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According to Plato and Aristotle, there are four essential elements in nature: fire, earth, water, and air. Although these elements were not only found in nature, the ancient Greeks believed that the four temperaments—composed of choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic, and sanguine were linked to the four elements stones in their respective crystal element.

Ancient Chinese civilization believed that there were five elements in nature, not four. Wuxing, or the Five Phases, refers to the five elements of fire, water, wood, metal, and earth. However, these are now reduced to just four: fire, water, air, and earth, according to modern classifications of matter.

Crystals were used by magicians, apothecaries, and enlightened beings of the past to connect them to the four fundamental components of nature. But unfortunately, the great majority of crystals, stones, and minerals can’t be easily linked to these elements at this time.

The elements may largely shape a civilization’s culture, philosophy, or heritage. When it comes to Feng Shui, the primary five elements are metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. There are many ways to improve our health, money, love, and fortune by using Feng Shui’s aspects in our environment and the natural space.

Earth, air, fire, and water are the most well-known energy elements. Therefore, crystals that correlate to the four elements might boost your meditation and/or energetic work if you use them regularly.

Crystals and the Four Elements

Air Element

Because the heart’s chakra is associated with the element of air, how we express ourselves and interact with others is extremely important. A daily grounding practice or air-resonant crystals can be used to bring it back into equilibrium. Add Angelite, blue apatite, blue calcite, celestite, and fluorite to your smudging ritual.

Air Element Crystals

1.Angel Aura Quartz

The spectral color of this gemstone is one of joy and hope for those who use it. Metaphysically, it can energize the soul and boost your spirits. It can also detoxify and harmonize your chakras.

Air and the spiritual realm are intimately associated with the angel aura quartz gemstone. The hues of the angels’ wings are reflected in it, indicating an energetic connection to the celestial realm. Stone of connection to beauty, it is also.

The significance of this quartz variant is to bring to light the beauty of your connection to other people. It restores your trust in humanity, reawakens your sense of wonder, and motivates you to do your part for the good of all. Find more about

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2. Angelite


Our higher perception and mental acuity are enhanced when we meditate with this air gemstone. This enables us to not only recognize subtle spiritual signals but also to understand their significance.

If you want to enhance your air element, use Angelite’s healing properties. Since it belongs to the air element, Angelite strongly affects the mind. As a result, the gem is highly regarded among those who cherish and wish to spread wisdom.

In addition to increasing our mental abilities, Angelite has other advantages. We only use a small portion of our brains, which is well-documented. The healing powers of Angelite allow us to open our minds and access previously inaccessible parts of ourselves.

Find more about Angelite meaning and healing properties.

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3. Celestite

As a purifying stone, celestite also purifies the environment it is put. It alleviates anxiety and provides a positive outlook on life.

Celestite, like other air-element crystals, boosts mental power. In addition, one’s psychic abilities are enhanced because of this practice.

The tranquility and peace that celestite brings to your meditation room make it an excellent choice for prepping the area. For people new to crystal meditation, celestite is the most incredible first stone to use. Find more about Celestite meaning and healing properties.

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4. Danburite

As a colorless prism mineral prized for its delicious vibration, danburite is primarily a gem collector’s item. However, it has glimmering love energy that calms and soothes you, allowing your light to shine brighter.

As a stone of the element air, danburite emits a beautiful and heavenly vibration. Encouraging you and enhancing your memory motivates you to think beyond the box and become a leader.

Relaxing and pleasant danburite healing effects can be found in its mineral content. With the stone in your hand, meditation becomes a more profound experience because of the ability to let go of your anxieties.


5. Jasper


It’s not just the recipient who can benefit from the gift’s calming joy and inspiring inspiration. Instead of being a source of pain and suffering for others, jaspers help you be one.

It is said that the jasper stone can help restore harmony to the chakras and bring you back into association with yourself and the rest of creation. So you can use a jasper stone to help you center yourself if you’re feeling a little out of sorts.

Using a jasper mala or jasper rosary beads is one way to access jasper’s advantages. You should chant your mantra and state your purpose aloud to create a goal.

Find out more about Jasper meaning and healing properties.

