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Numerous applications can be found for using anxiety crystals. For example, if you want to bring relaxing energy into your house or bedroom, using a grid with crystals that help with anxiety is common.

Anxiety is a condition that affects every one of us at some point or another. However, your body and mind will have a higher chance of recovering when you use crystals for stress to alleviating your tension.

One’s mental, nervous, physical, and stress levels improve due to crystals for anxiety. These well-known stones have a unique ability to alleviate stress and spiritual obstructions.

Anxiety Crystals: 22 Crystals that Help with Anxiety

Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is the ultimate heart-healing crystal. Rose quartz will become your best buddy if you’re anxious because you put others’ needs first. Rose quartz is a calming gemstone that teaches self-care. If you’re apprehensive about prioritizing your needs or saying no to others, wear a rose quartz anklet to assist your self-love journey. Find more about Rose Quartz meaning and healing properties.

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Smoky Quartz

crystal-for-anxiety - smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is a brownish-gray quartz variety. The grounding vibration of a smoky quartz anklet may neutralize worry, fear, and sorrow that may have led to panic episodes after a loss. Smoky quartz is one of the most impressive gems for anxiety since it dispels unwelcome psychic attacks. Find more about Smoky Quartz meaning and healing properties.

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Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is an excellent stone for shielding you from the effects of bad energy and bringing emotional balance. It has such a high frequency that it can shield you from lower energies, provide psychological protection, ward off negative energy, and alleviate stress, anxiety, and concern. Find more about Tourmaline meaning and healing properties.

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Blue Lace Agate

This calming stone, sometimes known as the stone of peace, helps cope with stressful situations and worrying thoughts. It is recommended that you use blue lace agate both as a support crystal and a stone of courage. It is a relaxing gemstone that calms stress, improves mood, and eases tension, and blue lace agate is one such stone. Find more about Blue Lace Agate meaning and healing properties.

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crystals-for-anxiety- hematite

As a stone for grounding, hematite is excellent. It helps you maintain a sense of security in your life by working with your root chakra. As one of the anxiety crystals, hematite is to aid blood circulation and alleviates pain. Try wearing hematite as a necklace or keeping it in your pocket if you’re feeling worried or upset. Find more about Hematite meaning and healing properties.

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crystals-for-anxiety - fluorite

Create a Fluorite bracelet or add fluorite beads to your jewelry.

Fluorite is a well-known crystal that reduces stress and stimulates the mind. Using the power of the subconscious helps you let go of limiting ideas that prevent you from living the life you want. Just looking at the rainbow stone delivers a burst of happiness. Rainbow fluorite, a relaxing mineral, helps you relax and de-stress by releasing tense thoughts. Find more about Fluorite meaning and healing properties.

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Citrine’s radiant glow can break through the gloom of a rainy day. Yellow citrine is an excellent stone for promoting happiness and positivity. Citrine’s capacity to restore equilibrium to your emotions, give you confidence in your judgment, and keep you feeling warm are all helpful in dealing with worry. Clarity of thought, creativity, and enthusiasm can all be boosted by using this strong crystal. Find more about Citrine meaning and healing properties.

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The mild vibration of lepidolite makes it an ideal stone for working with the body’s emotional bodies. Stress, anxiety, sadness, and insomnia can all be alleviated by using them. So if you’re having trouble regulating your emotions, lessening your stress level, or getting a good night’s sleep, this stone can be of great assistance.

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Purple amethyst is a powerful healer and purifier because of its calming effect on the mind and body. This is the crystal you should have close at hand during times of stress. It removes negativity from our essence, but it also attracts relaxing energy to our surroundings. Amethyst is a great reliever gemstone to wear if you suffer from insomnia or nightmares. Find more about Amethyst meaning and healing properties.

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Lava Stone


The lava stone is a grounding gem for anxiety because it comes from the earth’s most energy location. Once it’s done, you’ll have the ability to channel your inner optimism because of the balance it gives you. Our faith provides us with the fortitude and strength we need to weather the storms of life. It helps us understand how to “bounce back” when things go wrong. Find more about Lava Stone meaning and healing properties.

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Selenite is a well-known crystal in the crystal world for its ability to help people relax. For centuries, selenite has been revered for its capacity to dissolve energy blockages, develop spiritual awareness, and enhance your metaphysical link with yourself. Anxiety and stress can be alleviated by using this stone. Find more about Selenite meaning and healing properties.

