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Blue moonstone’s significance (or blue moonstone meaning) lies in its curative powers. Healing what hurts and restoring you to wholeness are the goals of this sensual, feminine, and nurturing value of blue moonstone properties.

The brilliant blue color of blue moonstone is one of its most eye-catching characteristics. These blue moonstone benefits, shared by all moonstones, result from light reflected by strata of minerals within the stone.

The chemical composition of moonstone reveals that it is a feldspar of the sodium-potassium aluminosilicate variety. Beautiful variations of this stone include those green, white, pink, yellow, blue, and black.

This makes blue moonstone flare with a brightness so reminiscent of the moon. Schiller, also known as adularescence, is to blame for this condition.

Additionally, blue moonstone helps overcome infertility disorders. Finally, the pituitary gland and lymphatic system are aided by using this stone by healers.


What Is Blue Moonstone?

The cat’s eye, also known as the blue moonstone, is a powerful energy stabilizer that encourages its wearer to relax into the yin and yang of life. The moon has represented the goddess’s essence for generations, appearing as a glowing ball in the sky that is either a mere sliver of light or as full as a bountiful harvest.

Moonstone’s coloration describes the gemstone itself rather than the color of its flash. Therefore, in addition to the traditional white, gray, and peach, moonstone also occurs in a variety of other colors.

Rondels, chips, and spheres are all shapes that can be cut from blue moonstones. Unfortunately, the irregular form of a moonstone chip renders it largely useless as a healing tool. Blue moonstone, which is seeking to provide better order and encourage smooth, calm, and even energies, is not helped by this form, however, it can aid the work of other gemstones.

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Where Is Blue Moonstone Come From?

The United States, Brazil, Armenia, Australia, and Myanmar all have smaller mines, but India and Sri Lanka have the largest concentrations of blue moonstones. Blue moonstone is mined in smaller quantities in several other countries as well. Nevertheless, the ancient civilizations of Rome, Greece, China, India, and other parts of Asia all highly valued them.

On either hand, the rondel cut makes better use of the source crystal because it is more efficient. But on the other hand, when there isn’t enough component to cut into spheres, or when the crystals aren’t significant enough to produce them, cutters will create rondel shapes instead.

The sphere that can keep its transparency and color while maximizing its weight is the one that will have the most significant potential for therapeutic use. There is a common belief that blue moonstones can never have too much of it on your body; this quality sets moonstones apart from other healing gemstones.

Blue Moonstone Meaning

In many religions and spiritual practices, including feng shui, the moon is a symbol of the divine feminine. The spiritual significance of moonstone ties you to nature’s rhythms while also reminding you that the tides of your own life rise and fall.

  • A stone of compassion and empathy, moonstone helps you see the realm through the eyes of others. As a result, you can use your heightened intuitive faculties to make better decisions.
  • Moonstone’s yin energy is characterized by its reflective quality, openness to new information, and intimate connection to the unconscious. In addition, moonstone is a stone of emotional healing and self-awareness since it stimulates the feminine energy of creativity and intuition.
  • Moonstone’s calming vibe fosters innovation, renewal, and maternal protection. Emotional and physical tension can be reduced and stabilized with its aid.
  • It’s believed that by looking at your aura in the moonstone’s reflection, you might get valuable insights about your physical and mental well-being and relationships.

Blue Moonstone Properties

By working with blue moonstone on a routine basis, you can learn to better accept yourself and begin the healing process by gaining insights into the ways in which you are squandering your personal energy. The blue moonstone crystals will help you unlock the secrets to your own authentic feminine power and the heart of all healing.

Your blue moonstone’s healing power will increase as its clarity improves and its radiance becomes more vibrant. The milky moon, with its soothing and motherly energy, will provide you with the confidence and serenity you need to regain your strength.

The energy of blue moonstone will help you clear your chakras of any blockages or negativity, giving you the strength to push through any difficulties you may be facing. It will assist you in achieving a state of harmony between your bodily, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves.

