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The orange selenite properties have a Mohs hardness of 7 and resemble orange glass; therefore, its other name is “hard selenite.” the belief that orange selenite meaning indicates optimism, good fortune, and prosperity persists despite the fact that no consensus exists among experts on the stone’s actual meaning.

Selenite, a transparent crystal with a long history of use in crystal therapy, is often mentioned with other crystals that alleviate headache pain. It is considered the most valuable stone for clearing the energy in its immediate vicinity. When combined with other crystals, orange selenite stones make beautiful jewelry.

It has been suggested that orange selenite was employed in antiquity as a therapeutic and divinatory tool. Since isis, the Egyptian goddess of rebirth and vitality, was often depicted with this object, it was held in high esteem by the Egyptians for many years.

Historically, selenite was thought to have the ability to fight off poverty and scarcity, which may explain the origin of the notion that it symbolizes abundance.

Selenite can come in a diversity of colors, but orange selenite is an extremely uncommon kind that has been categorized as an orange-red gemstone. However, many sedimentary rocks, including sandstone, granite, and limestone, contain orange selenite crystals.


What Is Orange Selenite?

The significant grounding impact of orange selenite makes the benefits mentioned above available in a more subdued and manageable fashion. Aside from a few subtle distinctions, orange selenite is chemically and energetically identical to regular selenite.

Transparent selenite is thought to facilitate contact with extradimensional beings and access to higher realms. Initiating a spiritual awakening and aiding the spirit, body, and soul ascension.

The internal constituents of the well-known orange selenite type crystallize as rod-like tabs. Including hematite in it serves to root both material and ethereal energies. The stronger the effect of grounding, the darker the orange shade.

Orange selenite is essentially the same as regular selenite in terms of its characteristics and energy. However, selenite is a translucent stone with a reputation for opening portals to other dimensions and facilitating contact with extraterrestrial life.

Because of its strong grounding impact, the calming effects of orange selenite are more subdued and under control. It kicks off enlightenment and propels your soul and spirit to new heights.

Orange selenite’s high-frequency energy and symbiotic vibration make it a potent healing stone for crystal healers. Harmonic resonance brings calmness back, while high-frequency vibration removes obstacles from the energy flow.


Where Is Orange Selenite Found?

Hematite, the iron oxide component, gives orange selenite its distinctive hue. The presence or absence of iron-oxide impurities in the stone determines the intensity of the orange hue.

Peach selenite is a subset of this stone that can be found in tones ranging from peach to deep orange. Red selenite refers to a specific variety of this stone.

A massive orange selenite cave was uncovered by miners near nautical, Mexico, in the year 2000. Located 980 feet below ground, the cave is massive. Newly discovered deposits in Morocco also made this kind of selenite among the most widely available.

The price has dropped because of the abundance of supply. However, this gem was put to more mundane uses before it was discovered for its mystical abilities.

Since selenite sheets were so clear, they reflected light well; the Romans frequently used them as mirrors and window glass. The chariot racing tracks also glittered with powdered selenite.

Selenite was widely utilized in medieval Germany as a cheap and effective replacement for glass windows. However, because it was traditionally used to protect images of the virgin mary, the name “marienglas” stuck.

What Does Orange Selenite Mean?


There is little difference between orange and regular selenite; the only noticeable effect is the substantial grounding effect that hematite provides.

In the same way that regular selenite would help you reach a higher state of mind and awareness, orange selenite can help you feel more linked to your physical body and your spiritual self while still allowing you to pursue spiritual enlightenment. If you’re worried about bringing any bad vibes into your day, know that the pure divine light emitted by all varieties of selenite will keep them at bay.

You may strengthen your energy field by using selenite, as it has a high vibration and can help you connect with it. Taking its name from the greek deity of the moon, Selene, the selenite stone is said to have properties related to both the lunar energy and the infinite energy of the multiverse.

Many meditators report seeing a pure white light travel from their third eye chakra all the way up to their crown chakra when using a selenite stone. This is why meditating with an orange selenite gemstone is so effective at clearing energy barriers in the chakras.

