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You can’t see a way out of a funk when you’re depressed, hopeless, or terrified. Using crystals for strength can be a lifesaver in times like these! This is the function of strength crystal: to protect you and give you a chance to replenish your strength. Meditation is possible with the aid of them. Alternatively, you can carry a gemstone as a form of protection daily.

There will always be highs and lows in life. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel might be challenging as there are more failures than uptimes. Nevertheless, strength is needed in a variety of situations in your life.

Crystals for inner strength come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. To use their unique abilities, you must first become familiar with their characteristics. Based on our research, we’ll discuss the best strength gemstones you can use right now.

To assist you in getting through stressful times, crystals can provide a bit extra power. If you want to gain more strength, you can take advantage of the unique energetic assistance provided by various gems.


27 Crystals For Inner Strength

Using crystals to increase your strength is an excellent way to access your limitless power reservoir. These stones have a deep connection to the earth and the universe; the underneath of your feet and the skies above will always be there for you. Remaining ourselves in control of our fate and that we can change and grow is a powerful way of thinking to keep us from feeling hopeless or stuck.


Tiger’s eye


The Tiger’s eye gemstone is fierce and spectacular and won’t hesitate to tempt you to go after what you want. However, its defensive characteristics minimize dangers. It’s a good stone for those who have trouble asking for what they want or expressing their desires. Find more about Tiger Eye meaning and healing properties.

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This strength stone is called the motivational stone since it boosts life-force energy and personal growth. It heals lower chakras. This stone boosts strength and stamina. It boosts self-control and discipline, making it a good choice for those who push themselves hard. Find more about Onyx meaning and healing properties.

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The warrior stone symbolizes strength. This stone was so famous for bringing courage and resilience that it was carried into combat with shields and swords. So when you’re feeling side-swept by life events or confronting hard times, the bloodstone will inject you with onward momentum. Find more about Bloodstone meaning and healing properties.

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Clear Quartz


The master healer manifests intent. Clear quartz may cleanse your energy, eliminate poisonous ideas, and transmit your wants and goals into the world. Program your clear quartz when your soul is congested, and life isn’t what you desire. This clear-headed gem enhances energy tenfold. Find more about Clear Quartz meaning and healing properties.

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Rose Quartz


There is nothing braver than working to maintain your heart, complete with love and self-compassion. When we’re kind to ourselves and forgiving, we get stronger every day. Rose quartz can help you practice positive affirmations if you engage in negative self-talk and are overly critical. Find more about Rose Quartz meaning and healing properties.

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Selenite brings clarity and tranquility to the mind. This stone calms frayed nerves, promotes clear thinking, and prevents system overload, giving you good power and control. Selenite can put your flight, fight, or freeze reaction back into balance. Selenite is a natural calmer. Find more about Selenite meaning and healing properties.

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One might use this stone in numerous forms to enhance one’s spiritual power and strength. Those looking to increase their spiritual strength and power should wear amethyst. People who want to boost their spiritual power and strength may want to buy amethyst.

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A good attitude may offer power, and citrine embodies this. Citrine’s golden radiance and good luck remind us that life isn’t all doom and gloom. So if you’re feeling down, grasp a Citrine stone to feel the warmth of luck and opportunity.

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Ruby is an excellent gemstone because of its capacity to enhance one’s physical strength and power. It also helps to enhance courage and tenacity, making it a fantastic choice for those who need a little more push to achieve their objectives, as it is a fantastic choice for those who need a little additional push to achieve goals.

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It is well known that this stone can boost a person’s physical strength and vitality. In addition, as a result of amber’s ability to improve mental clarity, it is an excellent choice for people who need to keep their mental faculties sharp while also pushing themselves physically. Find more about Amber meaning and healing properties.

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Nothing compares to the feminine strength of the total, pale, beautiful moonstone. The moonstone reminds us of the cyclical nature of our environment and not to fear the changing tides. So hold your moonstone close and allow it to guide you towards grace when change is coming. Find more about Moonstone meaning and healing properties.

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Deep red garnet helps eliminate obstructions and keep energy flowing. Blockages can be chakras, auras, or self-confidence. Garnet will eliminate them quickly. Garnet’s energy can boost your self-esteem in times of difficulty. Garnet boosts your vitality and confidence so you can handle any scenario. Find more about Garnet meaning and healing properties.