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6. Rainbow Obsidian

This air gemstone is a fascinating black stone that reflects the entire spectrum of the sky’s hues. For example, Rainbow obsidian reveals a rainbow of usually hidden hues when the rock is exposed to the sun’s rays.

Rainbow obsidian links to all four elements because of its incredible range of color. Crystals have a solid connection to the elements, and these elements typically influence their abilities.

The number one is assigned for this gemstone, all about a desire to succeed and be your person. Growth and fresh beginnings are likely to occur when this frequency is used. Find more about Rainbow meaning and healing properties.

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7. Serpentine

You can use this air gemstone to unblock and rebalance all of your chakras using this gemstone. Use this to re-energize your life and spirit with a revitalized sense of purpose.

The serpentine gemstone, linked to Kundalini energy, provides a burst of energy, wisdom, and enlightenment. Because of this, it has a great affinity with the air element.

Serpentine is a powerful crystal that can be incorporated into your daily life through numerous rituals and jewelry. Recharge your spirit, mind, and inner body with a serpentine tumbling stone.


8. Shungite

People have been using Shungite for millennia because of its remarkable therapeutic properties. This striking crystal can be found in either a matte black or a dark grey with a silvery shine with its mysterious attraction.

Remove creative blockages and connect with your spiritual side using Shungite healing powers. In addition, the ingredient of air contributes to the same degree of mental clarity.

Allow the Shungite gemstone to bask in the rays of our solar system’s brightest star by leaving it out at dusk or dawn. Instead, you can set it under a patch of moonlight and let Luna’s kind gaze watch it nightly.

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9. Sugilite

People who want to increase their telepathic and clairvoyant abilities can benefit from sugilite. As a result, sugilite enhances one’s ability to draw energy from the cosmos and bring it back to earth.

A stone called sugilite is a safeguarding air stone for those who journey to other worlds of spirituality. It’s also a gemstone that helps you open up to others and improves your communication skills.

Before you go to sleep, lay a sugilite stone on your third eye. Achieving lucid dreaming through this ceremony will allow you to do significant dreamwork, such as dream healing.

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10. Tanzanite

air-element-crystals tanzanite

Our spiritual past, past lifetimes, and Akashic records can be accessed using tanzanite. Likewise, this method can better understand our present crisis, anxieties, and relationships.

The healing powers of tanzanite resonate with air. Air’s capabilities can be harnessed by using tanzanite’s energy, which enhances our ability to think creatively and imaginatively and our ability to remember, comprehend, communicate, and have intuition.

Tanzanite jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces, can help people reach their most significant potential. It’s also good to wear these when fighting with loved ones.

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Air Elemental Crystals Related to Zodiac:

This is a crucial element that controls conversation and logic, representing mental clarity. This element also contains the orientation of the East, which is the direction from which the sun rises every morning. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the zodiac signs that connect to this element. The air element can be used to counteract the adverse effects of the element of water.


Earth Element

This cosmos is made up of the physical and material aspects of ourselves and our surroundings and possessions, daily activities, and our vocations. Black tourmaline and garnet are among the crystals on this list, including hematite, petrified wood, stromatolite, mookaite jasper, and tree agate.

Earth Element Crystals

1. Black Agate

The mild healing powers of this stone may be able to help you deal with some long-term troubles. In turmoil, this elemental earth stone serves as a stabilizing stone. Using black agate individuals, situations, and activities that deplete your vitality and generate anxiety can be protected you from harmful vibrations. In addition, centering and aligning your chakras is made easier with this earth crystal, which brings your positively and negatively charged energy into harmony. Find more about Black Agate meaning and healing properties.

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2. Black Tourmaline


Healing stones, this stone is an effective cleanser of energy. When negative energy is blocked, it is transformed into positive energy. It also functions as a potent anchoring stone, protecting you while traveling on your spiritual path.

Black tourmaline is supposed to purify and cleanse the emotional body of bad ideas, anxiety, and feelings of worthlessness. Employees in vast office settings benefit from the stone’s earth element, which calms unrest and gives them a keen business sense while also opening their minds to new possibilities. Find more about Black Tourmaline meaning and healing properties.

