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What Are the Side Effects Of Black Tourmaline?

When added to a crystal collection, black tourmaline may bring out the best in the stones you already have. This powerful gemstone is said to stimulate and stabilize the base energy centers. However, this crystal may have unpleasant effects on some people and could trigger black tourmaline side effects.

Too much time spent in the company of black tourmaline might leave you feeling like you’ve been swept into a pit of weight you weren’t expecting. When you’re near black tourmaline, you might start to feel a little off, but if that’s the case, keep reading to learn how to deal with it.


Excessive grounding energy

Black tourmaline’s connection to the base chakra makes one feel more secure and rooted. It’s often a positive development. This is one of the primary attractions of the black tourmaline market. However, black tourmaline’s earthing effects might be overwhelming at times.

Even those who dedicate their lives to helping others, like reiki masters and healers, can be negatively impacted by black tourmaline. If you find that working with black tourmaline makes you uneasy, you’ll need to find a replacement stone.


Triggers anxiety and worry

Black tourmaline is a potent stone. It could be that your sensitivity to the energy it emits causes you so much worry. Sometimes, the energy of crystals is too intense for our auras, which manifests as discomfort in the physical body.

A person too rooted in the earth has trouble concentrating, is exceptionally active, and is immune to outside influences. As a result, you have a strong bond with the earth, but only to the extent that nothing else can touch you.


Is Black Tourmaline Safe To Wear?

Black tourmaline is a gorgeous and powerful crystal. Some people, however, can have an adverse reaction to it because their body’s energy does not resonate well with the crystal’s strong vibrations. You can either reduce your time with black tourmaline in your healing practices or switch to a different stone if this happens to you.


Helps you shed those extra pounds

The benefits of black tourmaline are extensive. Beneficial effects on digestion and immunity are two of those benefits. Because of this, it is an excellent crystal for helping one shed excess pounds. In addition, this jet black stone will help you feel safe, secure, and centered on your journey and promote your overall health and well-being.


Protects against harmful EMFs

When your energy doesn’t resonate with black tourmalines, you may experience symptoms similar to those exposed to EMFs for an extended period of time. Symptoms like these can include head pain, sadness, exhaustion, and inability to concentrate.

Due to its high iron content, black tourmaline is excellent at absorbing electromagnetic fields (EMFs). As a result, black tourmaline can shield you from your electronic devices by shielding you from their electromagnetic emissions.


Deflects destructive forces

Black tourmaline is the go-to crystal for banishing bad vibes and other forms of negativity. It not only aids in dispelling harmful energies but also draws in their opposite. The elimination of negative thinking is yet another amazing advantage of black tourmaline. In a nutshell, this gemstone is perfect for inspiring optimism.

Can You Wear Black Tourmaline Every Day?

Black tourmaline is a popular gemstone that is a solid and dependable building material, and you can wear it daily. After all, no one wants to wear a bracelet made of arsenic; thus, jewelry, including black tourmalines and other types, is risk-free.

If you wear black tourmaline, you don’t have to worry about adverse health effects. However, since it is insoluble in water, we advise against ingesting it.

Tourmaline is not a quick fix, so be patient while waiting for your symptoms to improve. Despite the abundance of anecdotes about tourmaline’s benefits, knowing this is crucial before beginning treatment with the stone.

All tourmaline gemstones belong to the same mineral family. However, to a greater or lesser extent, a tourmaline’s ability to emit negative ions is influenced by its crystal structure, hardness, impurity level, and geographical origin. Therefore, before beginning therapy, we recommend ensuring that your tourmaline stone produces a high concentration of negative ions.

Is Black Tourmaline Water Safe?

With a hardness of 7.0 to 7.5 rating on the Mohs scale, black tourmaline easily surpasses the threshold over which minerals become unsafe in water. However, like any other type of stone, prolonged exposure to water can deteriorate its integrity and mar its look.

Black tourmaline is much more challenging than selenite, yet even it should not be stored in water for long. When water seeps into cracks in stones, it causes the gaps to widen and weakens the stone’s foundation.

Black tourmaline should also not be submerged in salt water. The stone has a 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, meaning it can survive underwater, but this tourmaline variant should not be immersed for long. The corrosive action increases when salt is added.

Who Should Not Wear Black Tourmaline?  

Those concerned about their safety should not worry when donning a piece of black tourmaline. Carefully avoid exposing the stone to sweat and humidity for extended periods; instead, wipe it down after use.

Your protection from any negative energy present around you and your ability to remain grounded and balanced at all times can be significantly enhanced by wearing a bracelet made of black tourmaline crystals.

Black tourmaline has a powerful anchoring force, but not everyone can handle it. In addition, black tourmaline’s heavy, empty energy can contribute to depression and exhaustion in those sensitive to subtle environmental changes.

Despite its reputation as a healing stone, black tourmaline should not be utilized in place of conventional medical treatment. For example, if you’re dealing with severe symptoms, it might not be wise to rely solely on black tourmaline and stop using any other prescribed treatments.

Reiki healers and esoteric practitioners attest to the crystal’s ability to remove energetic blockages, but they also warn that too much of the crystal’s energy can be overstimulating, leading to such side effects as headaches and nausea. Therefore, black tourmaline stones should not be worn in the bedroom or while sleeping.


black tourmaline side effects

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