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Real rose quartz is a unique stone revered for its beauty and curative properties. Whether you choose to wear it or display it, this beautiful pink diamond will brighten your day.

Rose quartz is a beautiful pink component of the quartz group that forms in enormous translucent masses in the earth’s rocky womb. The healing power of this rosy crystal is attributed to its association with the heart chakra.

However, you are concerned with ensuring that what you are donning or experiencing is authentic. If you want to understand how to identify rose quartz and how to tell if rose quartz is real, use these six easy-to-follow steps in our reliable blog.

Rose quartz, the traditional love crystal, is renowned for its power to mend broken hearts, bring in new loves, and expand the capacity for forgiveness and compassion. Though commonly associated with gentleness due to its signature candy-pink color, this crystal’s apparent fragility makes it vulnerable to a variety of forgeries.

A natural rose quartz crystal forms as lava cools, settle on rocks, and mixes with titanium impurities over a period of years. It has no obvious crystal face in its natural state, looking rather like a salt rock. Bracelets, wands, and face rollers can be constructed from synthetic rose quartz grown in a lab, created by flux-growth, or fashioned from glass or plastic.

Authentic rose quartz usually undergoes heating to increase its color, which can cut us off from the spirits they possess. However, crystal authenticity can be determined by looking beyond the price and appearance.


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What Exactly Is A Fake Rose Quartz?

Any material that isn’t accurate quartz but is sold as such is called a fake rose quartz crystal. Imitation gems can be either synthetic or another type of natural gem. Some of them might be called fakes, while others might be an attempt to trick you.

Rose quartz is a popular gem and jewelry stone because of its attractive pink hue. Many people believe this gem can help them fall in love and get over past hurts. However, whether you’re looking for rose quartz for your crystal collections or the ideal quartz necklace, it’s not always easy to tell if the stone is genuine.

The most widespread substitute for genuine rose quartz is glass. However, polymer clay imitations are also quite fashionable. To create a marbled impression, they are frequently decorated by the makers with flecks of gold resin with white swirls.


How to Tell if Rose Quartz is Real?

  1. Color – Authentic rose quartz ranges from a soft pink hue to a deep peach color. Be wary of rose quartz that is too pale or too dark; such specimens are often dyed or otherwise tampered with.
  2. Transparency – The more transparent a specimen of rose quartz is, the higher its quality – but it shouldn’t be so transparent that you can see through it. If the stone looks foggy or cloudy, it’s probably not genuine rose quartz.
  3. Inclusions – Genuine rose quartz may have small flecks of white or other colors throughout, which indicate its authenticity as a natural stone found in nature as opposed to an artificial or man-made one.
  4. Touch Test – Rubbing two pieces of genuine rose quartz together should produce a soapy feeling on your fingertips due to its unique mineral composition; if the feeling isn’t there, then the sample might be fake or treated with chemicals.
  5. Weight – Because real rose quartz is denser than synthetic versions, genuine specimens will feel heavier when held in your hand; this difference may be noticeable enough for you to determine whether or not what you’re holding is real or fake!
  6. Heat Test – Genuine samples of rose quartz will retain their color even after being exposed to heat; imitation stones typically change color when heated up, so this can be another way for you to tell if what you have is real or not!


Whether for jewelry making or for spiritual purposes, knowing how to spot real vs fake rose quartz can save you money and disappointment down the line! With these 6 easy ways for telling if what you’re buying is authentic, crystal lovers everywhere can now shop with confidence knowing they are getting exactly what they paid for! Happy shopping!

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