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Grief is a common emotional reaction that many people go through. The most delicate crystals for grief might assist you if you struggle with grief. Crystals for grieving have been utilized to give comfort and healing to humans for thousands of years.

When someone is grieving, they may experience feelings of emptiness and melancholy. So when you’re going through a challenging moment, the grief crystals can come in handy. Since the dawn of time, they’ve been used as enchantments, pendants, and holy artifacts.

There are a variety of crystals that can help deal with grief, but we’ll focus on the 20 best crystals for grief. These stones can help you deal with the physical, intellectual, spiritual, and metaphysical challenges of grieving and losing a loved one.


20 Grief Crystals: Crystals for Grieving

Rose Quartz


Anxiety can be alleviated by using rose quartz. It is a pink healing stone known as rose quartz. Bereavement can be a lonely time, but rose quartz may help you feel less isolated. The rose quartz informs you that the universe’s unconditional love is there for you even when you’re alone. As you mourn, you will learn to love and accept yourself more. Find more about Rose Quartz meaning and healing properties.

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Smoky Quartz


Angry outbursts are common in the second stage of grief. Smoky quartz may assist you in identifying what’s causing you to become enraged. As a result, you’ll be more likely to express your frustration in healthy ways. In addition, emotions are soothed by smoky quartz, a potent grounding stone. It is said that smoky quartz aids in overcoming the pessimism, depression, and despair associated with grief. Find more about Smoky Quartz meaning and healing properties.

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To remind oneself to keep pushing forward, carry lepidolite in your pocket. Emotional healing and soothing can be found in lepidolite during times of grief. Lepidolite, which helps to open the heart chakra, can also alleviate feelings of rage or fear. Additionally, lepidolite can dispel negativity and aid in the release of repressed emotions such as anxiety or despair. Lithium, which has a soothing effect, is found in this gorgeous purple crystal.

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Visualize the loving energy from the pink kunzite pouring through your skin and into your heart. It has a beautiful pink to violet color and calm and loving energy, making it a good stone for mourning related to a love relationship, such as a breakup or the death of a long-term partner. Since it emanates the energy of unconditional love and compassion, pink kunzite aids in the processing of emotions when dealing with the sadness caused by loss. Find more about Kunzite meaning and healing properties.

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Black Onyx


Black onyx helps us release the past and move forward. This gem gives you closure after a loss and protects you from negativity. It can absorb emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual toxicity, helping us to let go and move forward with confidence. Black Onyx helps us think positively and feel better. This stone stimulates the root and throat chakra, boosting psychic powers during the conflict. Find more about Black Onyx meaning and healing properties.

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Amethyst promotes tranquility, patience, and comfort after loss. It helps you stay calm in challenging situations, reducing tension and anxiety. This gemstone can reduce grief-related headaches by soothing emotions and reducing negative energy. In addition, this stone promotes good health by helping you give up destructive behaviors like smoking or consuming too much alcohol. Find more about Amethyst meaning and healing properties.

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Carnelian stone balances enormous energy and is beneficial for grieving. It’s a pale yellow to deep red variation of orange chalcedony quartz. It reduces grief-related dread and anxiety by boosting courage, resolve, and willpower. This crystal promotes inner positivity, helping you move forward. They help you to avoid negative emotions despite life’s challenges. Find more about Carnelian meaning and healing properties.

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Rhodonite purifies destructive emotions like wrath or resentment, delaying healing after divorce or death of a spouse, friend, etc. This crystal symbolizes love and friendship; it can create loving relationships after a death or divorce. This stone helps people overcome grief by restoring hope and optimism for the future. It’s an excellent stone to wear when grieving since it balances emotions and boosts self-worth and compassion. Find more about Rhodonite meaning and healing properties.

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It might help you see the bright side of a divorce or death, which can bring closure.

Pyrite is a good-luck stone because it attracts positive energy and repels negative influences that may delay recovery. It’s worn in times of turmoil to make tough decisions and through mourning. The stone of unconditional love helps you let go of wrath and bitterness.

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Green Aventurine


Green aventurine is a beautiful stone for grief because it is a heart chakra stone. They soothe and protect you while they work on your heart chakra. They also instill a spirit of perseverance, which is crucial when dealing with grief and adversity. An additional benefit of green aventurine is its potential to enhance your well-being and surround you with a soothing vibe. Find more about Green Aventurine meaning and healing properties.