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3. Emerald


The emerald stone brings fidelity, maturity, and deepening bonds in romantic and platonic relationships. As we board on a voyage of self-discovery, its ability to enhance mental clarity provides us with a better emotional awareness of ourselves. When Emerald’s energy is present, a team’s harmony, performance, and innovation are enhanced.

Earth’s calming effects are related to the significance of this gemstone. Developing emotional maturity is essential to achieving a condition of serenity and healing, and Emerald’s healing powers do just that. Find more about Emerald meaning and healing properties.

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4. Green Jade


Ritual leaders have used this stone for generations to pass on their knowledge of rituals. Likewise, people use green jade to check their impulses and attitudes. Aside from helping you grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually, earth element stones and crystals are also recognized. Since they relate with the fostering energies of Mother Nature at a profound level, darker green jades are incredibly potent in promoting growth. Find more about Jade meaning and healing prooperties.

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5. Hematite

Since its inception, the use of hematite gemstone has been grounded in the spiritual realms. The Hematite gemstone is a powerful guardian and guides those who wish to journey into the etheric worlds. It serves as a foundation for our daily lives, bringing our spiritual energy to the center. The allegory of this gemstone may be traced back to the earth element. Gaia’s earth is the cradle of all life—each organism’s roots can be traced here. Find more about Hematite meaning and healing properties.

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6. Mahogany Obsidian

Beautiful patterns adorn this jet black and red brownstone known as mahogany obsidian. A naturally occurring volcanic glass is generated when the lava cools quickly. Good fortune and financial success are sure to follow with these revitalizing energies at your disposal. This stone provides a conduit for earth energies, the most important of which is the element of grounding. This gemstone protects you against damage from the outside world.


7. Moss Agate


As a gardener’s stone, moss agate is a popular choice for those who cultivate the land. Other agates vibrate more slowly and at lower frequencies than this one. The stabilizing and strengthening energy and influence of this stone, despite its flaws, make it a top pick.

In addition to clearing one’s energy, moss agate can also help purify the power of a place or surroundings. It alleviates tension and deep-seated concerns by providing a sense of belonging and security. This practice bolsters stability and positive attributes like the capacity to get along with others.

Find more about Moss Agate meaning and healing properties.

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8. Red Tiger’s Eye

This variant is an extremely rare gemstone, unlike the classic tiger’s eye. As a result, it aids in the fight against fatigue and serves as a source of inspiration when facing difficulties. The Red Tiger Eye’s spiritual energy enhances the vibrations of your life, increasing your experiences and your manner of living. The gemstone helps you achieve a sense of equilibrium in your energy field and opens you up to receiving love without conditions. Find more about Red Tiger’s Eye meaning and healing properties.

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9. Turquoise

An opaque, blue-green gemstone, turquoise has a calming and healing effect on the wearer. It looks like it was chiseled from the heavens, with its unusual hue of blue. Turquoise has a healing and purifying effect on the chakras and the physical body. Your ability to notice both the positive and negative parts of yourself is boosted by this gemstone.

As a piece of jewelry, it represents a guarantee of loyalty and security to your companion. It makes sure you and your buddies are still the best friends, even under challenging circumstances. Moreover, it ensures that your connection will continue to be filled with extraordinary love energies. Find more about Turquoise meaning and healing properties.

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10. Unakite

Unakite Crystal Necklace

The Higher Heart, which unites us to the divine and selfless acceptance, is tapped by unakite, which enhances our emotional and spiritual experiences. As a result, we better understand our past and present lives, and we are more equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs. Unakite’s healing powers are centered, stabilized, and grounded because it is an earth crystal. In difficult times, this gemstone provides us with a sense of calm so that we may continue on our journey without being swayed by our own emotions.

Having unakite in our lives offers us a spiritual and emotional anchor that shields us from chaotic actions and urges. Wearing or preserving a piece of unakite jewelry can guarantee that our efforts pay off. Find more about Unakite meaning and healing properties.

