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Shungite is a compact mineraloid stone, primarily carbon, with a lustrous black exterior. Although shungite is often recommended by healers, shungite crystal is not technically a crystal due to its lack of a crystallographic lattice structure.

Similar to graphite and diamonds, shungite is a black gemstone composed primarily of carbon. Shungite’s metaphysical characteristics and shungite crystal meaning make it effective as an EMF shield and a healing tool.

Shungite’s dark hue deflects negative vibes and frees your mind to concentrate on the good things in life. Morning shungite meditation helps maintain stability and focus all day long—thanks to the shungite properties.


What Is Shungite?

Although most shungite is dark black, it can also be dark brown or bronze. In addition, it’s not transparent but can be shiny, giving off a metallic sheen.

Shungite inspires you to expand your horizons intellectually, physically, and spiritually. It is supposed to shed light amid darkness and uncertainty and is linked to the most incredible cosmic riddles.

Like graphite, which it resembles, shungite is exceptionally fragile and dissolves with the slightest touch. Noble shungite, which is the finest form, is a brilliant silver.

It’s a lightweight, jet-black mineral that’s impure forms are similar to jet in appearance. Attempts to explain how healing gemstones work often fall into pseudoscience, which has led to the industry’s bad reputation.

In laboratory settings, it is effective against various types of bacteria. In a metaphysical sense, it frees us of accumulated negativity while clearing the air around us.

It aids in extracting depressing mental and emotional energy and old-fashioned notions. Instead, Shungite inspires us to prioritize self-care and self-love and to be more selective about the individuals we let into our life.

Shungite aids in striking a healthy equilibrium between our professional and private lives, our social and familial obligations, and our need for rest and rejuvenation. It reminds us that we can get everything done if we just set our priorities straight and avoid pointless drudgery.

Where Is Shungite Found?

Genuine shungite gems can only be found in a small Russian town named Shunga in Karelia. However, shungite deposits are plentiful in the area, and their allure has kept people coming back for years.

Although most shungite is dark black, it can also be dark brown or bronze. There have been reports of shungite deposits in India, Austria, Kazakhstan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but the most prominent and oldest source is in northwest Russia.

Shungite has been used for a very long time in Russia. It was said that Russia’s then-emperor, Czar Peter the Great, preferred to drink water mixed with Shungite minerals. As a result, he visited the Russian province of Karelia, where Shunga is situated, quite often.

Shungite is now extensively mined from deposits in other regions of Russia. Located close to lake Onega, the two volcanic eruption sites, and the abandoned coal mines.

Shungite was dubbed “black ochre” upon its initial discovery. However, further analysis revealed that it shares no chemical similarities with either yellow or red ochre.

What Chakra Is Shungite?

The Muladhara chakra is associated with shungite. In this sense, we mean the energy that links us to earth and serves as the bedrock for both material and spiritual development.

Shungite is a powerful stone for stabilization, cleansing, and metamorphosis. In addition, it instructs us to maintain harmony on all levels of being.

A life that feels good is what shungite encourages us to pursue rather than our idealized notions of perfection. In addition, Shungite cleanses our auric and other energy fields, allowing us to maintain a stronger sense of personal power.

All healers working directly with clients or patients with black or heavy energy may consider carrying a piece of shungite. It aids in the maintenance of the healer’s spiritual vitality, allowing them to carry on with their exemplary work.

There is much healing work to be done in the physical world through our root chakra before we can fully awaken to higher consciousness states and transcend to the higher chakras. However, you can finally let go of limiting thoughts and destructive habits once you accept that you are more than just your body.

When you want to enhance your spiritual practice with a stone, shungite is one of the best options. However, if you’re concerned that shungite’s powerful energy might be too much to manage, try some meditation techniques below first.

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What Is The Meaning Of Shungite?  

Both whole chunks of the carbon-based stone and other stones with shards or concentrations of Shungite minerals can be referred simply as shungite. The high concentration of carbon in its makeup is responsible for its dark, inky hue. However, it lacks the dull sheen of graphite. Moreover, there is a silvery sheen to specific, beautiful samples.