In addition to its anti-aging properties, blue moonstone is said to stimulate physical and mental vitality, especially in the elderly, and to promote physical and mental development in children and adolescents. In addition, it can help slow the aging of your vision, face, hair, and even internal organs.

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Blue Moonstone Emotional Healing Benefits

Your heart will be capable of holding more adoration after you’ve been working with blue moonstones. In addition to this, it will open your heart to the nurturing traits you possess.

Blue moonstone is a very calming stone, and using it can significantly assist you, particularly if you wish to keep a low profile in a romantic connection. Furthermore, because it will help you feel more self-control of your emotions and strengthen your determination, you can apply this technique even if you need to keep it a secret.

This gemstone will also aid you in finding new love when a previous relationship has ended. It is said that if you dress this stone as an amulet of love, you will be able to win back the affection of a partner from whom you have become estranged.

If you give him blue moonstone, the man in your life will be better able to employ the logical part of their brains and get more comfortable with the female aspects of themselves. The vibrations of this stone can also help you achieve emotional balance and healing by teaching you to bring your feelings under control rather than expressing or stifling them.

Blue Moonstone Physical Healing Benefits

The blue moonstone is a type of stone that is rumored to possess the power of an extraterrestrial creature. However, you can also profit from blue moonstone if you desire to triumph over adversity and go in the appropriate direction.

The blue moonstone enhances mental clarity and inner vision, allowing the wearer to maintain concentration in a meditative state of consciousness. In addition, it is constructive for reflecting on the lessons that life has to offer.

Utilizing your body’s natural energy cycles while also helping to modify your body’s normal biological rhythms is one of the many ways blue moonstones can significantly impact a woman’s reproductive system and even boost fertility levels.

In addition, it can restore a healthy balance to your hormones and eliminate any fluid retention. In this instance, the blue moonstone’s curative powers are directly proportional to the stone’s brightness and radiance.

How To Use Blue Moonstone Crystal?

In addition to the blue moonstone, there are a variety of other stones that, when combined with it, will further strengthen your psychic powers and gifts. For example, it goes well with lapis lazuli, prasiolite, blue sapphire, and charoite.

Blue moonstone, combined with other stones such as moldavite, vanadinite, hollandite quartz, amethyst, labradorite, blizzard stone, sphene, or pietersite, can provide you with assistance in making use of your psychic abilities when you so desire. For example, if you want to enhance your lucid dreams, you can combine them with wavellite, covellite, staurolite fairy cross, sugilite, axinite, sodalite, ruby, white beryl, or kyanite.

Because it will bring harmony to both the male and female energies in your life, a combination of golden yellow labradorite plus merlinite is another excellent choice. Because sunstone exudes calm and concordant energies, pairing it with this stone will prove beneficial.

To create a unique look, combine this stone with amber, black jade, or black tourmaline. It is also possible to get good results when combined with angelite, amphibole quartz, angel phantom quartz, or dream quartz.

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How To Cleanse Blue Moonstone Crystal?

  • Mild soap plus warm water is the best approach to cleaning your stone. To remove surface grime, gently rub the crystals with your fingertips. Apply gentle pressure with a clean, dry cloth to finish drying.
  • It’s essential to cleanse and recharge your healing stone on a regular basis if you use it frequently. This is because a protective and healing stone like blue moonstone absorbs negative energy on your behalf.
  • Many individuals also choose to cleanse their blue moonstone by smudging it with a sacred plant like sage, cedar, sweetgrass, or lavender. Once the smoke rises steadily and uniformly around the stone, you can consider the ritual complete.
  • In the pristine glow of a full moon, the blue moonstone’s essential meaning is revitalized. Placing your blue moonstone close to a window two to three days before or after the full moon will let it absorb the moon’s purifying energy.
  • Blue moonstone isn’t one of the healing gems that improve with exposure to sunlight. So keep this moon-connected stone out of direct sunlight as much as possible, as it may diminish its power.
  • The blue moonstone can also be cleansed with the help of clear quartz clusters, quartz chips, or a crystal tuner. Remember that there is no incorrect way to cleanse your blue moonstone.

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