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The mineral known as red tourmaline is indeed a beryllium aluminum silicate that crystallizes in the shape of masses in addition to hexagonal pillars that are vertical in orientation.

In addition to having an opaque appearance, red tourmaline meaning is a crystal that forms in a hexagonal structure.

It can be purchased in various hues, including watermelon, rainbow, yellow, black, pink, green, and purple.

The vast majority of examples have either been produced within a quartz matrix or have developed on top of one.

It is said that tourmaline was born from the uncommon energy of a rainbow. 

It is said that the many colors of tourmaline ripple with imaginative play, happy generosity, and the attraction of perfect fortune.

The capacity to comprehend love is enhanced by red tourmaline healing properties, stimulating creative thinking about ways to communicate love to the outside world.

Not only does it help one be more animated and gregarious, but it also helps one to be more discreet and adaptable.

It is possible to employ red tourmaline to harmonize the feminine energies between both sexes, providing women with the courage they need to overcome emotional issues.

What Is Red Tourmaline?


Red tourmaline, or rubellite tourmaline, is a stone of the completed heart, which is strong, lively, and full of enthusiasm for love and life.

The red tourmaline gemstone stands out among the other bright tourmalines as an eye-catching and alluring option.

Its stunning purple, pink, and red hues are sure to dazzle you.

Red tourmaline is one of the most stunning gemstones you will ever see, regardless of the light source.

When used in shamanic rituals, tourmaline acts as a protective stone.

When used for scrying, it can reveal the identity of a problem’s origin or an offender and provide insight into the best course of action.

Since tourmaline improves one’s ability to smell, it also has the potential to heighten sensitivity to pheromones, hence increasing their aphrodisiacal effect.

Tourmaline is a genuinely global jewel in locations as far-flung as Australia, India, and beyond.

Russian crown jewels were thought to contain rare rubies but were later discovered to be red tourmalines instead.

Where Is Red Tourmaline Found?

It is reported that multicolored types of tourmaline made their way from Sri Lanka to Europe around the beginning of the 18th century.

Even though tourmaline can be found on many continents, excellent crystal samples and gem-quality tourmaline are still regarded to be extremely rare and can have a high price tag.

In 1876, mineralogist and retailer George Kunz sold a green tourmaline from Maine to the famed Tiffany and Co. in New York, and word quickly spread about the gemstone’s value, which led to its subsequent widespread recognition as a gemstone.

The reality that it is one of the only crystal gemstones that can be electrically charged is a demonstration of the power it possesses.

The vast majority of the items currently available on the market originate from communities across Brazil, particularly the state of Minas Gerais.

In addition to the famed tourmaline mines in Maine and Southern California, exceptional Red Tourmaline of superior quality has also been discovered in Africa.

When we need healing and equilibrium in our lives, we frequently turn to tourmaline, which comes in various colors, each associated with a particular aspect of our soul energy.


What Does Red Tourmaline Mean?

Although rubellite is commonly called “red tourmaline,” not every red tourmaline gemstone is rubellite.

This designation is reserved for the stones with the deepest, richest colors.

Tourmaline is a member of the complicated family of aluminum borosilicates that can take on many colors due to the varying amounts of metals present.

Its triangular-shaped crystals are prismatic and have vertical striations. These crystals can be long and thin or thick and columnar.

They can be either transparent or opaque and frequently display lengthwise or cross-sectional color variation.

The ancient Sinhalese word turmali, meaning “a mixed color precious stone,” or turamali, meaning “something little from the soil,” is where the modern-day word “tourmaline” was derived.

 “Rubellite” originates from the Latin rubellus, which means “reddish.” This relates to the gemstone’s resemblance to the Ruby in color, even though most Rubellites are pinker in hue. 

The colors range from white to deep violet, with some being a deep ruby red.

Whereas other pink or red tourmalines show a perceptible tinge of brown in artificial light, a genuine red tourmaline glows equally as intensely in artificial light as in daylight.

