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Tiger’s eye stone meaning has always been a point of curiosity for many folks who are just getting to know energy healing. Along with sapphire, onyx, jade, amethyst, and other popular stones, the meaning of Tiger’s eye has definitely piqued the curiosity of many people because of the gemstone’s seemingly dark past. But then again, much of what is believed of Tiger’s eye is false when the information states that Tiger’s eye causes any kind of harm or bad luck. In reality, the true Tiger’s eye stone meaning is wrapped in nothing but positivity, and we’re here to share that with you.

The True Meaning of Tiger’s Eye

The meaning of Tiger’s eye has been shrouded in mystery until now, where we uncover its properties and secrets for those interested in trying energy healing for the first time.

The Tiger’s eye is classified as a powerful “power crystal” and ward of protection, and it has the best associations with the elements and the planets, too. Firmly grounded to the Earth (planet) and the three elements (Fire, Air, Earth) depending on the color of the Tiger’s eye, this gemstone demonstrates the best of affirmative-oriented gemstones and protective wards.

A person who becomes attuned to the multiple vibrational frequencies of the Tiger’s eye becomes more capable of zeroing in on their excess energies and removing these from their system.

They are able to do this because as a protective ward, the Tiger’s eye’s connection to the Earth allows it to become both a defense against negative energies and a way to protect oneself from energy imbalances as a result of absorbing different energies from people. Tiger’s eye allows people to release these harmful energies.

The spiritual framework of humans allows us to transmit and receive energies from the Universe and from all around us. The problem with this capacity is that if you have a lot of toxic or negative people around you, you will also end up absorbing their negativity.

Unfortunately, without active energy cleansing and without the help of mystical tools like healing gemstones, it can be difficult to get rid of said energies. The negativity can linger in your spiritual system for a long time, wreaking havoc in your life.

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How Tiger’s Eye Helps People

Abosrb Negativity

As mentioned, Tiger’s eye is a cleansing stone, so what it essentially does is it routes negativity and transforms that into neutral vibrations that can be discarded by your system. In a very practical sense, this can help anyone who has struggled from having absorbed negativity from other people.

Let’s say that you have always wanted to start a powerful creative pursuit in life, but all the negativity that you have absorbed before from people around you has bred fear, insecurities, lack of confidence, and so many other ill things in your life. What do you do then? You use a Tiger’s eye hold it, and perform an intention through it.

Overcome Fears and Anxieties

The Tiger’s eye will take care of the rest. It will latch on to vibrational energies that are preventing you from being an action-oriented person, and it will also bless you with the courage and mental fortitude to overcome all those fears and anxieties.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been anxious, depressed, or fearful of the present or the future. By changing the very energies that allow you to engage with physical reality, you will be able to pave the way for a better life that is not held down by these negativities.

So whenever you are feeling tired and fatigued, or anxious and stressed from the world at large, simply hold your Tiger’s eye and draw personal power from it.

The same applies to situations where you feel that you feel that you are being overcome by toxic emotions or thoughts that have been triggered by your exposure to equally toxic people. It’s not your fault, however, if you can remedy your mindset through energy cleansing and warding, then it’s obvious what needs to be done the soonest possible time.

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Pose the Universe Some Questions

This is one of the best ways to discover the true meaning of the Tiger’s eye, as well as its power to change people’s lives. If you have ever wanted to be more than what you are now by pursuing dreams and actions that you were too afraid to pursue before, it’s time to put the Tiger’s eye to the test.

Everyone wants assurance of some sort when they are trying something new, or unfamiliar. The best possible venue for such reassurances is by routing your questions and concerns to the Universe itself.

Remember: in the context of the spiritual realm, the Universe, or the Source is the highest source of wisdom and knowledge.

Therefore, it only makes sense that you direct your most important questions in life to the Source. You will receive a response from the Source through various channels – your Tiger’s eye will help you become more attuned to the vibrational frequencies of the Source itself.

The answers may come through lucid dreaming, through numerology, through your exploits in astral projection. It may even appear when you are engaged in meditation and creative visualization. Whatever the possible route may be, just make sure that your mind is open and that you are ready to actually receive the answers that you seek. It is also important for people to never be afraid of the answers that the Universe gives them because the totality of creation is always wiser and more knowledgeable than a single, open spirit.

The great thing about all of this is that when you feel that you need a bit more help with being aligned with your spiritual self, you can always combine different gemstones to amplify your spiritual energies. Whatever your other spiritual adventures may be, always remember that you need to keep yourself grounded and far away from people who cause negativity. Enjoy and let your life bloom with crystal healing.