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Black Tourmaline


Black tourmaline’s capacity to boost strength and energy makes it a valuable gemstone. It also helps to enhance one’s courage, making it an excellent choice for individuals who require a little bit of an additional boost to achieve their objectives. Find more about Black Tourmaline meaning and healing properties.

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Close-up beauty silver earrings and pendant with peridot on background chain and rings on white acrylic desk.

It is well known that this particular stone has the power to improve both one’s energy and strength. Therefore, peridot is a fantastic option for people who want to feel more upbeat even when they are making a lot of effort because it helps to promote motivation and joy. Find more about Peridot meaning and healing properties.

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It is well known that this stone can improve one’s mental strength and power. As a result of its ability to improve mental clarity and focus, sodalite is an excellent choice for people who need to maintain their mental acuity. Find more about Sodalite meaning and healing properties.

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This stone is remarkable for improving physical and mental power and emotional strength. Because it also helps to enhance self-confidence and self-worth, lepidolite is an excellent choice for people who require a little bit of an additional push. Find more about Lepidolite meaning and healing properites.

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Smoky Quartz


As a result of its ability to improve one’s mental clarity and attention, smoky quartz is an excellent choice for sports. In addition, smoky quartz is excellent for alleviating discomfort associated with physical activity, boosting the immune system, and opening the solar plexus chakra. Find more about Smoky Quartz meaning and healing properties.

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Black Agate


An attractive quality of this stone is its ability to enhance one’s physical stamina and vigor. Aside from helping to increase one’s mental clarity, wearing black agate can also be beneficial. An agate stone might be a great addition to your toolkit regarding working out. Find more about Black Agate meaning and healing properties.

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Aside from the fact that it can enhance one’s spiritual strength and power, this stone is highly sought. Labradorite is an excellent choice for those who want to improve their psychic abilities and develop their intuition. Find more about Labradorite meaning and healing properties.

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Hematite restores strength and vigor by absorbing negative energy. It functions as a shield, safeguarding our energy fields from negativity and lowering tension, anxiety, and concern. Hematite provides resilience, fortitude, and conviction. It makes us feel secure and materialize our desires. Find more about Hematite meaning and healing properties.

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We lack the force and strength we require because we don’t have faith in our abilities. Aventurine can provide you with both strength and inspiration. Inspiring you to tap into your inner strength to fulfill your full potential. Find more about Aventurine meaning and healing properties.

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Lapis Lazuli


The magnificent stone of lapis lazuli resembles a starry night sky. A lot of equilibrium is brought about as a result of it. But, at the same time, it shields you from toxic thoughts and pushes you to think creatively and outside the box. Find more about Lapis Lazuli meaning and healing properties.

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Black obsidian has protected and anchoring energies. As a protective crystal for strength, it deflects negative energy that seeks to harm us. As a grounding stone, it improves our link with Mother Earth, giving us a deep sense of rootedness that keeps us steadfast. Find more about Obsidian meaning and healing properties.

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This bright red-orange stone awakens chronic dreamers. This crystal reminds us that beautiful thoughts alone are not enough to sustain us. Through the nourishment of carnelian, we are reminded that we are spiritual beings. Find more about Carnelian meaning and healing properties.

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Blue Lace Agate


It’s an excellent stone for boosting mental power and strength. Using blue lace agate also aids the clarity of thought and concentration. So if you need to keep your mind sharp while pushing yourself mentally, blue lace agates are a terrific option. Find more about Blue Lace Agate meaning and healing properties.

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Red Jasper


The capacity of this stone to boost one’s physical strength and vigor is one of its many attractive qualities. In addition, because of its ability to improve mental clarity and attention, red jasper is an excellent choice for people who need to keep their mental faculties sharp. Find more about Red Jasper meaning and healing properties.

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Diamond is an excellent mineral because of its capacity to boost one’s physical strength and power. It also helps to enhance courage and tenacity, making it a fantastic choice for those who need a little more push to achieve their objectives.


How To Use The Crystals To Strengthen The Power?

Knowing how to harness the power of these beautiful stones can be a huge help when you need an additional boost of courage. The mere proximity of these stones sets off a cascade of positive energy, which then spreads across the cosmos.

  • Have your crystal close when you feel overwhelmed or unsure of your resolve. Physical attentive interaction with a stone, whether a worry stone or a crystal sphere, is an immediate soother.
  • Transform a situation’s energy or direction with a crystal grid to accelerate manifestation.
  • Make a conscious effort to keep strong and protected by wearing crystal jewelry.
  • Remove blockages and realign your chakras using crystals during chakra healing or reiki.


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