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Earth Elemental Crystals Related to Zodiac:

Ancestral wisdom and a strong sense of self-worth can be found in the North, represented by the earth’s northern position. When it comes to zodiac signs, the world is symbolized by the animals of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Working with the earth’s elements helps to counterbalance fire’s influence.


Fire Element

In the world, fire is a symbol of the way we express our creativity and desires. To pursue the things we love and achieve our dreams, we need a fire in the belly to keep going. On a more mundane level, this element is all about how we give and receive warmth, passion, self-assurance, and daring. You can exude the fire element into your life with amber, candle quartz, carnelian, citrine, fire agate, ruby, sardonyx, and sunstone.

Fire Element Crystals

1. Amber


This exquisite gemstone has long been examined and used due to its unique qualities. Amber is a rare gemstone found in various hues, from a pale yellow to deep red-orange. Many causes have made it a part of people’s lives, including a fashion accessory. In addition, it protects you against negative energy and purges your life and relationships of poison.

In addition to boosting your vitality and vigor, this gemstone’s connection to the fire element can shield you against psychic attacks, increase your will, and help you purify yourself and your surroundings. Find more about Amber meaning and healing properties.

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2. Aragonite

If you’re struggling to accept yourself, these crystals are for you. Aragonite crystals are ideal for letting go of control if you have difficulty letting go and submitting to the flow of the cosmos. It’s suitable for unwinding because of its inherent ability to stabilize and center you in the face of fluctuating energies. People who have this stone develop an appreciation for the healing power of nature. Use this to connect with the world’s warmth more profoundly.


3. Carnelian


Also known as the singer’s stone, carnelian is supposed to boost the confidence of those who are shy in front of an audience, allowing them to express themselves more freely and confidently. Since they’re orange, carnelian gemstones can convey genuine happiness and warmth that is empowering, too.

As well as enhancing one’s self-esteem and promoting creativity, it is also utilized for these purposes. The color of the carnelian reveals that it is a stone of fire. Carnelians are said to energize, revitalize, and excite you, while other fire crystals do the same. When you have the bravery to step up and be a leader, you have the energy to do so.

Find more about Carnelian meaning and healing properties.

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4. Citrine


This fire gemstone is another gem that possesses such a fiery brilliance. When selecting an engagement ring color, citrine is a popular choice. This gemstone is one of the rarest fire-colored gemstones. Citrine is prized not only for its beauty but also for the symbolic message it conveys. Wealth can be attracted and maintained by citrine, according to folklore. Wearing a citrine jewelry piece will alleviate your difficulties, so invest in one today.

Find more about Citrine meaning and healing properties.

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5. Lava Stone

Its volcanic characteristics enkindle a flame within you that propels you to new heights. The lava stone acts as a catalyst in all of its therapeutic properties. This gemstone can help you keep your feet firmly on the ground and appraise the issue when confronted with adversity. While going through different periods of life, its grounding characteristics might be very beneficial. Stability is provided by the gemstone, which aids you in navigating and transitioning through times of change.

Find more about Lava Stone meaning and healing properties.

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6. Morganite


In addition to its stunning light pink to pinkish peach color, this gemstone complements any rose gold jewelry. Compassion, love, and healing are at the heart of morganite’s symbolism, and they are all essential components of a successful marriage. In addition to evoking feelings of euphoria, the stone has a calming effect—a feeling of serenity, happiness, and a deep sense of the presence of God’s love. Fire is a fantastic phenomenon because it can produce something from nothing while also having the capacity to cause significant damage. As a result, morganite is associated with the elements of fire and water.

Find more about Morganite Crystal.

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7. Ruby

Ruby is one of the most lovely gems known to collectors. As far as fire gemstones are concerned, it’s safe to say this is the most popular choice. Besides being a symbol of heat, ruby is also a popular choice for love jewelry. When it comes to love, nothing ignites passion like a ruby. A ruby’s primary function is to ensure that the wearer receives adequate life force, but it also plays an essential part in enhancing romance.

Find more about Ruby meaning and healing properties.

