervous system function.

Many people think the Muladhara is the source of one’s inner fortitude and bravery—so using root chakra crystals has been a thing. So let’s investigate the top 15 crystals for root chakra purification in greater detail.


1.Black Tourmaline


As a powerful shield against harm, black tourmaline is a must-have accessory. When it comes to necessities and energy flow, black stones are fantastic healing stones. In addition, it’s a powerful armor against mental, emotional, or physical harm. Find more about Black Tourmaline meaning and healing properties.


2. Bloodstone


A bloodstone’s healing properties are well-documented. This is a great way to improve one’s sense of worth and confidence. Problems associated with the base chakra, such as feelings of lack of worth or anxiety about money, respond well to this stone. Find more about Bloodstone meaning and healing properties.




Carnelian is a stone that may both inspire and strengthen your confidence and love for life. As a bonus, it will assist you in overcoming any root chakra-related emotional challenges you may be experiencing, such as an awareness of poverty or money concerns. In addition to being a powerful shield, this stone also helps keep out unwanted energy. Find more about Carnelian meaning and healing properties.



Garnet is a powerful, high-vibration stone. Trusting oneself and one’s intuition, and fellow humans, is facilitated by this stone. It will also strengthen your instincts for survival and give you the confidence to make difficult choices under pressure. Find more about Garnet meaning and healing properties.


5.Green Aventurine


When it comes to healing stones, green aventurine is among the very best. Aside from material success, this stone also promotes emotional and physical health. Emotional disorders, such as anxiety and worry, can benefit from its use. Find more about Green Aventurine meaning and healing properties.



Hematite is a stone of stability and equilibrium, as it helps one to stay rooted in the earth. Despite its powerful defensive properties, this stone is harmless. As a result of its location in the base chakra, it also enhances a person’s physical power, stability, and stamina. Find more about Hematite meaning and healing properties.



You can feel calm and relaxed after meditating with this stone. Those with a midlife crisis or looking to make significant changes are claimed to benefit significantly from hemimorphite. It will help you zero in on your unique qualities and determine your life’s mission.



The magnesite will be a meditation aid and a source of strength in your daily life. Natural oils and these gems, in particular, are excellent tools for bringing about physical health and happiness. This gemstone will bring strength as you let go of the tension and negativity overwhelming you.


9.Moss Agate

Some believe this gem can be used to locate lost wealth and keep the peace around the house. If you’re feeling burdened by bad feelings, this is the way to let them go. As a result of its high vibration, it is ideal for meditating and creating a tranquil atmosphere. Find more about Moss Agate meaning and healing properties.


10.Red Aventurine

If you hold this crystal, it will help make your dreams come true. The lucky, successful, and manifesting qualities of red aventurine are well known. Therefore, you can use it to gain everything good in life that is rightfully yours. Find more about Red Aventurine meaning and healing properties.


11.Red Tiger’s Eye

Like its other colors, the red tiger’s eye is an anchoring stone that deflects destructive energy. It is said that this stone can act as a shield against harmful external influences while also absorbing and transmuting lousy energy. Find more about Red Tigers Eye meaning and healing properties.


12.Smokey Quartz

Another protecting and grounding stone is smokey quartz. For improved health, smokey quartz is an excellent healing stone for the base chakra. However, this stone is perfect for any function, including meditation, and may be placed in any chakra.



This gem is not only good for your body but also your mind, heart, and soul. Turquoise is a powerful protective stone because it purifies the spirit and dispels stress. Besides alleviating tension, worry, and despair, it will also enhance your ability to make your goals and desires a reality. Find more about Turquoise meaning and healing properties.


14.Watermelon Tourmaline

This is the gemstone to use if you wish to live in the now, purge your energy of negativity, or clear away obstacles. Known as a stone of prosperity and joy, watermelon tourmaline is a valuable Muladhara gem. This is a beautiful healing stone for creating equilibrium and sparking the imagination.


15. Zincite

Any negative or anxious energy can be released into the cosmos with the help of the Zincite stone. As a result, you will feel less anxious and more at ease. In addition, it has been reported that zincite is a gemstone for the emergence and growth of psychic powers.


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