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Tiger’s eye is one of the world’s most popular gemstones for personal power and healing. In this blog, you can discover more about the different colors of tiger’s eye healing properties.

Tiger’s eye brings so much to the table in terms of personal healing, boosting the mind, and protecting the user from negative energies.

There are several kinds of Tiger’s eye, with blue Tiger’s eye and red Tiger’s eye leading by supply.

The much rarer green Tiger’s eye is valued more because of its rarity, but do take note that these gemstones can perform the same set of intentions if you just know how to align your needs with the gemstone’s vibrational frequency. We have a lot of ground to cover today, so let’s get started!

Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties by Color

Part of the healing properties of gemstones like the green Tiger’s eye is their color. In the context of energy healing with gemstones, colors represent not just psychological associated like blue with relaxation, or red for stimulation, but also the vibrational energies that can emanate from the gemstones themselves.

Now, there should be no confusion here: all Tiger’s eyes bracelets, amulets, and necklaces have the same capacities. However, their colors bring something extra to the healing sessions – as you will see. The differing colors emphasize certain gemstone powers, so if you have an option to select Tiger’s eye by color, pick the color that you think would be most useful to you.

Blue Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties

Chakra Healing

Blue Tiger’s eye has a strong association with the throat chakra and the element Air. What this means is that in moments of extreme and uncontrollable emotions and stress, blue Tiger’s eye can help you vent and harmlessly route all those negative energies to the Earth to be neutralized.

Healing Power

Blue Tiger’s eye is perfect for people who wild tempers, are often overcome by anxiety, and are fearful of so many things in life, even if these things should not be really feared.

Additionally, blue Tiger’s eye may help people who have over-active metabolisms, as well as those suffering from uncontrollable sex drives. An uncontrollable sex drive may sound nice, but it is actually a blockade to have a satisfactory sex life in the first place. It can trigger a chain of sexual frustrations that only energy healing can help solve.

Red Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties

Chakra Healing

The red Tiger’s eye is associated with the base chakra. It is associated mainly with the element of fire. The base chakra is responsible for feeling and movement. In the context of chakras, the base chakra is the central chakra that has an impact on all the other wheels of energy throughout the body.

When the base chakra is affected, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Low energy level
  • Fatigue or lethargy
  • Inability to start activities
  • An almost unending need to be stimulated

People with blocked base chakras also feel a huge disconnect with reality, and they are unable to tie their creative energies to the physical realm. As a result, mental fog ensues, and people begin having anxiety and doubts about themselves and what they can actually do or have.

Another huge impact of an imbalanced base chakra is the inability to experience happiness or joy in the small things in life. Physical activity becomes a huge chore, and the person ends up simply staying away from such things.

Healing power

A red Tiger’s eye can help you to overcome lethargy and fatigue, thereby energizing your whole system again. If you have been feeling down or depressed for some time, unable to feel joy in completing the small things in life, this may also help you by boosting your personal motivation and easing your connection to your center of personal power. This is also recommended for people who are suffering from low sex drive (in contrast with blue Tiger’s eye).

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Green Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties

Chakra Healing

Green Tiger’s eye is largely a protective stone that wards off evil spirits and negative energies. It has the highest shielding power among the variations of Tiger’s eye and is highly recommended for people who have severely blocked chakras.

Healing Power

Think of it in terms of a shot of adrenaline – it works powerfully and is best used for ‘emergencies’ with regards to spirituality. You can definitely combine different kinds of Tiger’s eye gems to get the kind of cleansing, shielding, and balancing you need in your life.

Gem Quick Fact: Gemstone pairing

Amethyst can be paired with Tiger’s eye, as well as other healing stones. The amethyst meaning that experts are most familiar with is that it is strongly associated with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, and it is best suited for Virgos, Capricorns, Aquarians, and Sagittarius.

This precious stone is associated with the planet Jupiter and is tied with the elements of water and air. Amethysts often come in somewhat pink-violet color combinations and are very easy on the eyes.

Tiger’s Eye: An Incredible Gem

Tiger’s eye is a truly incredible addition to anyone’s crystal collection because it gives you almost everything you need in terms of personal protection. In ancient times, the Tiger’s eye was so revered that it was used to imbue special powers to ancient weaponry. It was also used as a direct ward to prevent curses and spells from ever reaching their intended targets.

If you believe that the Universe operates on the principle of invisible energies that nonetheless have an impact on people, then you definitely need to add the Tiger’s eye to your current crystal collection.

Take note that all healing crystals or gemstones can be used for visualization exercises for conscious energy cleansing. If you already know how to perform creative visualization, you can use crystals like the green Tiger’s eye to be more focused and to get better results when you are grounding yourself or cleansing your system of harmful energies. You simply have to hold on to your Tiger’s eye and state your intention, before beginning the visualization and cleansing process.

tiger eye meaning and healing properties

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