What Chakra Is Red Tourmaline?

As a result of rubellite tourmaline’s activation of the connection between the root and heart chakras, this stone can be used to heal physical and emotional wounds.

It infuses the physical body with vigor and energy while embracing the healing properties of the heart and mindful love.

The Base Chakra (also known as Root Chakra) manages the energy for visceral feeling and movement, which sits at the foot of your spine.

When the energy of the Base Chakra is in harmony, one feels a renewed sense of security and personal power, and their physical body benefits from increased strength and stamina.

The energy of a red crystal restores equilibrium to the first energy center, the Base Chakra.

The location of Heart Chakra is close to the middle of the breastbone.

It establishes how much we accept and reject stimuli from the outside environment.

When we have a healthy Heart Chakra, we are in tune with our feelings and wants.

The red light of the rubellite tourmaline instills a courageous assurance.

The hue is most associated with heat and blood, so it packs a powerful punch.

Deep red crystals represent powerful emotions, long-lasting vitality, and subdued desire.

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What Is Red Tourmaline Good For?

Love of a profound nature is symbolized by red tourmaline.

One that transcends your love for other people and extends to everything in the cosmos.

This stone is an excellent aid in increasing the circulation of your vital energies.

Your self-confidence will be around the roof, and you’ll feel like you can take on the world.

This stone’s curative qualities can aid in the restoration of your bodily, mental, and spiritual health.

Everything that ails, bothers or terrifies you will go.

Especially when paired with black star sapphire, red tourmaline’s energetic vibrations will infuse your life with vigor and vitality.

It’s easy to feel drained of vitality when you have a lot on your plate, and others count on you for everything.

This will also provide you with an endless source of energy, motivation, and inspiration.

This stone conveys the energies of passion and love, and it works best when paired with crystals for self-assurance.

It will help you find new interests and deepen your resolve to maximize your potential in this world.

This stone will motivate you to live a fuller life and connect with others in meaningful ways, all while boosting your motivation.

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How To Use Red Tourmaline for Healing?

Combine red tourmaline with fool’s gold or selenite to alleviate motion sickness.

Nails and hair can regain their luster and shine as a result.

Rubellite’s positive energies are constructive for the cardiovascular and reproductive systems.

Red tourmaline effectively treats the digestive system, the liver, the spleen, the lungs, and the pancreas and relieves back pain.

Thus, this crystal can aid the circulatory system and the body’s energetic centers in their distribution of life.

That is to say, your energy levels will level off over time rather than fluctuate wildly, as they do for many individuals today.

The color red, which represents ardor and excitement, is another reason why rubellite is so effective at boosting one’s mood and preparing one to take on the challenges of each new day.

It helps treat mental health issues like anxiety, panic, obsessive thoughts, and paranoia, and it can be calming to the nervous system.

Hand-eye coordination is another area where rubellite can be used to aid in the fight against dyslexia.

The properties of rubellite are excellent for maintaining a calm and pleasant environment at work.

Fights and arguments will be avoided.

There will be an atmosphere of mutual admiration and surrender, with no one questioning your credentials or competence.

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How To Cleanse Red Tourmaline? 

Like many other crystals, red tourmaline may have to travel great distances from mine to market.

At each stage, the stone is subjected to new energies that may conflict with your own.

In addition, it is believed that these stones can help you expel any negative energy by absorbing or redirecting it.

A crystal can only be returned to its original form through regular washing and recharging.

  • Smudging your stone with sage, a sacred plant with many therapeutic powers is thought to remove negative energies and restore its original vitality.
  • Fresh saltwater from the ocean is preferable, but a tablespoon of rock, sea, or table salt in a cup of water will do in a pinch.
  • A stone’s negative energy can be dissipated by water and released back into the earth.
  • You can cleanse and recharge your stone whenever you like, not just during specific times of the solar or lunar cycle.
  • A single pitch or tone can be played over a specific area through sound healing, bringing everyone and everything into resonance with the sound.

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