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How do differ selenite vs. clear quartz? Clear quartz and selenite are highly prized for their meditative and crown chakra-opening properties. Although they are frequently misunderstood, distinguishing between the two is not difficult.

Selenite, also known as gypsum, is a form of calcium sulfate. Contrary to popular belief, the selenite used for wands, worry stones, and jewelry does not contain any selenium.

In contrast to selenite, which can be transparent or even opaque and readily breaks, clear quartz is a clear, reasonably hard stone. Also, in contrast to transparent quartz, selenite can be found in orange tones and standard white.

Quartz is a very durable crystalline mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms. Quartz is a common mineral, and many colored crystals and semi-precious stones are simply different kinds of quartz that have had their purity compromised by impurities.

Both are used as amulets to ward off evil spirits and are believed to have therapeutic properties. In addition, they are widely available, simple to get, and inexpensive, making them popular “entry-level” stones.

What Is Clear Quartz?

One of the most pristine examples is clear quartz, which has long been associated with light transmission. So the power of whatever you put into this marvelous amplifying stone will be returned to you twofold.

Since humankind was created, crystals of clear quartz have been prized for their aesthetic appeal, practical uses, and esoteric significance. Almost every ancient culture believed in the power of this stone for spiritual growth and used it for rituals such as meditation and funerals.

Clear quartz is a powerful gemstone for meditation, healing, communication, and enlightenment due to its amplification of one’s energy. Keeping this stone on your body as jewelry for extended periods is said to bring you wealth, health, happiness, and love.

Clear Quartz: Meaning And Healing Properties

Clear quartz is a popular healing crystal revered as a gift from mother earth in the spiritual community. Each crystal is unique, and those looking for guidance are drawn to them.

The wearer of this stone will experience a reawakening of the mind and a boost to personal development and awareness. Crystal clear quartz is often regarded as one of the most potent stones for making that all-important bridge between the material and ethereal planes.

Clear quartz is known for its capability to purify and purify the emotional body, making it an excellent stone for those seeking emotional recovery. In addition, this stone’s healing energy is highly concentrated, so it can quickly dispel any negative vibes while simultaneously igniting any optimistic ones.

Using this gemstone for extended periods will leave you feeling emotionally stable. In addition to enhancing cognition and consciousness, this stone enhances one’s experience of the external environment.

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What Is Selenite?

For those unfamiliar, selenite is a kind of gypsum made of calcium sulfate. Ironically, the selenite used for wands and worry stones, as well as in bed and jewelry, do not contain any selenium.

Most of the compounds containing selenium as toxic and wouldn’t make better materials to handle with naked skin. In contrast, the gypsum derivative of selenite is not poisonous.

Because of its spiritual significance, selenite is frequently regarded as a metaphysical gem. The gemstones and jewelry incorporating selenite are created to assist us in opening up to higher vibrations and communications from the universe.

Transparent gypsum is called selenite. In addition, small amounts of brown clay and sand can be present as impurities, which is another excellent clue that the selenite you have is authentic.

Different materials can stand in for selenite in fake jewelry. Therefore, understanding the characteristics of imitation minerals that separate them from natural selenite is essential for spotting fakes.

A condensed form of gypsum, selenite is often described as a mineral in its own right. The hydrous calcium sulfate it is composed of makes it a pliable, feathery material with a hardness between a rock and porcelain.

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Selenite: Meaning And Healing Properties

Having a piece of selenite on hand can help you relax and gain perspective. In addition to its other uses, this stone is excellent at warding off psychic assaults.

Selenite’s earthy appearance and pleasant texture are part of its calming effect—this aids in bringing awareness to the present moment.

If you have trouble focusing on a single task or staying on task, selenite’s calming energies may be just what the doctor ordered.

Since selenite is such a delicate gem, it can easily be damaged. However, it’s just like a stream of liquid light, illuminating the lower worlds from the higher ones and vice versa. Selenite’s striations provide a route for the soul.

Selenite’s vibrations are more metaphysical than physical. Therefore, it can help you achieve enlightenment on a personal spiritual level.

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How to Tell The Difference Between Selenite and Clear Quartz?


Quartz is a crystalline mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms, making it very hard and very brittle. Quartz is incredibly widespread; in fact, many ordinary crystals and even semi-precious gemstones are simply variants of quartz that have been altered by the presence of other elements to produce their distinctive hues. Selenite, a form of calcium sulfate, is a type of gypsum. Contrary to popular belief, the selenite used for wands, worry stones, and jewelry does not actually contain any selenium.


As we’ve established, selenite is exceptionally soft, but transparent quartz is somewhat hard. It is expected that selenite can be scratched with a fingernail or a copper coin. Clear quartz can be identified by its inability to be scratched with a fingernail. You can rule out selenite as the source of your transparent gem. If the scratch test still doesn’t reveal the identity of your clear as well as whitish stone, store it safely away from curious kids and pets.


Quartz is a fairly tough substance. On the Mohs scale of hardness, it grades typically in the range of a 6 out of 10. This ensures that substances can only scratch it with the same or higher hardness. As a result, this is a tough nut to crack. However, selenite is a relatively gentle substance. In most cases, it has a toughness of about 2 on the Mohs scale. What this means is that selenite is easily scratched by almost anything.


Crystal healers see several striking parallels between selenite and clear quartz. Both stones have a rich history of use as potent healing tools and protective amulets. For several reasons, including their abundance, accessibility, and low cost, these stones are frequently used as ‘introductory’ gems. They are a good “gateway” stone for newcomers interested in understanding more about the metaphysical properties of rocks, minerals, and crystals.





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