Geologists have determined that its origins extend back roughly two billion years, making it a relatively soft stone. In addition, pure forms of the compound have trace amounts of fullerenes present in nature.

Scientists speculate that shungite’s high carbon content came from the decomposition of microorganisms in the oceans of antiquity. Some of the metaphysical legends surrounding shungite can be attributed to these voids made of carbon.

Shungite is thought to have potential health benefits. Magicians and scientists have used it as a healing stone because it resembles carbon-based life.

Numerous micro- and macrominerals are also found in shungite stones: albite, mica, quartz, and pyrite are just a few examples. Shungite, in nature, comes in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Perhaps the stones’ singularity is what draws in specific health-minded customers.

What Is Shungite Good For?

Shungite has powerful purifying, grounding, healing, and protective effects. Depending on your specific requirements, you can employ any one of these uses or a mix of them.

The use of shungite can boost your psychic abilities in general. In addition, it can be used to enhance the effects of other stones and magical implements when used in combination with them.

Shungite is believed to suck up bad energy due to its dark tint. So cloaking you in this way can also prevent negative energy from tracking you down. This is helpful in a big way if you have to deal with poisonous people.

Again, similar to hematite, this could spark some early conflict. However, it will greatly enhance your long-term contentment and social success.

You won’t always find the same affection and peaceful vibrations in every stone, but specific properties may be rarer. However, this stone’s energy is also one of its best attributes for this reason.

Shungite stones can be safely filed under “complementary therapy” instead of replacing conventional medical care with alternative methods, complementary therapies are used in conjunction with conventional methods. Therefore, you can utilize it as an adjunct to your regular healthcare rather than as a replacement.

It would help if you didn’t address your health problems with a shungite stone instead of medication or other proven methods. Instead, see a doctor if you’re suffering from major physical or mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

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How To Use Shungite Crystal For Healing?

To heal and recuperate from injury and illness, shungite is helpful since it promotes a happy outlook on life without making its user wishy-washy or prone to daydreaming.

Metaphysical healers suggest shungite for both bathing in and drinking elixirs made from shungite-infused water because of the mineral’s purifying properties. In addition, all types of noble shungite are thought to strengthen the immune system and promote cell regeneration due to their antibacterial properties.

The stress and elevated blood pressure often accompany meditation can be alleviated via regular practice. Focusing one’s attention on a single thing is central to concentration meditation. This form of meditation is widely used as a foundation for learning how to concentrate. When practicing concentration meditation, shungite stones and other crystals can be used as focal points.

The metaphysical community holds shungite in the highest regard as a stone of exceptional potency. Furthermore, shungite is thought to have robust grounding characteristics and earth energies because of the great age of these jewels.

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How To Cleanse Shungite Crystal?

Bad energy can be effectively removed using shungite, making it a potent healing tool. Furthermore, it can shield you from the potentially harmful energy that other people, locations, and things emit.

However, even though shungite is not a crystal that needs to be cleansed, it is still vital to cleanse it because it absorbs so much negativity. Shungite, after being cleansed, retains its potent purifying, shielding, and cleansing properties.

Shungite is a miraculous gem that is rarely, if ever, soiled. However, to maintain its potent grounding impact on your body, emotions, and soul, regular cleansing is essential:

  • White sage should be used to cleanse the area. One can use either pre-packaged smudging sticks or free-floating sage leaves for this purge. Keep your shungite crystals near the burning sage or the smoke from the sage leaves when using sage.
  • Shungite crystals can be soaked in saltwater. The crystals can be soaked for up to a week if a deeper cleaning is desired. To avoid perpetuating the cycle of negative energy, discard the saltwater after use.
  • The song of a crystal bowl is strong and can be felt in even the largest of rooms. Different bowls have different vibrations that work to purify your shungite in their own unique ways. You can play the crystal bowl melody for a few minutes while placing larger bits of shungite nearby.

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