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Check out these gorgeous gemstones, even rarer than diamonds, if you’re seeking the rarest crystal in the world. We’ve listed a list of the 20 rare crystals and rare stones in the world, including gems from minimal mining regions and those with discovery totals of fewer than a hundred.

These days, the results of an auction are more probable than old superstitions to identify a gem’s value. However, although it is simple to establish a price for a rare stone, the stone’s true worth is influenced by several factors in addition to supply and demand.

The value of gemstones is determined only by how much money someone is prepared to pay for them. Gem prices are determined by some factors, including availability, time pressure, and the desire of gem owners to unload their collections.


20 Rare Crystals And Rare Stones: Knowing The Rarest Crystal In The World

The value of a crystal is determined by the sum of money someone is willing to pay for it. Although history reminds us that gems commonly preserve the heritage of their past owners, whether worn, traveled, or traded, just as in the visual arts, culture, and trends play an equal role in establishing a stone’s value.

These are the world’s rarest crystals, some of which are much more difficult to obtain than you might expect; they would be perfect for your next unique jewelry item.


1.Moussaieff Red Diamond

Diamonds are precious since they are such rare jewels. But the rarest and most valuable diamonds are the red diamonds, a form of diamond with a different color—those in the market for the absolute best pay through the nose for red diamonds at auction. The Moussaieff Red, rumored to be worth over $8,000,000, is the most valuable red diamond.



Despite being one of my faves, serendibite is so uncommon that most people shouldn’t plan on ever seeing it in person. In 1902, a nearly colorless or black mineral called serendibite was discovered in Sri Lanka. Serendibite can fetch as much as $2,000,000 per carat, so you’ll need substantial pockets if you ever get the chance to buy one of these rare gems.



The elegance of grandidierite cannot be refuted. Despite its relative rarity, this material’s vivid green colors and brittleness make it an excellent choice for jewelry. Grandidierite is found primarily in Madagascar, one of just a few hundred known examples of a mineral that can produce white, green, and blue light. The price of grandidierite can reach up to $100,000 per carat, making it one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world and one of the most expensive.



Painite is a scarce crystal that ranges from very dark brown to crimson. Previous to the year 2001, only three painite crystals were known to exist, and even though more have been found since then, the majority of them are not appropriate for faceting. Painite is a mineral that can only be found in Myanmar, which is located in Southeast Asia. It can fetch upwards of $60,000 per carat when put up for sale.


5.Kashmir Sapphire

The gentlest of tones shine through the Kashmir sapphire. Kashmir sapphires have tiny inclusions of rutile, which give them a velvety sheen and make them feel more comfortable to wear than other sapphires because they are not as sharply cut. These tranquil blue gems have a calming, healing energy that sharpens concentration and leads to a path to love. Prices per carat of Kashmir sapphire can go up to $60,000.



The musgravite gemstone was found in 1967 and is widely considered the rarest gemstone worldwide. In 1993, a specimen of significant size that was of gem quality was found for the first time. Given how uncommon this stone is, it’s highly improbable that a buyer would ever come across it in the marketplace. Previously sold examples indicate an average per-carat price of $35,000.


7.Padparadscha Sapphire

The Padparadscha sapphire is one of the scarcest varieties of sapphire because its pink and orange hues are unique to any other gemstone color. An exceptionally rare and high-quality one-carat Padparadscha sapphire can sell for as much as $30,000 per carat.



There is little doubt that jadeite is one of the world’s most expensive gemstones. The jadeite’s transparency and the depth of its color are two of the most important aspects considered while valuing it. The cost of a carat of high-quality jadeite is often close to $20,000 in today’s market.



Alexandrite is among the few color-changing gemstones available; it appears greenish in natural light and reddish in artificial light. Alexandrite has been mined in smaller sizes in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Asia, but high-quality examples are still hard to come by and cost a pretty penny. One carat can cost as much as $12,000.


10.Paraiba Tourmaline

It is well known that the rare blue gemstone possesses metaphysical traits such as the sensation of strength and justice and the ability to clear one’s mind. This is because they are exceedingly rare, have a better color saturation, and boast appealing hues. This exquisite stone is light blue and costs $12,000 per carat.


11.Red Beryl

Despite popular belief, red beryl is not just a different cut of emerald; it is its own distinct gemstone family. Due to their rarity, sizeable red beryl gemstones are often sold to collectors in their uncut form. The average carat weight for cut red beryl is less than one. An excellent cut of the red beryl crystal will cost you around $10,000 per carat.



Even though benitoite is a stunning gemstone, most jewelry enthusiasts will never get to appreciate it for what it is. Due to its exceptional brilliance, the stone was first mislabeled as spinel before being reexamined and reclassified. Stones larger than 3 carats are scarce. Medium blue stones sell for around $3,800 per carat on average.


13.Black Opal

The most sought-after and valuable opal is black opal, which is also the rarest. Black opals can have a wide range of hues within their composition but generally, speak to the darker side of the spectrum. For high-quality gems, the average cost per carat is around $3,500.


14.Demantoid Garnet

Even though other warm-toned garnets are relatively plentiful and inexpensive, demantoid garnet is among the rarest and most valuable. Most demantoid garnet crystals are under 2 carats, making it challenging to come across a stone of that size. Regarding high-quality demantoid garnet, the average going rate per carat is $3,300.



Poudretteite is a rare crystal that is a light pink color and was initially discovered in Quebec, Canada. The poudretteite cannot be set in rings due to the soft nature of its composition. The going rate for a carat of poudretteite is usually around $3,000.



Because of its extreme rarity, few people are familiar with taaffeite gem. It is estimated that there is less than one carat of this gem, making it almost a million times rarer than a diamond. Taaffeite’s discovery is significant since it is the first time a gemstone has been found already cut and polished rather than in its raw form. Therefore, one should expect to pay around $2,500 for a single carat.



In 1833, the rare gemstone jeremejevite was discovered in Lake Baikal in Siberia. Namibia also yielded a small but remarkable trove of these dazzling diamonds. The crystals are so tiny that they are virtually microscopic, and they typically occur in a hexagonal configuration that makes them look like prisms. A carat of jeremejevite typically sells for roughly $2,000.


18.Royal Dementoids: $2,000 per carat

Royal dementoids look like emeralds, but they are a kind of garnet. Stones can be found in various colors, from dark green to yellow. Since their discovery in the highlands of west-central Russia in the middle of the 19th century, demantoids have been highly sought after by ruling families around the world. The price of a carat of royal demantoids is approximately $2,000.


19.Burma Ruby: $1,600 per carat

All rubies are scarce, but those mined in Burma are considered to be of superior quality and color. Because of this, the reds in these gems are typically much more vibrant, and their fluorescence is much brighter than in their Thai counterparts. As a result, rubies from Burma with very few inclusions and dark red color can quickly produce between $1,600 and much more than that on the market.


20.Tanzanite: $1,200 per carat

For those born in December, tanzanite is a suitable alternative birthstone. As a result of the predicted supply depletion in the next 20 to 30 years, tanzanite is expected to become even rarer than diamonds. The Mohs hardness scale places tanzanite between 6 and 7, making it a suitable gemstone for everyday use. The going rate per carat for high-quality tanzanite stones is approximately $1,200. Find more about Tanzanite meaning and healing properties.


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