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Tremolite jade, a type of nephrite, is the type of jade most commonly referred to as white jade because of its colorless to a pale yellowish hue. Healing and symbolic value abound in the white jade gemstone.

White jade crystal meaning appears frequently in historical writings. The Aztecs, the Japanese, the Chinese, and the early Europeans all valued white jade properties and white jade benefits. White jade was mined locally and was fashioned into jewelry, statues, and other decorative objects by these cultures.

Jade appears in a wide diversity of colors and beam intensities, including the less common but nonetheless present white. In the crystal healing world, white jade healing properties have been revered since the beginning of time for their ability to promote wellness on all levels.

When it is a milky white or pale yellow, white jade is known as Mutton Fat Jade. It is called Chicken Bone Jade when it is a milky white, a pale brown, or an opaque white.


What Is White Jade?

The form is the key to understanding the significance of jade in the world. All jade comes from one of two minerals, jadeite, and nephrite. Natural jadeite is exceedingly rare, with about a dozen locations known in history where it occurred.

It is a testament to the significance of the white jade stone from ancient times that there is evidence of the trade of jade generated from jadeite in Burma as early as the 14th century.

Because of its rich white color, Chinese white jade made from nephrite is often called Mutton Fat Jade. Before revealing itself in white beam energy, jadeite typically appears in deep green, brown, blue, or lavender colors.

White jade is the common term for nephrite, which typically appears as a milky white structure. Jade’s significance in China dates back to ancient times when the healing technique of gua sha was developed.

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Where Is White Jade Found?

The effects of jade’s long history on humanity can be seen in communities large and small, on every continent, ocean, and river. The origin of jade can be traced back to Russia, China, and even the United States.

According to geological classifications, white jade is a double-chain inosilicate with a hardness of 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Nephrite, the mineral that makes up white jade, is extracted from the ground in the shape of enormous sheets or boulders.

White nephrite jade ranges in color from translucent white to a pale yellow and has been utilized extensively in Chinese sculpture from Neolithic times.

White jade became one of the most well-known healing gems and is also supposed to bestow lavish amounts of good fortune on anyone who wears it. However, despite the widespread association of jade with China and its healing practices, its origins can be traced well beyond Asia.

White Jade Crystal Meaning

White jade is a protective stone that can aid decision-making by illuminating your choices’ repercussions. It blocks out irrelevant data while drawing in valuable data and assisting with decision-making.

This stone will help you regulate your feelings and help you reach out to your sweetheart more kindly. In addition, it can assist you in relaxing and fortifying your mind so you can make sensible choices about things that matter at home.

It’s also important to remember that the white jade’s metaphysical characteristics will affect your financial well-being and social standing. Therefore, this white gemstone can be used to regain self-assurance and keep you motivated when you feel it is ebbing.

Having white jade in your possession is not a guarantee of instant wealth—however, it’s essential to live a whole and satisfying life. There is a belief that this gem has the power to bring about financial success and plenty.

White Jade Properties

Healing and symbolic value abound in the white jade gemstone. People think the stone contains a positive and magnificent force of light.

The energy of love in your life can be amplified by wearing white jade. It will make difficult tasks appear less so, and it will help soothe your frazzled mind.

It’ll boost your fortune and help you connect better with others. Have this stone on you at all times if you are seeking to develop or deepen relationships with others.

Healing from past hurts is possible with the use of white jade. This stone’s positive energies will encourage you to treat others with more compassion and tolerance, and it will assist you in overcoming feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, and abandonment.

White jade opens your chakras to the direction and information of the higher worlds through its resonant vibrations, which unlock and activate them. It will establish a link to higher energies, giving you a heightened perception of other planes of existence.

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White Jade Emotional Healing Benefits

White jade will help you feel more mentally and emotionally stable. It will assist you in letting go of the feelings which are holding you back.

This stone will remind you to be gentle and compassionate even if you feel like snapping at a loved one. White jade will help you control your emotions and treat your partner with more gentleness and compassion. Its soothing and calming vibes can help you let go of any unwelcome emotions like worry, envy, or insecurity. It will back you up and assist you in making the proper decision by highlighting the various outcomes of your choices.

In addition to helping you maintain your feet on the ground, white jade may show you how to be a kinder, gentler, and more generous partner in your relationship. Rather than the other way around, your achievements and successes will motivate you to become a better partner.

It exudes a reasonable and merciful spirit that is also warm and reassuring. Love is never easy, but white jade will fortify you to face adversity with strength and resolve.

White Jade Physical Healing Benefits

Women’s health and healing are two areas where this gem is held in particularly high regard. White jade is used by shamans and healers to aid women in coping with difficulties related to pregnancy, labor, fertility, and menstruation.

In particular, white jade is sought after for its purported ability to aid with digestive and bowel issues. In addition, white jade is often used to help with kidney and bladder issues.

We advise you to seek out the backing of a qualified health professional if you’re interested in exploring alternative methods of treating your health problems. A trained specialist has the experience and expertise to decide the best action for a client’s healing with crystals, taking into account all of the nuances involved.

How To Use White Jade Crystal?

White jade has been prominent in homes and businesses for millennia because of its association with feng shui. There are various ways to bring a dreamlike dosage of cheerful white jade into your life, from decorating your house to selecting gem jewelry to carry as a talisman for health and prosperity:

  • White jade’s delicate hues, organic patterns, and calming energy make it ideal for use in various decorative contexts, from jewelry through carvings to ornamentation. In addition, white jade is a stone of cleanliness and cleaning; its luminous and pleasant energy makes it a wonderful ornament for any space.
  • Wearing a piece of jewelry made from white jade is a great way to carry the stone’s positive and fortunate energy with you wherever you go. When white jade is held against the skin, its curative energies can easily penetrate the body and begin working.
  • Greenstones that are in harmony with the heart chakra are another excellent stone to match with jade. Finally, agate’s purifying aura, emotions, and stable powers are also a great complement to white jade.

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How To Cleanse White Jade?

White jade has a soothing effect on the body, mind, and spirit. Positive energy will flow more freely, and negative thoughts will be expelled.

White jade, unlike some white crystals, does not have a self-cleaning property. Therefore, cleaning it monthly is necessary if you want it to work flawlessly.

  • Leave your stone here for two days in the garden and bury it. In the event that rain begins to fall during this window, the stone must be quickly retrieved from the garden.
  • Jade should be cleaned by rinsing it for about 60 seconds under running water and then drying it with a towel.
  • Once a month, when the moon is brightest, put your white jade out in the open under the moonlight and take it in the morning.
  • Spread some Himalayan pink salt on a dish and leave your white jade there for at least 24 hours.
  • White jade can also be used as an altar for the burning of incense or other sacred herbs.
  • Focus your thoughts and prayers on the stones you intend to use for purification, and then say a prayer or meditate over them.
  • White jade can be placed on selenite or any other self-cleaning crystal. Let them spend as much time as they can talk to one another.

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