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You may find lavender jade in various colors, from light purple to dark plum.

The only more expensive jade is green, but this variety is still relatively pricey.

Lavender jade properties cleanse the wearer’s soul, allowing them to feel at ease and free from wrath and other unpleasant emotions.

Additionally, lavender jade meaning will give you spiritual and emotional support, empowering you to realize your dreams and elevating your spirits amid turbulence.

In all its forms, jade is prized primarily for its mystical powers.

The ancients and moderns alike hold this fabled gem in the highest esteem.

This is to obtain insight into ceremonial knowledge, enter the spirit realm, dream-solve, and inspire creativity.

The magnificent gemstone also encourages intelligence, intuitiveness, and understanding.

In addition, lavender jade is an excellent crystal to use in safe spaces or meditation because it is a gem of spiritual cleansing.

It helps let go of cynicism and pent-up rage and adopt an impudence of calm acceptance.

In conclusion, lavender jade is thought to calm tensions and regulate heart rate.


What Is Lavender Jade?

If you are going through a rough life patch, you should invest in some lavender jade.

This stone will refresh your vitality and guard your entire well-being.

As a result, you will feel less dread or shock when bad things happen to you.

When you’re feeling down, sad, worried, or guilty, lavender jade is an excellent stone to help you overcome those emotions and move on.

Lavender jade’s therapeutic properties are helpful when you wish to stop caring so much about fitting in.

This stone will help you see that changing who you are to please other people is a losing strategy.

Thanks to this stone, you’ll have the confidence to initiate change and accept the parts of yourself that are fixed forever.

Lavender jade will inspire you to start living in the now and to stop obsessing over the past.

Get rid of your sheepish willingness to go along with the group and start thinking for yourself with the help of this stone.

It will help you make the most excellent decisions regarding your job, especially when you find yourself at a crossroads.

Where Is Lavender Jade Found?

The sodium aluminum silicate used to create lavender jade gives this variety of jadeite its beautiful sheen.

Myanmar is the world’s largest source of lavender jade: rare examples of this stone can be discovered in Russia, Japan, Myanmar, and a small region of Turkey.

Throughout the ages, this stone has been the subject of countless mythology, folktales, and cultural customs.

The Aztecs, Maoris, Celts, Romans, Greeks, and Chinese were just some of the ancient cultures that found meaningful ways to use lavender jade in their religious and cultural traditions.

The Aztecs believed that by offering human hearts as sacrifices to their various gods, lavender jade would make those gods more receptive to the prayers and offerings made by the Aztecs.

The ancient Greeks utilized this stone for physical healing, while the Maori of New Zealand employed it in ceremonies surrounding death and burial.

Lavender jade was highly significant in ancient cultures due to its symbolic and therapeutic significance.

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Lavender Jade Meaning

The significance of lavender jade, sometimes called “Lilac Jade” and “Dream Stone” has evolved.

It has been used as a ceremonial object, a pharmaceutical treatment, a spiritual journey guide, and a site of concentration in meditation.

Lavender jade is stunning, yet that’s not what holds our attention and makes it so magical.

Perhaps it’s how it calms our nerves to the point where we can face our darkest anxieties head-on.

Maybe it’s the way it helps us let go of the past and change our ways for the better.

This healing gem is commonly revered as a talisman for safety and mental acuity.

Thus, it is a great stepping stone for those working in the field of knowledge or those contemplating a substantial shift in their professional lives.

Practitioners turn to this stone for guidance through the ups and downs of romantic partnerships.

The meaning of this stone is all about coming into one’s own and coming to terms with one’s highest ideals.

Some people have found that adopting its traits has helped them develop a more balanced, empathetic, and forgiving outlook on life.

Lavender Jade Properties

Jadeite and nephrite are the two main minerals used to create jade.

There are some key differences and some shared features between the two.

While nephrite and jadeite are incredibly durable, nephrite is slightly more so.

However, stones made from jadeite are more expensive than those made from nephrite because jadeite is more scarce.

In contrast, jadeite displays a broader range of colors in its light reflection, from brown to black to red to blue.

Nephrite is a crystalline calcium silicate that comes in various colors and has a polished, waxy appearance.