The selenite crystal has many of the same characteristics as clear quartz, except for hardness. This is true of both its outward look and its ethereal qualities.

What Chakra Is Orange Selenite?

Selenite, a crystallized gypsum, is worn as amulet for good fortune and defense. Selenite is great for many kinds of spiritual practice because of its potent vibration, which can clear, open, and stimulate the crown and higher chakras. The memory-enhancing properties of selenite are not to be overlooked.

Protective and calming, orange selenite keeps negative energy at away while fostering a sense of stability and security. In addition, it strengthens the earth’s healing effects by strengthening your bond with it.

Selenite is believed to work more on the energetic level than the physical level when used in healing. But on the other hand, it’s thought to improve spinal alignment, calm the nervous system, regulate hormones, cleanse the body but also energy field, and sharpen mental focus.

Increased energy, passion, sexuality, and creativity can benefit orange selenite’s ability to clear the sacral chakra. In addition, it encourages feelings of health, balance, and happiness.

Metaphysically, selenite crystals are thought to have positive effects, such as erasing bad luck from one’s life. In addition, it’s an excellent tool for letting go of any pent-up stress. However, all across the world, people have diverse interpretations of what the stone orange selenite means.

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What Is Orange Selenite Good For?

The benefits of white selenite are also present in orange selenite. When it comes to clearing and cleansing energy, selenite is an invaluable crystal ally.

To crystal healers, selenite’s high-frequency energy plus harmonious vibration make it a potent healing stone. Harmonic resonance brings calmness back while high-frequency vibration removes obstacles from the energy flow.

Additionally, an orange selenite stone smoked in a fireplace that is not in use will cleanse the entire house of any negative energy. Selenite is thought to remove stress and tension from the environment, allowing you to relax and enjoy life more fully.

Gemstones made of selenite are known to be particularly beneficial to your aura’s health. In addition, the energy of your home or workplace can benefit from time spent in the presence of a selenite crystal wand, which can be kept on a desk or added to an altar.

A new world of possibility awaits anyone who take the time to learn about the selenite definition and applications. The selenite stone has no equal when it comes to negative cleansing energy.

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How To Use Orange Selenite For Healing?

A selenite wand is a common tool for dispelling negative energies. It can be used to repel negative energy and keep it at bay. Reiki practitioners usually employ it as a potent healing therapy for restoring chakra harmony.

One of the advantages of a selenite crystal lamp is that you can continue to receive the healing energy of this crystal, which is known as one of the best for addressing problems associated with falling asleep or staying asleep. Selenite purifies the space’s energy, which benefits your crystals, other items, and you. It’s a great way to get rid of stress and anxiety before bed.

Selenite can be made into jewelry, although its softness means it isn’t used as often as other gemstones in crystal jewelry. In addition, the surface is readily marred and scratches. However, selenite bracelets are still available and can be used to clear your aura.

Selenite is an excellent gemstone for relaxing and turning off a racing brain because of its many uses. Even though any selenite crystal will do for selenite meditation, it is recommended that you also have support stones to help stimulate the seven major energy centers in your body.


How To Cleanse Orange Selenite?

The belief believed selenite does not require cleansing as it can deflect and enhance positive energy is common. Crystal healers, on the other hand, advocate using cleansing selenite.

  • Orange selenite, like other crystals, is at its most effective when it has been cleansed and activated. Soaking a crystal in rainwater or saltwater is the most popular way to purify it.
  • Selenite crystals can be charged in the moonlight during the night. Just tell them what you want them to do and let them go commune with the moon. Leaving it outside at night will assist strengthen its lunar power, especially if it is a full moon or a blue moon. Then, when you return it inside in the morning, you’ll feel the intense vibration.
  • You are not required to cleanse orange selenite as regularly as any other crystals, but it is commonly used to cleanse others. This is due to the fact that selenite cleans itself. It recharges itself by releasing whatever excess energy it may have been holding onto.
  • This orange crystal can be charged by being exposed to the sun, the moon, the energy of other crystals, or by means of prayer or meditation. For example, orange selenite can be effectively cleansed by exposure to sunshine or moonlight.

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