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Our energy field’s spiritual epicenter is the Ajna—it combines with the logical brain to form intuitive intelligence, allowing us to peer past appearances. Because of this, we can see past delusions and focus on what is truly important in life.

The third eye chakra crystals are associated with blue, white, and purple. Activating the third eye chakra is especially helpful for creative types like poets, healers, and painters. Activating the third eye benefits everyone’s quest for spiritual enlightenment and cosmic comprehension.


What Is Third Eye Chakra?

It takes a lot of prana to open the third eye chakra. The solar plexus is responsible for opening this chakra. The prana from food is absorbed by the solar plexus chakra, located at the navel.

The subtle life energy, or prana, that enters the body through food and air is thought to be responsible for forming the chakra system. Several studies have shown that using specific crystals and gemstones facilitates the ingestion of this prana.

Crystals can play a significant part in your life, including assisting you in activating and operating your third eye. In addition, increased prana in the third eye chakra leads to enhanced intuition and the emergence of latent psychic faculties such as telepathy, divination, and more.

What Are 15 Powerful Crystals For Third Eye Chakra?

When the Ajna is blocked, our creative faculties, logical processes, and emotional equilibrium are compromised. These 15 crystals for third eye chakra have the power to clear chakras and restore healthy energy flow throughout the body.




It is said that using angelite as a cleansing stone will remove all the unhelpful emotions and thoughts from your life. It can also open lines of communication with spirits and other non-physical entities. Find more about Angelite meaning and healing properties.



When you use this stone, you will be able to see things more plainly that your conscious mind may have overlooked. If you want to open your Ajna wide, this is the perfect way to do it since you can dig into the subject and find out what’s happening. Apophyllite, associated with these positive emotions, is a powerful stone for restoring one’s sense of mental well-being and one’s faith in and appreciation of oneself.


3.Black Obsidian


Unpredictable events can arise in the outside world, but this stone will help you take a step back, assess the situation, and eliminate any poisonous or harmful influences. Black obsidian has been used for centuries to shield the wearer from harm and purify the energy around them. Anybody struggling with a dependency can benefit from using this. Find more about Obsidian meaning and healing properties.


4.Blue Apatite

Blue apatite can help us succeed because it dispels mental fog, revitalizes our capacity for original thought and problem-solving, heightens our mental alertness, and prepares us to absorb new information. It supports us in breaking through the barriers of emotional scars holding us back by allowing us to access more profound and expansive states of consciousness. Find more about Blue Apatite meaning and healing properties.



To better trust your instincts, live in the now and make decisions that feel right to you, wear this stone. Chiastolite is a gemstone of mental harmony, enhanced intuition, and expanded psychic capacities. Having intuition is like having a sixth sense or a gut feeling over something.



Chrysocolla can be worn while sleeping to enhance psychic powers or used in conjunction with third-eye meditation to facilitate communication with alien beings. Having the same vitality as the Ajna, it aids in deciphering the workings of the unconscious and bringing much-needed insight. Find more about Chrysocolla meaning and healing properties.


7.Lapis Lazuli

It is a powerful stone that can manifest desires and enhance psychic abilities. If you’re having trouble connecting with your higher self in the physical world, Lapis Lazuli may be just the thing you need to assist you. If you’re looking to increase your luck by a factor of ten, this crystal is an excellent addition to your collection. Find more about Lapis Lazuli meaning and healing properties.



It might help you let go of your stress and relax your mind and body. Lepidolite, a stone associated with the heart chakra, can help you relay to your Ajna and re-establish communication between your head and your heart. This stone is most effective when used for meditation or worn on the third eye at night. Find more about Lepidolite meaning and healing properties.



The exploratory stone Iolite enhances physical and spiritual endeavors and stimulates the imagination. Its soothing vibe helps us feel more at peace and increases our awareness. Keep a chunk of Oolite in your auric field to enhance your chakra. Find more about Iolite meaning and healing properties.


10.Pink Tourmaline


This is an excellent stone for meditation and grounding any extra energy you carry. Pink tourmaline is a soothing gemstone that can help you find inner tranquility. As one of the most incredible stones, it aids mental concentration and provides clear thinking because of its association with the third eye chakra. Find more about Tourmaline meaning and healing properties.


11.Purple Fluorite

This stone can improve your memory, open your mind to new perspectives on who you are, and spark the inspiration to help you realize your full potential. Whether you meditate with a piece of purple fluorite or place one on your third eye, you’ll be able to release any mental tension you’ve been carrying.


12.Smokey Quartz

This stone will aid in dispelling its adverse effects and allow you to rest easily. As a bonus, smokey quartz shields you from psychic attacks and helps you feel more in touch with your body. Finally, this stone can help you purge any negative energy if you are the target of a psychic assault.




This is an excellent stone for fostering concentration, transparency, and equilibrium. The frustration and disruptions caused by a blocked third eye chakra can be alleviated through its use during meditation. Try wearing this stone on your ring finger if you want to be more imaginative. Find more about Sodalite meaning and healing properties.



This stone can significantly assist one’s energy flow and finding one’s way spiritually. In addition, it can calm the mind and body since it takes its power from a spiritual source. The subconscious mind is associated with the sixth chakra. Find more about Sugilite meaning and healing properties.



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