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Pectolite or the larimar crystal is commonly found in basaltic rocks (in the veins) and is also associated with zeolites—miners source larimar primarily from limestone-rich metamorphic rocks.

Because of the mineral’s often transparent appearance, it gets its name from the Greek word pektos, which means “congealed.” Larimar is a combination of the words Lari (short for “Larissa”) and mar (sea) in Spanish. This blue pectolite variant was discovered in the Dominican Republic in 1974 by Norman Rilling and Miguel Méndez. Méndez’s eldest was named Larissa.


What is Larimar Stone?

Larimar is most used in jewelry, but it has also been employed to create beads, decorative objects, and even cabinet knobs.

Larimar is a healing stone that should ideally match the human body, especially the throat. It is supposed to improve speech and communication abilities while assisting the body’s natural healing process. People who believe in the mystic powers of larimar wear larimar jewelry, carry larimar gems in their pockets or sleep with larimar on their pillows.

Where is Larimar Stone From?

Larimar, also known as blue pectolite, is a unique gemstone. But unfortunately, it has only been discovered in one location: a mountainous, remote spot in the Dominican Republic’s Barahona province. The stone has initially mentioned in a mining request to mine Larimar in 1916, but it wasn’t until 1974 that it became widely known.

Most small chunks of larimar are in situ, which means they still exist where they formed. Some sections, however, broke off due to soil erosion and were washed down the slopes of the hillsides to rivers by rains.

They were deposited in the Caribbean Sea by the river, with some sections being washed up on the beach by the waves.

Hot gases drive crystallized minerals up via volcanic ‘tubes,’ forming the stone. Stone miners must identify these tubes and dig deeper and deeper into old volcanoes to mine and excavate.

Because a spiritual master who resided in Trinidad and Tobago and created many yoga centers worldwide claimed that various Caribbean islands, including the Dominican Republic, were part of Atlantis. The gem is also called the Atlantis Stone.

He predicted that on one of those islands, a blue stone with healing properties would be discovered — a description that fits larimar perfectly.

As a result, thousands of people, including naturalists and those who practice alternative and holistic treatment methods, use larimar to aid and reinforce healing processes today.

The stunning blue tint of larimar is frequently said to represent the beautiful blue tones of the sea and sky seen in the Caribbean. Therefore, it is a Caribbean gem because of its origin and looks.



Larimar Stone Meaning

Larimar is thought to enlighten and heal on all levels, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It promotes inner wisdom and outer manifestation by stimulating the heart, crown, throat, and third eye chakras. It radiates healing and love energies and represents calm and clarity. Larimar is a potent healing gem suitable for anxious persons. Individuals suffering from panic attacks, imbalances rooted in stress and phobias, plus excessive anger or fear will benefit from larimar.

They also claim that it helps to tear down the protective walls that have been erected around the heart, allowing for emotional release and the purging of deep emotional patterns. It assists in returning to a more natural state of playfulness and happy childish energy. Larimar is said to help us see things from a different perspective; it softens, enlightens, and heals all levels of existence.

It symbolizes serenity and clarity that emanates healing and love energy. It is suggested for persons who are under a lot of stress. It is thought to be a stone of healing.

Larimar powers the throat chakra, enabling the person an improved capacity to communicate and the emotional fortitude and stability needed to speak from the heart. In addition, it promotes a sense of self-assurance and awareness of one’s abilities.

Larimar has several advantages, one of which is relaxation. It calms the emotional body, allowing unwanted attachments to be released and stress to be relieved. When wearing the stone, one feels engulfed in a tranquil oasis, always conscious of the world’s core ‘all-rightness,’ regardless of changing circumstances. Larimar can calm a raging temper and channel excess passion into tranquility.

Larimar can help one see and break unhealthy inner ties to other persons or principles that do not suit one’s ultimate good in meditation. Placing Larimar stones in one’s house or workplace will create a relaxing and peaceful environment. Using the stone as a pendant or in a laying-on-the-stones treatment on the throat chakra will assist in releasing the voice of one’s most profound wisdom.


Larimar Stone Healing Properties

What are larimar properties?

If you are fortunate enough to possess a Larimar stone with solid color contrast personally, you must keep it protected and out of direct sunlight. Because of its oceanic properties, larimar is also known as the Atlantis Stone. It’s a great healing gem if you’re seeking to harness the power of water or tap into the ancient spirit of a civilization like the mythological Atlantis.

It takes a long time to fully comprehend a gemstone’s “personality”; thus, interactions with it are valuable. Discover traits of your gems at home by frequently using them.

Larimar is a delicate crystal that can help you rest and unwind. It’s a common choice for a “worry stone,” a smooth polished stone held in hand and massaged with the thumb as a traditional remedy for anxiety. Because of its connection to the element of water, which governs our emotions, larimar is an excellent stone for all stress-related problems and imbalances.

Examples of anxieties are emotional concerns, relationship anxiety, social anxiety, guilt, and anxiety induced by constantly thinking of unpleasant thoughts.

It is linked to the throat chakra, which is the communication chakra. It makes it much easier to communicate about emotional and fear-based difficulties and promotes confidence in speaking about them. In addition, it has an emotional healing effect that can help you overcome self-destructive behaviors.

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How to Cleanse Larimar Stone?

Larimar is also said to have healing properties, and many people wear it as jewelry. If you have a piece of larimar jewelry, you may want to cleanse the stone from time to time. There are a few different ways that you can do this.

One way is to put the stone in a bowl of saltwater and let it soak for 24 hours. Another way is to bury the stone in the ground overnight. You can also put the stone in direct sunlight for a few hours. After you have cleansed the stone, it is important to charge it with positive energy. You can do this by holding the stone in your hand and Visualizing the white light surrounding it. You can also put the stone on a bed of salt for an hour or so. Cleanse your Larimar stone as often as you feel necessary.




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