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Apache Tears

For individuals who are still lamenting the loss of a loved one, Apache tears can be a great help. The Apache Tribe of the First Nation gave this gem its meaning. The calm vibrations of Apache tears shield you from spiritual threats. This crystal helps you process your grief and regulate your emotions by drawing out and absorbing your pressure, tension, and negative feelings.

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Clear Quartz

crystals for grief -clear quartz necklace

Clear quartz is the most well-known and universally beneficial in healing crystals. Those wearing this crystal can amplify, absorb, and renew the energy from themselves and other crystals they encounter. As a result, those who wear this stone will experience an increase in their overall sense of well-being, including physical, mental, and emotional. Find more about White Quartz meaning and healing properties.

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Moonstone fosters new beginnings in the final stage of grieving. Accepting what happened lets, you go on. Moonstone can help ease the numbness that comes with loss. Moonstone is a stone of transformation and a springboard for fresh beginnings—this gem eases grief-related shock and terror. It is a grieving gemstone of new beginnings and sorrow. White Moonstone is a calming stone for people prone to emotional turbulence. Find more about Moonstone meaning and healing properties.

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It’s a beautiful stone for dealing with grief: blue-green amazonite. When you need to allow healing and restore your energy, use amazonite. One of the most relaxing stones is amazonite, which helps us better deal with stress. It helps you express and release your emotions healthily and therapeutically by balancing and mending the Heart Chakra. Find more about Amazonite meaning and healing properties.

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Fire Opal

When we rely on instincts, we have better intuition and can make better decisions. Protection from danger and empowerment in removing ourselves from circumstances of injustice or cruelty are both provided by the fire opal gemstone. In addition, it encourages us to be more cheerful, outgoing, and confident in our social interactions. Find more about Fire Opal meaning and healing properties.

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Pink Opal

Pink Opal, like amethyst, has a relaxing effect and helps relieve tension and anxiety. If you’re striving to come to terms with the loss of a loved one or are trapped in the denial stage, explore the healing effects of pink opal. It’s vital to consider that no two people go through the mourning process the same way and that everyone’s time in the phases of grief is unique. Find more about Opal meaning and healing properties.

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 Sugilite promotes calmness, serenity, and psychological and spiritual healing as a healing stone. When your heart races and you feel your chest will burst from the pressure of longing and loss, this is the perfect companion. This jewel wants what is suitable for itself, even if that means you have to face the harsh realities of life.

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Fossilized wood from old trees forms a beautiful black jet. With the jet gemstone, you can stay in touch with your loved ones no matter where you are. Regardless of whether or not a person is physically present, we are all connected. Additionally, jet aids in overcoming any apprehensions and gradually adapting to change. Find more about Jet meaning and healing properties.

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Peachy-pink sunstone has a calming effect on the mind and body. If you’re feeling pessimistic about the state of the world and your future, give sunstone a shot. It helps to clear your chakras during difficult times. It would help if you tried it out to improve your spirits and put you in a more cheerful mindset. Find more about Sunstone meaning and healing properties.

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Mangano Calcite

Mangano calcite is a stone of comfort in times of sorrow. Mangano calcite promotes a spirit of reconciliation. Forgiveness may be necessary if your pain results from someone else’s actions. Keeping a grudge against someone can only make you feel worse in the long run, not make things better for them. Mangano calcite can help you let go of whatever hatred you have in your heart to process and be entirely free of your sadness.

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How To Use the Grief Crystals?

  • Meditation is an excellent method to relax and focus on yourself. This will help you heal and find peace.
  • Self-care is often neglected during grieving. Use elixirs to help you through this difficult time.
  • Align yourself with grief crystals. You can put them anyplace you spend time: bedroom, automobile, living room. This helps you and everyone else there.
  • Placing your crystals as jewelry charms keeps them in your energy field.
  • Self-love bath rituals help relieve tension and heartache.
  • Grief crystal grids can help you sleep. During this sensitive time, stick to one or two varieties of stones.
  • Try rubbing beads and stones for grief to alleviate grief-related anxiety. This reduces negative thinking and calms you down.


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