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Getting what we want isn’t always easy. Therefore, having a strong sense of self-motivation with motivate crystal is critical if you want to achieve your goals. Setbacks, loss of self, and weariness can make it challenging to stay concentrated and effective when we begin a new objective.

Using crystals that help with motivation can help if you’ve trouble staying motivated. Crystals for motivation can help you feel more energized, motivated, and confident in your ability to accomplish your objectives.


Crystals For Motivation: 25 Crystals That Help With Motivation

Crystals can inspire us in varying degrees; some are more potent than others. For example, if you’re feeling exhausted and unmotivated, you can use gemstones for the crown chakra, which are usually crystals in purple or white. See what happens if you ponder your goals while holding one of these gems.


Tiger’s Eye

This orange stone with black and gold bands flowing through it looks like a wild beast. Tiger’s eye enhances your natural survival instincts and broadens your field of vision. It is possible to overcome fatigue, regain your sense of self, and boost your power through the tiger’s eye. Find more about Tiger Eye meaning and healing properties.

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According to folklore, turquoise is the “master healer” because it is supposed to be a conduit between the spiritual and physical realms. So if you have a loved one who could use some good fortune, consider gifting them a piece of turquoise jewelry. Find more about Turquoise meaning and healing properties.

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Clear Quartz

One of the most well-known and often used stones is the transparent quartz crystal, and there is a good reason for this. This motivation crystal has been used for a long time by ancient cultures to restore balance to the body and cleanse the mind. Find more about White Quartz meaning and healing properties.

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Red Jasper

Red jasper is an excellent way to simultaneously boost your physical and emotional well-being. Stabilizing energy is provided by its link to the planet Earth. The ability to do so gives you the assurance you need to move forward, which is particularly helpful when you’re under pressure. Find more about Red Jasper meaning and healing properties.

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This golden stone glistens as a sunbeam caught in your hand. In addition to being the lucky merchant’s stone, citrine has a calming effect on the psyche. Citrine is your dose of sunshine when you feel like you’re living in a rainstorm and can’t get out of it. Find more about Citrine meaning and healing properties.

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Rose Quartz

A rose quartz stone might help you feel more compassion for yourself if you’ve lost all self-control. It is the motivate crystal of unconditional love and a source of comfort and nourishment. As a result, we are better able to take risks and shoot for the stars whenever we feel held, appreciated, and supported. Find more about Rose Quartz meaning and healing properties.

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Malachites are earthy, rich-green gems that repel lousy energy. Malachite will protect your heart from terror. This stone shields you from bright lights and noise during work. Malachite will assist you in breaking a rut if you lack attention and productivity. Malachite’s protectiveness can ward off negative energy once it’s gone. Find more about Malachite meaning and healing properties.

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This stone clears unnecessary energy and cleans your palette so you can paint your life. It gives tranquility and high vibrations so you can flourish gloriously. Selenite’s divine energy might help when you feel overwhelmed. Negative energy can block the route and fill us with fear. Soul-resetting Selenite. Find more about Selenite meaning and healing properties.

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Amethyst can help you become conscious of negative self-talk and replace it with good ones. Amethyst connects us to our actual self through the third eye and crown chakras. Amethyst is a crystal of inspiration—it inspires people to take action and undergo personal growth. Wearing amethyst provides a sense of calm and helps you accomplish your goals. Find more about Amethyst meaning and healing properties.

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Blue Lace Agate

Its healing energies will provide calm and tranquility and erase aura blockages blocking your vision. Blue lace agate is a loving and soothing stone that will bring you quiet. Its soft and healing nature will work its magic on you sooner rather than later. Find more about Blue Lace Agate meaning and healing properties.

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In the same way that rose quartz is said to help you overcome feelings of self-doubt, aventurine is also said to help you feel more optimistic. So the next time you feel the stirrings of rage rising in your chest, take a few slow, deep breaths and hold aventurine in your hand. Find more about Aventurine meaning and healing properties.

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Hematite can help you feel more in control of your life and the choices you make and provide the inspiration you need to move on from any challenging scenario. During times of difficulty, hematite can help bring radiant energy to the situation. Find more about Hematite meaning and healing properties.

