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When comparing tree agate vs. moss agate, the degree to which the stone is transparent stands out as the most apparent aesthetic distinction between the two. Second, moss agate has mossy inclusions, and tree agate has beautiful branch structures, just as their names imply.

Moss agate is always impermeable and emerges in white and green tones, while tree agate is transparent and has a green tint mixed with neutral or pale blue silica.

Tree agate, like moss agate, is a green dendritic crystal with chalcedony overtones. Although they appear different, these materials are very similar in composition.

It’s common to hear the terms “tree agate” and “moss agate” used interchangeably, although these are two different types of agate. Tree agate is an opaque gemstone known for its pattern of intertwined tree branches. In contrast to moss agates, tree agates tend to be more transparent.


What Is Tree Agate?

Dendritic agate is another name for tree agate. Dendrites are a type of crystal inclusion that forms in a branched or leafy shape. Dendrites in tree agate produce a striking mottled pattern of green on the stone’s otherwise white background.

Numerous cultures have regarded this stunning green and white gemstone as the stone of plenty because of the strong relationship they saw it has to nature.

For example, the ancient Greeks thought tree agate had magical properties, and the stone has sometimes been buried in fields to ensure a bountiful crop.

Like a quiet forest, tree agate is thought to grant its wearers inner peace and contentment. This gem encourages introspection, which may result in a more serene disposition.

If you’re feeling confused or in pain, this stone’s calming energy will help you focus on your task and push over those feelings. Helping you succeed in your behind-the-scenes endeavors, tree agate is a powerful stone.

Tree Agate: Meaning And Healing Properties

More acts of love, generosity, and forgiveness are on the horizon. Being compelled to take the lead will encourage you to do so in all romantic and personal interactions.

You won’t think twice about acting on your love or sexual desires when you’re in strong emotions. Indulging the urge to give your significant other a bear hug or steal a kiss in the center of a busy street is a way to show them how great they mean to you.

It’s inevitable that you two will go through rough patches together. Unfortunately, not everything in love will go swimmingly for you.

In such a situation, showing mental and emotional fortitude is essential. If you want to succeed in a love relationship, you’ll have to show that you’re an adult.

Being in a stable relationship does wonders for one’s sense of self-worth because it brings one joy and a sense of safety. Tree agate’s balancing powers can also mend broken hearts.

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What Is Moss Agate?

moss agate properties

The lucky properties of moss agate have made it a popular jewelry choice for centuries. When you put them near flowers, they seem to bloom even more brightly; when you keep them at work, business seems to flourish; and when you carry them with you, it seems as though torrents of abundance are flowing directly toward you.

Moss agate is a mystical stone whose colors can transport you back to the natural world from any city. So it’s no surprise that moss agate can instantly mend a broken heart, keep you grounded in reality, and make you feel clean and prepared for life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Moss agate has connections to both earth and water. It’s supposed to inspire innovation and positivity in addition to growth, fertility, and abundance.

Moss Agate: Meaning And Healing Properties

Aside from being a beautiful stone, moss agate also has defensive properties. It can make you feel more attuned to the physical environment and more rooted in your body.

Harmony in your life is what moss agate may help you achieve. So if you’re at a loss about what to do next in your professional and personal life, this gemstone can help you sort through the clutter and find your bearings.

The emergence of something new is represented by moss agate. With the help of this crystal, you can start over in love if you’ve recently ended a relationship or made a significant mistake.

It can free you from self-limiting beliefs, allowing you to appreciate the joys and love in your life. You’ll gain the equilibrium and stability you need and see firsthand that hard work pays off.

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How To Tell The Difference Between Tree Agate And Moss Agate?


The visual characteristics are the primary distinction that sets agate and moss agate apart. Moss agate has always been opaque and occurs in white and green tones, while tree agate is transparent and has a green tint mixed with colorless and pale blue silica.


The foundation colors of tree agate and moss agate are very distinct when compared side by side. This is because tree agate’s green inclusions are set against a stark white background, whereas moss agate is arranged across a transparently transparent background.

Let’s speak about how these two crystals look in general. Moss agate, on the other hand, has a glossy translucent, and, in some cases, glassy quality, while tree agate is more opaque, non-reflective, and less transparent.


The names “tree” and “moss” for this pair of crystals give away the difference between them if we examine them more closely and analytically. Tree agate is characterized by fine vine-like inclusions and branched patterns. Such inclusions envelop the stones, creating a backdrop or the impression of green vines growing over an opaque white background.

The inclusions in moss agate resemble moss or a dense bush. This crystal stands out due to the uniqueness of its inclusion, which is spread across the entire stone and contrasts nicely against the transparent and clear matrix.


On the Mohs scale, tree agate registers between a 6 and a 7. Specific gravity readings fall in the range of 2.59 to 2.67. In addition, moss agate, another form of agate, is often confused with these stones.

Moss agate has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 rating on the Mohs scale, which evaluates a material’s resistance to scratching and a dull-to-waxy sheen. To give some context, the diamond has a Mohs hardness of 10, making it the most rigid material on the scale.




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