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Many crystals have healing powers that can aid us daily, yet these same potent properties can also cause harm if we mishandle them. You can get hurt from using crystals if you do it incorrectly by not knowing what crystals should you not sleep with.

The secret of what crystals should not be in your bedroom is to be deliberate; having all those various energies buzzing around when trying to unwind and get a feeling of your baseline self might be overwhelming. You must be mindful of the crystals to avoid in the bedroom—since energies you let into your home can clash.

Crystals put around or under your bed will have the most beneficial effect. Putting crystals at the head of the bed, which comprises the pillows, headboard, and nearest side cabinet, may be pretty energizing; therefore, selecting crystals carefully and setting them in the right spots is essential.

Not understanding the qualities of crystals before using them might be pretty harmful. Therefore, it is essential to learn about crystals before utilizing them so that you can take in only their positive energies.


What Crystals Should You Not Sleep With : 12 Crystals To Avoid In Bedroom

The bedroom is a place to unwind, let your guard down, and process your emotions while you’re asleep, so the energy in your home must be harmonious. Unfortunately, it could also be a site where you unwittingly expose your crystals to someone else’s energy.

There are several reasons why crystals shouldn’t be kept in the bedroom. Be cautious while experimenting with high-energy or radioactive crystals due to the potential for sleep disruption and other adverse health effects.

Once you’ve realized that everyone responds differently to crystals, give yourself time to see results before moving on to the next step. To help you attain a restful night’s sleep, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the crystals you should keep out of your bedroom and why.

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The upper chakra is stimulated by amethyst, making it difficult to sleep. Although amethyst is prized for its medicinal powers, it can only produce calming effects when used in meditation. Opening the third eye and crown chakras, as the purple crystal is known to do, can disrupt your ability to relax into a restful slumber. Find more about Amethyst meaning and healing properties.


2.Black Tourmaline

Intense dreams are triggered by black tourmaline, which might throw off your regular sleep pattern. Keep black tourmaline in your bedroom without worrying about it, but don’t wear it to sleep. The intense dreaming linked with the black, jagged stone has the potential to disrupt sleep patterns for several days or weeks. Find more about Black Tourmaline meaning and healing properties.


3.Bumblebee Jasper

You might get stung if you sleep close to a piece of bumblebee jasper. Bumblebee jasper’s striking design will spark a discussion, but the stone hides a dangerous secret: it’s laced with toxic sulfur and arsenic. Long-term contact with bumblebee jasper is harmful, so it’s best to leave it out of your collection. Find more about Bumblebee Jasper meaning and healing properties.



Carnelian stimulates libido and makes it hard to sleep. Carnelian is an excellent stone to keep under your pillow if you want to spice up your sex life. The brownish-red stone is believed to enhance libido, so keep it out of the bedroom if you’re hoping to catch some shut-eye. Find more about Carnelian meaning and healing properties.



In large enough doses, cinnabar can be highly poisonous. One of the most poisonous and potentially lethal minerals is cinnabar. Pure mercury is released during oxidation, which can cause severe tremors and nervous system damage.



Citrine is a powerful energizer that might help you avoid falling asleep at inappropriate times. Citrine, also called sunstone, is a gemstone with a joyful yellow hue that stimulates the solar plexus and sacral chakras. However, some people find the crystal, which boosts alertness and creativity, to be too stimulating for use in the bedroom. Citrine may not promote restful sleep, yet it creates a stimulating environment in the workplace. Find more about Citrine meaning and healing properties.


7.Clear Quartz

In the bedroom, clear quartz acts as a magnifying glass, boosting the effects of other crystals and raising the overall vibrational frequency. Even while clear quartz is excellent for keeping your mind at ease, it may not work as well if you keep it near other crystals. The stone amplifies the energy of nearby crystals; thus, if you have several by your bed, you should proceed with caution lest you get overpowered by the room’s energy. Find more about Clear Quartz meaning and healing properties.



When it is unprocessed, malachite can be harmful to human health. Due to its high copper content, malachite should not be kept in the bedroom. Malachite dust has been associated with lung harm and organ and tissue injury, making the beautiful green stone more hazardous in its unpolished form. Find more about Malachite meaning and healing properties.



Selenite is a powerful energetic healing stone; however, it has the potential to disrupt sleep. Selenite sometimes referred to as “liquid light,” is highly vibrating. The transparent stone absorbs negative energy and releases it, but it also stimulates the third eye and crown chakras, which might keep some individuals awake at night. Find more about Selenite meaning and healing properties.


10.Tiger’s Eye

The stimulating effects of the tiger’s eye prevent you from sleeping soundly. As a result of its ability to raise confidence and fortitude, the tiger’s eye is often used as a psychedelic stimulant. However, the golden-brown stone may be too stimulating to have in the bedroom if you suffer from restlessness. In addition, tiger’s eye contains asbestos, so it’s better to keep your distance from it. Find more about Tiger Eye meaning and healing properties.



Topaz is one of the most often enhanced gems. After being exposed to sunlight, the typically orange stone changes color to a brilliant blue. This form of irradiation can cause gems to become faintly radioactive. The health effects of prolonged exposure to Topaz’s radiation are still being studied. Find more about Topaz meaning and healing properties.



Turquoise is a bright color that makes it difficult to unwind. While wearing turquoise can help you feel more grounded emotionally, it can also make it difficult to sleep. This opaque blue-green stone may stimulate the throat chakra, preventing you from relaxing into a pleasant night’s sleep. Find more about Turquoise meaning and healing properties.



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