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There comes a time in every energy practitioner’s life that he/she begins to ask: which stones should I be wearing together? Which Stones Should Not Be Worn Together? From Tiger eye to sparkling sapphires, there is a balance that must be upheld when using different mythic stones for energy healing, energy balancing, and other kinds of energy work.

What Stones / Crystals Should Not Be Together?

1. All Sunstones should be kept away from stones that are associated with the planets Saturn and Venus.

Sunstones are somewhat antagonistic, so to unleash the full potential of the stones, avoid mixing antagonistic stones with vibrational frequencies that do not align with one another.

Do not wear your rubies with any of the following stones: cat’s eye, garnet, sapphire, and diamonds.

2. Quartz is incompatible with the following minerals: pearls, opal, and moonstone.

The reason for this is that in Hindi lore, the Rahu and Ketu cannot be placed side by side, and quartz represents one-half of the antagonistic binary.

3. Venusian and Mercury stones cannot be used with any gemstones associated with the planet Jupiter.

Like the case of Sunstones vis-à-vis Saturn and Venus stones, the antagonistic forces mean you cannot combine your diamonds with some sapphires (specifically, the yellow ones) and if you have emerald, that’s not compatible either. If you have all three, either combine them with more compatible stones or use them on their own for energy work.

4. Moonstones are not to be combined with Mercury stones.

5. Saturn stones have a huge incompatibility with a number of stones associated with the following planets

Mars, the Moon, and the Sun. Blue-colored sapphires are deemed incompatible with popular non-mineral items such as corals and pearls. The fiery ruby is also a no-no with blue sapphires.

6. Cat’s eye should be used alone and should not be worn or used in energy work with any stones associated with the Sun and the Moon.

7. Blue and green gemstones with Sun and Mercury associations (provided that they are transparent) must not be used of Martian red corals.


Understanding the Compatibility of Gemstones

Much of the information about the compatibility of gemstones are based either on Chinese astrology or Hindi lore. There’s actually a very little conflict between the two bodies of thought, so it would be best to act upon an incompatible or unfavorable combination as soon as you can.

In terms of compatibility, it’s not really that difficult to understand how gemstones are paired in a favorable manner. Below are some pairing guidelines based on the mystical properties of the gemstones themselves:

  1. The gemstones have the same colors or at least have complementing colors. Gemstone colors are indicative not just of their basic metaphysical properties but also the stones’ zodiac and planetary associations (in some cases).
  2. Gemstones have varying associations with the main elements depending on their gem type and color. Air stones will be compatible with each other, while the same applies to Earth’s stones, Water stones, and Firestones. Each ‘lane’ in the elements list creates harmony between stones in the same category, making it possible to amplify the power
  3. Compatibility can also be established by looking at the intrinsic, metaphysical properties of gemstones. For example, protective wards that are associated with Earth are most likely to be compatible. If this information is not available, you can look at how the gemstones are being used in energy work and if there are parallelisms, you can tell if they can be used together without harm.



In addition to looking at the different colors and properties of gemstones, it is always a great idea to familiarize yourself with the three levels of associations of gemstones: planetary association, elemental association, and zodiac association.

Zodiac association is most important for pairing gemstones to the user, while elemental associations will tell you if the energies from the stones will work in harmony or cancel each other out. The three major incompatible pairings that we know of are the following: that when you combine Water stones and Airstones, you will create negative energy instead of positive energy.

Firestones and water stones are terrible together because they are opposing forces and will just cancel out each other’s properties and abilities.

Firestones and Earth stones, on the other hand, are antagonistic towards each other and are likely to just cause conflicts or problems for the user.

With these in mind, based on elemental association, you can try combining the following instead: water and earth, and air and fire.

Water and earth combinations are naturally nurturing, while air and fire are complementary, as fire needs air to happen, and air allows a fire to flourish.

Water and earth cannot really destroy each other, so they just flow side by side no matter what the situation.

Energy experts believe that wearing incompatible stones will prevent the user from enjoying the best properties of each stone concerned, and the negating vibrational frequencies might send what is called a “mixed” or “confused signal to the Universe. Working by the context of energy work and conscious creation, if you send a mixed signal to the Universe, you might not get the best results. And with energy work, we are all about getting positive results.

Can different crystals be worn together? Let’s find out what crystals work well together.

Setting Intentions

If you have ever wanted to try sending a message to the Universe because you have a desire or intention that hasn’t been coming true, you can definitely use a gemstone to help route your message to the Universe. This process is called energy calibration, and it’s a good exercise for people who aren’t used to using their spiritual energies for spiritual practice or conscious creation.

Conscious creation is the same principle behind the wildly popular “law of attraction,” which states that your energy basically decides what you get in life, no more and no less. Simply visualize the physical reality that you want to manifest, and hold on to your gemstone. The gemstone will help refine your vibrations as you transmit them to the Universe.


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