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8. Sunstone


It’s been dubbed the “jewelry that brings life to everything” because of its radiant composition. This significant stone is sometimes referred to as a cheerful stone, a message to love oneself so that you can better serve the world around you. Those in positions of authority should possess this stone. People think that the sunstone bestows wisdom upon the leader, enabling him to make sound judgments about his course of action and the best course of action for his people. Find more about Sunstone meaning and healing properties.

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9. Tangerine Quartz

As a potent gemstone, tangerine quartz represents life’s inherent spirit. Emotional attachments are especially well-served by the gorgeous tangerine quartz gemstone. In addition, this crystal stone enhances your ability to comprehend the world around you, allowing you to understand your reality better. Tangerine quartz is a fire-colored orange gemstone typically connected with a home’s south section.

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10. Vanadinite

When it comes to getting things done, vanadinite is a beautiful stone for writers. It also encourages you to think outside the box and take action, allowing you to better express yourself and connect with your target audience. Self-expression and self-discovery are both supported by the vanadinite. It promotes you to accept who you are, which helps you be more productive. Sexual creativity is also stimulated by it and connected to one’s wild side.

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Earth Elemental Crystals Related to Zodiac

In the South, fire symbolizes letting go of the impulses that no longer function for one’s higher good to pursue one’s true calling. Fire is also a symbol of transition. The fire elements from the zodiac are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The element of earth is better balanced when working with the element of fire.



Water Element

Emotion, intuition, and our ability to “go with the flow” are all intertwined in the concept of water. Water is a challenging element to learn because it represents the parts of our bodies where we are most fragile and sensitive. Learning to connect and deal with your emotions is the key to understanding this element. Incorporate your water element with chrysocolla and pearls and abalone and aquamarine.

Water Element Crystals

1. Aquamarine

 water element crystals- Aquamarine

This gem is more than just a water-related activity protection stone. Aquamarine has a calming, soothing, and purifying effect on one’s emotions because of its gorgeous blue color. When it comes to expressing oneself, the stone is an excellent medium. Water-element stones like aquamarine enhance intuitive and spiritual powers.

Lucid dreaming and divination are thought to be aided by aquamarine. The stone’s gift of intuition is most beneficial to women, although anybody with an open heart can benefit. Find out more about Aquamarine meaning and healing properties.

Shop Aquamarine Crystal


2. Azurite

This is an excellent water element crystal for spiritual growth and insight. This crystal’s healing energy can help you comprehend how your thoughts and feelings affect the body. Azurite is a natural wealth bringer that pushes us to think long term rather than short term. It may also help people overcome their phobias and anxieties.

This blue gem aids with communication and letting go of old notions or beliefs that no longer serve you. It may also help with mental recovery and assist the teeth, skin, and kidneys—as the throat chakra invokes it.

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3. Blue Lace Agate

water element crystal-blue lace agate

In times of stress, this crystal’s soft and relaxing energy may be helpful. In addition, it is linked to the throat chakra, which is involved with communication of many kinds, including difficulties in communicating. If you’re finding the right crystal to avoid conflict at work or in your personal life, blue lace agate may be the suitable stone. When worn close to the neck, blue lace agate can assist you in conveying your feelings, thoughts, and ideas more clearly.

Find more about Blue Lace Agate meaning and healing properties.

Shop Blue Lace Agate Crystal


4. Calcite

By changing negative energy into positive, calcite increases the power of the points it interacts with. This multifaceted stone can enhance mental ability, spirituality, energy and vitality, self-confidence, and peace of mind. Venusian and Earthen energies are combined in this gemstone. To cultivate healthy romantic and platonic relationships, we need compassion, intelligence, and dedication from a union of these opposing impulses. Whenever there is an excess of either fire or water, calcite’s healing powers help to calm the nervous and worried energies present and revitalize the sluggish and disheartened energies present. Find more about Calcite meaning and healing properties.

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5. Chrysocolla


Communication, honesty, and teaching are all embodied in this diamond. This gemstone can benefit those who have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings. You can use this crystal’s communicative powers to know what people have to hear. To help others, you learn what to say, from encouraging words to difficulties that need to be addressed. In addition, Chrysocolla promotes open and honest communication, which is essential for a healthy family dynamic.

Find more about Chrysocolla meaning and healing properties.