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A lack of self-belief can motivate one to keep pushing forward and overcoming obstacles. In addition to boosting one’s self-confidence, the garnet gemstone has vital protective energy that helps one let go of inhibitions. Garnet is also an excellent stone for igniting your will to succeed by utilizing your natural talents. Find more about Garnet meaning and healing properties.

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Tanzanite is a profound spiritual motivator that brings about feelings of calm, empowerment, and connection with the cosmos, creating a solid drive to accomplish one’s goals and succeed. This is a lucky, motivational gemstone that you can wear.

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Fluorite is a rainbow-hued stone with creative thinking. Motivation might ebb and go if your head is cluttered. Fluorite clears the mind and helps you stay focused. Its grounding characteristics keep both feet on the ground. Fluorite keeps you focused and eliminates distractions. Fluorite helps you study or work without sacrificing creativity. Find more about Fluorite meaning and healing properties.

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This golden nugget helps actualize your desires. Pyrite helps manifest money, bring plenty, own your desire, and fine-tune inner aims and strength. Pyrite can assist change your life if it’s not what you wanted. It attracts wealth.

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The bloodstone was handed to warriors on the battlefield. As the Greek word for “fire” suggests, Pyrite is a formidable mineral. According to legend, it helped them succeed by boosting their spirits and vitality. So if you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options, this stone will give you the courage to keep going. Bloodstone’s vigor and vivacity aid you in your endeavors. Find more about Bloodstone meaning and healing properties.

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is a mysterious blue-white stone speckled with starlight. Lapis can restore intuition and self-confidence. Our drive may be more consistent when we can claim our truth and speak our views. Feeling tugged in several directions or doing too much fence-sitting might slow down your motivation and leave you bewildered. Find more about Lapis Lazuli meaning and healing properties.

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Carnelian gives passion and fire while grounding you. Especially useful if you’ve felt like you’re mired in the muck, this gem is fantastic for getting you moving again. Carnelian helps when project energy is low. It helps creative people overcome fear and self-doubt when accomplishing projects. Find more about Carnelian meaning and healing properties.

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Apatite can open your throat chakra, stimulate your mind, and balance your yin and yang energies. This vivid blue stone helps you stay clear and focused. Apatite restores ambition. Ambition doesn’t always mean being a go-getter or climbing the career ladder. Instead, it might mean living a wholly healthy life.

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Combining lepidolite stone with other gemstones may bring out your most outstanding qualities and enhance your overall motivation. It is so famous because it is a stone of trust and acceptance. Anxiety, depression, and substance misuse can all be treated with it. Optimism and peace of mind can be attained by breaking these bad habits. Find more about Lepidolite meaning and healing properties.

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Black Tourmaline

As an energy bodyguard, black tourmaline is supposed to be able to prevent any potentially detrimental energy from entering a person’s life before it has an opportunity to do so. The energy in your home will remain bright and cheerful with the help of this magnificent stone. Before determining where to put it, look at a feng shui map to see where it will work best. Find more about Black Tourmaline meaning and healing properties.

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Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is among the best healing crystals when used as protective. Hold this crystal in your hand while meditating to break free of stale, ingrained notions. To put it another way, clearing out the old energy makes room for the inflow of fresh, more uplifting energy.

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Calcite’s gentle, bright energy can lift your spirits when you’re feeling down or doubtful about your abilities to succeed in life. We can rekindle our feelings of happiness when we allow ourselves a little bit of frivolity. This stone will help you get back into the spring spirit when you’re feeling strained.

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The use of jade can bring healing, prosperity, and success in both personal and professional endeavors. The third eye chakra is opened by this crystal, making it a popular choice among ancient societies since it facilitates communication with one’s higher self. Aside from that, jade is thought to bring good fortune. Find more about Jade meaning and healing properties.

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How To Use the Crystals for Motivation?

When you have a list of inspiring stones to lift you out of a rut, you need to know how to communicate with their energy so that you may improve your performance. It’s possible to gain a hold on the healing energy of your stones by following these guidelines.

  • You can use crystals to help you get out of a funk by sitting with one in your hand and allowing its light and energy to permeate your entire being.
  • Wearing crystal jewelry can help you maintain a strong sense of purpose and self-worth.
  • Make a crystal grid for yourself to be surrounded by positive energy.
  • Bring the energy of stones into your office or creative environment to help you get going in the morning.
  • Use your crystal to guide your energy as you recite your morning affirmations.

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