Besides inner calm, this is where we draw our metaphysical help.

The stone has further chakra-related significance.

Typically, a crystal tends to be compatible with a single chakra and is often recognized by the crystal’s color.

Green crystals, for instance, are linked to the heart chakra, while blue crystals are connected with the throat chakra.

Lavender jade is often used during meditation and spiritual retreats due to its purifying effects on the mind and soul.

It may help you let go of negativity, skepticism, and even mild anger and instead encourage you to adopt a stance of calm acceptance.

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Lavender Jade Emotional Healing Benefits

With its calming, stimulating, and balancing energy, lavender jade is a beautiful addition to any healing practice.

It will also help you feel at peace with yourself and with others.

This is a stone for connecting with your feelings.

The experience will teach you to maintain composure and moderation in the face of intense feelings.

You’ll be able to maintain your composure even in the face of intense emotions.

It will teach you to rely on yourself and your partner less.

Those who have been broken by love are customarily given a piece of lavender jade as a token of sympathy.

Your suffering will be alleviated, and you’ll feel hopeful again.

Your mental pain and any residual bitterness from past tragedies can be soothed with the help of lavender jade.

Dealing with sensitive issues will help you learn the value of tact and moderation.

Your intuition will be honed with lavender jade, allowing you to recognize signs better and spot the truth.

Better your existing romantic circumstances by bringing your ideas and feelings into harmony with your inner truths with the help of this stone.

Lavender Jade Physical Healing Benefits

The detoxifying properties of lavender jade make it a powerful cleansing stone.

It can be pretty effective as a treatment when applied to the kidneys, spleen, and supra-adrenal glands.

Maintaining a healthy water-to-salt and acid-to-alkaline balance in your body is another area lavender jade can assist.

This stone has a strong healing effect, and it can enable your skeletal and metabolic system to re-bind and restore itself.

There may be less discomfort experienced during the recuperation phase because of this.

This purple gemstone may also help heal sutures and bindings fast and adequately.

You can get more done with the support of lavender jade and more easily reach your objectives.

This stone will help you respect your aspirations, ambitions, and ideals more.

It will help you achieve your goals by grounding your ideas in the material world.

Get this stone if you want the assurance and ability to see your undertakings through to the end.

This will also make you autonomous and self-sufficient in performing what needs to be done.

Lavender Jade Value

The combination of jade’s rich history and exquisite appearance makes it the most prized and popular gemstone in Asia.

Coin-sized pieces of lavender jade shouldn’t go for more than $20 at most.

As expected, the cost increases with stone size, but overall, this is a fair exchange.

Some online vendors claim to have acquired “ancient” chunks of purple jade and sell them at exorbitant prices per carat.

As a result, even the most minor bits of purple jade can cost over $800 before taxes.

Some fake manufacturers, especially in eastern countries, take advantage of the fact that lavender jade is a simple stone to duplicate using glass and dye.

Investigate the legitimacy of the store from which you intend to buy the stones, and read reviews written by previous customers if available.

Moreover, clarity, creativity, and craftsmanship are crucial in the midrange to high-end markets.

Jade prices are notoriously difficult to predict because they vary widely based on the specific kind and the country of origin.

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How to Use Lavender Jade?

Lavender jade is incredibly durable and has a strong hardness rating.

Thus, it is some of the jades extensively utilized in manufacturing jewelry.

It forms rings, bangles,  bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings.

When worn on the body, this jade can significantly enhance the healing effects of crystals.

This jade is often set in rings, which is a popular and convenient accessory.

If you don’t have enough money for a whole crystal set, a bracelet made of lavender jade is a good substitute.

There’s also the urban legend that a bracelet made of jade will ease the discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis in the wrist.

Because jades have been shown to reduce inflammation, this is the case.

Because there are no other media on the body that can reach all of them at once save the arms.

In a similar vein, placing an item of lavender jade as close to the heart chakra as feasible might have positive effects.

Wearing a necklace or pendant with this design may help you achieve your goal.

Those who like crystal healing but don’t have the time to meditate with the stone can benefit from wearing a crystal necklace.

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lavender jade meaning and healing properties

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