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6. Green Aventurine


This is a magnificent gemstone for attracting good fortune, money, and prosperity. The healing powers of this water crystal are numerous. Rosacea, teen breakouts, dermatitis, and other skin conditions may benefit from its use in the bathroom. You can also use this stone to attract positive outcomes in comparable circumstances, such as going on your first date or looking to garner a promotion. Those drawn to this gemstone see an increase in their ability to persevere and remain steadfast in the face of challenges. In addition, this stone enhances Aries’ ability to think creatively and intellectually.

Find more about Aventurine meaning and healing properties.

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7. Kyanite

What Is Kyanite and How Powerful Is It in Helping Self-Expression

Using this crystal, one can access higher planes of existence and even one’s own higher selves. High-frequency kyanite crystals open the mind and enhance the psychic and telepathic powers of those who wear them. Kyanite has a calming effect on those who wear it. Clearing and healing crystals that have substantial water element vibrations are powerful. People with a strong attachment to this gemstone promote the values of love, friendship, and harmony with one’s fellow human beings.

Find more about Kyanite meaning and healing properites.

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8. Purple Fluorite

This meditation gem stimulates the third eye as a beautiful water element stone. Purple fluorite can be beneficial to assist one in focusing on their daily tasks or facing the truth of their situation. It was believed in Ancient China that this gem could be used to ward off evil spirits. Studying is made easier with this crystal’s ability to keep the mind organized, focused, and uncluttered. If you’re looking for a way to calm down, purple fluorite can help.

Shop Purple Fluorite Crystal


9. Selenite


When working with psychic talents, selenite is a powerful crystal on hand. Keeping the body’s fluids moving freely and encouraging healthy communication are two of its many benefits. In addition, divination activities may benefit from the ability to communicate with ancestors, spirit guides, and angels. Protective grids around homes and other areas are common uses for this material. If you’re going to use this stone in a watery space, make sure it’s out of the water. Since it’s a fragile crystal, water can damage it.

Find more about Selenite meaning and healing properites.

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10. Sodalite


This gemstone promotes harmony, trust, and solidarity as a water-element crystal. There are various quantities of white in this blue crystal—and it may feature bluish or purple patterns. For those looking for a gentle healer, sodalite is an excellent choice.

Sodalite boosts self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-trust and alleviates stomach problems and insomnia. Inflammation, blood sugar regulation, and troubles with the thyroid are just a few of the benefits that may be attributed to this herb.

Find more about Sodalite meaning and healing properties.

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Water Elemental Crystals Related to Zodiac:

Emotional attachment, wisdom, and affluence are all represented by water. It also symbolizes healing and purification. Endings and releases, abundant harvests, and feelings of appreciation are expressed by the direction of the West in water. Water is characterized by the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The element of air is more balanced when working with water.


How To Cleanse These Elemental Crystals?

Humanity’s greatest energy can be harvested from crystals because they are part of her. Therefore, resetting your four element stones to a more neutral condition is critical to getting the most out of them. If the elemental crystals don’t feel cold and slightly invigorating to the touch, this is a clear sign that they have accumulated negative energy. This means that your crystal element needs to be cleansed.

How to cleanse Air crystals?

Place your Earth crystals in the ground or in the pot of an indoor plant to purify and recharge them overnight. Please keep them in your pocket or concentrate on them during grounding activities to feel more involved in your body and use them in manifestation exercises.

How to cleanse Earth crystals?

It’s better to leave your air crystals outside in the wind or pass them over incense smoke to recharge them. Then, wear them as jewelry to a necessary appointment or study session and keep them at work or on your desk.

How to cleanse Fire crystals?

Your Fire crystals can be cleansed and charged by holding them near or above the flickering flame of a lit candle. Please keep them in your bedroom for a romantic night in or in your work area to keep you enthused about your current project.

How to cleanse Water crystals?

While water would seem to be the natural choice for rinsing your water crystals, many of them are toxic if submerged for an extended amount of time. In the absence of an actual body of water, a few drops of water sprayed on them now and then will suffice, as will visualizing yourself submerged in the cooling ocean waters.




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