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If you use ocean jasper healing properties, you can improve your current circumstances.

These ocean jasper crystals will help you speak your heart and show your love via your words.

Incorporating the concept of universal interconnectivity, ocean jasper meaning is one of strength, calm, and rebirth with a slow, constant frequency and deep, circular energy.

It will help you have a more positive attitude toward your future, health, and relationships. It will make you feel friendly and cheery, making it easier to let go of your tensions and concerns.

You can utilize these powerful healing crystals to aid in various health issues, including fertility.

Using the energy of the throat chakra improves your ability to express yourself to those you care about.

It will demonstrate the powerful impact that working on oneself can have on one’s overall quality of life.

You need the ocean jasper’s strength if you want to develop yourself, acquire new skills, and make positive changes in your life.


What Is Ocean Jasper?


Ocean jasper is a form of jasper that comes from the quartz family; only found along the coast of Madagascar is the unique and highly sought-after ocean jasper.

Atlantis stone, ocean orbicular jasper, sea jasper, and cellular jasper are all names for this gemstone.

Ocean jasper is so named because of the striking resemblance between the stone and the sea.

It is characterized by spherical “orb” designs in various shades of green, brown, blue, yellow, grey, white, pink, and red.

There is only one known locality for this rare mineral, and getting there presents formidable challenges.

Ocean jasper’s high silica concentration explains why it frequently contains flecks of glittering druzy quartz.

Ocean jasper comes in a broad spectrum of colors, including black, blue, red, pink, orange, yellow, and gray, and then, more frequently, white, green, and brown.

The beautiful patterns in the crystal are another distinguishing characteristic of ocean jasper stone.

The name “orbicular ocean jasper” refers to including sphere-like formations among other patterns and color stripes.

There are many different color bands and patterns in the stone; some even have druzy quartz embedded in them for added sparkle.

The intricate patterns of dots, waves, and florets make this stone so striking.

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Where Is Ocean Jasper Found?

There are references to ocean jasper in writings from as early as the 1920s, but no one has seen it for almost seventy-five years.

That is, until 1997, when it was again located by the adventurous Paul Obenich off the coast of Madagascar.

At low tide, miners may only reach the cliff where this mineral is located.

This magnetic mineral is accompanied by a great deal of legend and background.

The site had been lost for nearly 75 years by the time it was first discussed and written down in 1922.

At least, nobody knew where this jasper variant was until Madagascar’s Paul Obenich spent 45 days looking for it along the coast of Madagascar.

After taking the tide into account, which is crucial to his precision, he found ocean jasper.

In the past, this mineral was missed since it could only be observed at times of low tide.

Paul first displayed his find at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in 2000, and ever since then, he’s been able to count on the support of his avid audience.

After the region was determined to be exhausted and safety concerns increased, ocean jasper mining operations were halted in 2006.


What Does Ocean Jasper Mean?

Ocean Jasper is frequently referred to as “Atlantis stone” because of its association with the mythical lost continent of Atlantis in the crystal healing tradition.

The name “jasper” comes from the French and Latin phrases for “spotted stone,” combined to form the modern English word.

There’s no doubt that its oceanic roots influenced the choice of its name.

In addition to helping one become more patient and adaptable to change, ocean jasper inspires selflessness and a longing to benefit others.

Its supposed ability to harness the energy of the sea and the lunar tides has been widely reported.

Thus, it is often associated with a steady state of mind and the inspired resilience essential for dealing with change.

It’s great for keeping your attention on one item as you meditate or recover, and it also helps with maintaining your deep, circular breathing.

Druzy in shades of white and deep green, as well as botryoidal structures, are frequently encountered.

For the sake of simplicity, this Beadnova blog will refer to both as ocean jasper since they are made up of the same minerals and share the same metaphysical qualities.


What Chakra Is Ocean Jasper?

When used on the base chakra, jaspers help ground and revitalize the body through their connection to the earth.

Stones with brown or tan coloration strongly connect to the grounding energy chakra.

By placing it on each chakra in turn, you can purify, strengthen, and realign your energy centers and aura, restoring harmony to your physical, emotional, and mental bodies and connecting them to the etheric plane.

Green ocean jasper, or ocean jasper with green veins or spots, is a popular choice for healing the heart chakra.

The heart chakra controls how we relate to the world outside of ourselves and is situated in the heart of the breastbone.

It regulates our openness to new experiences and our ability to reject potentially harmful ones and provides us with the equilibrium to be authentic while living in the world.

When our heart chakra is unstable, we may experience difficulties in relationships, including feelings of control or being controlled, as well as a tendency to criticize the minor shortcomings of those with whom we interact.

By clearing and balancing the heart chakra, green crystal energy aids in the recognition of one’s own emotional and psychological needs.

Emotional connections have cycles; we may learn to ride them out and adapt to the inevitable ups and downs.

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What Is Ocean Jasper Good For?

Ocean jasper is a type of stone that is found in only a few places in the world. It is treasured for its beautiful patterns and colors, as well as its unique healing properties.

Ocean jasper is said to help with emotional stress and anxiety, and can also promote feelings of peace and relaxation.

It is also believed to boost the immune system, making it a great choice for those who are recovering from illness.

Ocean jasper is a truly special stone, and its healing properties make it a valuable addition to any collection.

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How To Use Ocean Jasper for Healing?

Ocean jasper for its curative properties is just one of many possible approaches.

Carry a piece of jewelry or a little piece of ocean jasper in your pocket to enjoy its healing properties whenever you need them.

Having it in your hands has improved concentration and stopped nightmares in their tracks.

It’s a good idea to have this stone on you to remind you of your pledge to stick with whatever it is you’ve set out to do.

Wearing ocean jasper can help you have better social connections, and it can also provide protection and help with motion sickness while you’re on the road.

When you need to break harmful thought patterns or let go of pent-up emotion, ocean jasper might be a helpful addition to your meditation practice.

While meditating on supportive, uplifting mantras, place the crystal in the corresponding chakra.

If you want to stimulate a specific chakra, your crystal selection should reflect that.

Ocean jasper has been known to aid in healing and peacemaking simply by being present.

Because of this, ocean jasper is an excellent stone to have around when having deep, meaningful conversations with close friends and family, in business negotiations, or even in therapy.

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How To Cleanse Ocean Jasper?

Soak your ocean jasper in a glass basin of sea salt water overnight, then rinse your ocean jasper stone under cool running water to remove the salt and restore its energy.

Another option is to bury your ocean jasper in dry salt before gently cleaning it.

The stones will gain even more power if you leave them out in the sun or moonlight after you’ve cleaned them.

If you’re feeling down, try beginner-friendly meditation techniques that involve ocean jasper stones; they may help you stay aligned with your inner calm and find some solace.

It positively affects your mood by helping to dispel any pessimism: these are the stones for you if you’re feeling frightened or anxious and want to relax your mind through meditation.

Ocean jasper is a healing stone that, like the ebb and flow of the tides, brings deep, buried emotions to the surface and helps bring them to resolution.

Your ocean jasper is a powerful growth crystal that channels the earth’s life force of fresh beginnings, expansion, and creativity, as well as the regenerative energy of nature.

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