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Moonstones are excellent stones for those who feel anxious because they cannot see a way out of the dark. Anxiety causes metaphorical clouds to dissipate. Whenever you’re about to enter a setting that makes you anxious, carry a stone in your pocket or wear it as jewelry. As a guide, it’s preferable to carry it around with you. Find more about Moonstone meaning and healing properties.

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Tiger’s Eye


With its earthy tenderness and the golden band of hope, the tiger’s eye is always there to lend a helping hand when you’re overwhelmed. Tiger’s eye is a natural remedy for calming anxiety and phobias. Your intellect will sharpen and become more prone to action as you relax your muscles. Find more about Tiger Eye meaning and healing properties.

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Kyanite is a spiritual quick-fix. The color baby blue has the power to instantaneously calm a racing heart and leave you feeling gentle, at ease, and ready to take on the world. Kyanite encourages profound connections, faithfulness, camaraderie, and soft and compassionate communication that does not slip into people-pleasing tendencies.  Find more about Kyanite meaning and healing properties.

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Kunzite, the “stone of serenity,” reduces tension and concern. This stone helps with meditation, spiritual awakening, and connecting to one’s higher self. It also helps reveal hidden facts and improve psychic abilities. This gorgeous stone is excellent for developing spiritual awareness and uniting with one’s higher self, reducing tension and anxiety, and encouraging inner tranquility. Find more about Kunzite meaning and healing properties.

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Clear Quartz


This is one of the best gemstones in terms of healing and calming anxiousness. Clear quartz can provide a deep sense of calm for those going through tough times. When you’re agitated, it can help you maintain your composure and focus. Healing and meditation with clear quartz are popular uses for this stone. Find more about White Quartz meaning and healing properties.

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Take sodalite with you at all times if a stressful situation calls for you to keep your cool. Anxiety or panic can make your thoughts race, and sodalite can help slow it down. As the stone of tranquillity, it can help you maintain your composure even in the most stressful circumstances. You’ll feel better after listening to these calming jewels. Find more about Sodalite meaning and healing properties.

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Carry a turquoise stone with you when you’re feeling low. Anxiety and sadness are soothed by it. Holding a turquoise might help you relax when you’re feeling tense. Seek solace and understanding by giving your day a lift with the help of turquoise. Work with nature to promote inner healing. Become more compassionate and empathic. The calming nature of this stone aids in concentration and mental clarity. Find more about Turquoise meaning and healing properties.

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There’s no better remedy for a tense body and an anxious mind than amazonite. Using this beautiful stone, you’ll be able to make judgments based on love rather than fear. To bring about peace, we can use amazonite aids to communicate our actual thoughts and feelings from a different perspective. Patients may experience a placebo effect when having crystal healing treatment. Find more about Amazonite meaning and healing properties.

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Morganite’s loving energy is magical. This pleasant and soft stone will restore your Zen-like character if you suffer from heart palpitations or energy peaks and valleys. This gemstone inspires the knowledge that life’s hardship and anguish serve a higher purpose in our spiritual growth and can be a stimulus for going forward in serenity and confidence. Find more about Morganite meaning and healing properties.

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crystals for anxiety - aquamarine

Aquamarine embodies these meanings as a symbol of the sea and Heaven’s reflection in the water. An ever-repeating mirror allows us to discern the hidden meanings of reality. Use this gem to bring your focus back to where it belongs and allow its calming effects to wash over you if you’re constantly distracted. Find more about Aquamarine meaning and healing properties.

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Black Agate


Stress, tension, and worry are all eased with black agate. This is an excellent crystal for protecting against psychic attacks, relieving stress, and calming the mind. This gem promotes peace, harmony, and protection by counteracting both positive and negative energy during challenging times. Find more about Agate meaning and healing properties.

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Utilizing Crystals for Stress: How to Use the Healing Crystals for Anxiety?

Using crystals allows you to tap into your energy centers most efficiently. In addition, these gems alleviate fear, worry, and anxiety, as is a lack of emotional equilibrium and difficulty verbalizing one’s thoughts.

  • If you take an anti-anxiety medicine, crystals for stress can help reduce tension. In addition, new beginnings for stress management can be achieved via crystals and spiritual practices.
  • Place crystals that help with anxiety in a grid surrounding your bed or workstation and across your home or workplace. The above stones can be used in any combination for this purpose.
  • Anxiety crystals enable us to interact with our sentiments from a different perspective to achieve peace. But unfortunately, patients may experience a placebo effect when having crystal healing treatment.


crystals for anxiety and stess


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