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Quartz is widely distributed in nature: it’s everywhere, from the sand your feet step on to the peak of the highest mountains. A transparent crystal, often known as rock crystal, when it’s in its purest form. It comes in a dizzying array of hues, textures, and patterns due to its infinite variety.

When it comes to healing crystals, quartz is at the top of the list. Lightworkers can’t do without it since it serves as the bedrock of crystal healing. Since it can do so much, quartz has earned the title of crystal kingdom monarch.

Genuine clear quartz makes beautiful clusters of symmetrical crystals, but it is far more expensive than imitations. This colorless mineral occurs naturally and is composed of silicon oxide.

After some education, it’s not hard to tell a fake crystal from the real thing. After you have done the necessary research and testing, you will know if this buy is a good one.


How do you tell if clear quartz is real?

Clear quartz purifies your aura while simultaneously stimulating all of your chakras. Also, real clear quartz is ideal for balancing all seven chakras and filling one’s aura with hope and joy since it radiates clear white light that contains all the colors.

How can you know if the crystal is genuine clear quartz, which can help you concentrate and clarify your thoughts? Unfortunately, clear quartz may not be what it seems to be on the market; unfortunately, there are numerous crystal scams out there.

But have no fear; there are several strategies for resolving the clear quartz real vs. fake issue! The real thing is imperfect and cold, and it may scratch glass.

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Use Different Tests To Check Your Clear Quartz

Quartz has a very sturdy atomic structure because it takes millions of years to develop. Consequently, quartz is a 7 on the Mohs scale. Use these tests can only be done on crystals you own and with an adult’s supervision, so their usefulness is restricted.


1. Drop-and-scratch test

Due to its extreme toughness, a clear quartz crystal will not break if dropped. But if the glass crystal is unusually solid, it could shatter entirely or even fracture within. Clear quartz is more resistant to damage from drops than glass or plastic, which are both widely used to mimic clear quartz.


2. Burn test

Since plastic, which is often used to simulate quartz beads and gemstones in jewelry, is combustible and burns with a distinctive odor, a simple burn test can also definitively prove the genuineness of your crystal. Contrarily, clear quartz does not change color or appearance when exposed to heat. Genuine clear quartz may be stained black by soot from a fire, but this may be removed with water and a soft cloth. Shop our clear quartz beads to make your crystal jewelry.


3. Touch Your Clear Quartz For Its Temperature

When determining whether a piece of clear quartz is genuine, one surefire method is to feel its temperature. As a bonus, you can tell that your clear quartz crystal is of the highest quality by its weight compared to that of a plastic or glass of the same size. In addition, the friction with your body will cause it to chill. Synthetic crystals, in contrast, may have a warmer or room temperature sensation. Glass will similarly feel cold to the touch, but its coldness won’t last long before it gives way to heat.


4. Check Your Clear Quartz For Inclusions

Be on the lookout for these whether you examine a piece of clear quartz up close or search for it online. To determine whether something is made of real clear quartz, look for a perfect sphere or point with no internal flaws or impurities. Glass lacks internal cleavage planes along which cracks can form. Inclusions can rest because it is a supercooled liquid where the atoms are not so perfectly organized in a long-range periodic pattern.


5. Learn About Where Your Crystal Retailer Harvest Your Crystal

Doing homework about one’s retailer is one of the finest strategies to avoid purchasing counterfeit crystals and precious stones. A reliable shop needs customers to know they are buying from a genuine crystal vendor, and they should be pleased to provide references. If you have questions about vendors or where to find particular stones, you can look them up on their website or contact them personally.


6. Check The Chinking Sound of Your Clear Quartz

You can determine if your crystal is real or fake by its sound. Clear quartz, in general, has a lower resonance frequency than glass. Glass will produce a louder chink as compared to transparent quartz when tapped together. Due to its density, clear quartz produces a low-pitched sound and vibration that reverberates throughout the crystal.


7. Observe If Your Clear Quartz Is Overly-Saturated

Dyeing crystal is a common practice, and while it’s true that we all appreciate a good splash of color, it may be a clue that your crystal isn’t genuine. Clear quartz can be distinguished from charred amethyst, frequently mislabeled as citrine by its lighter lemon hue. Heat-treated crystals retain energy as do all modified crystals; it may just be a different kind of energy than you were anticipating. Gems are more subdued in hue, and while some may have a pop of color, it won’t be glaring.


8. Check For The Clear Quartz Reaction To Light

You can tell if your clear quartz is authentic by looking at its brilliance or how it reacts to whole-reflecting light. It’s also helpful in telling Calcite, another similar-looking crystal, apart from this one. Calcite shines with a brilliant waxy sheen. The stone gives the appearance of being coated in wax or grease when held up to the light. In contrast to clear quartz, this is exceptionally see-through and slightly muted in tone.

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how to tell if clear quartz is real


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