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It’s risky to change your nose ring too quickly or in the wrong way—without seeing the signs of a healing nose piercing. Read further to know the answers to newbie questions like “when can I change my nose piercing” and “when can I change my nose stud to a ring.”

After having your nose pierced for a few weeks, you’ve become tired of the same old nose stud. You’d like to switch it out, but now you’re unsure how to do it without causing any harm.

The nose ring you get when you go to a piercing facility to get your nose pierced isn’t beautiful. So, to avoid allergies, skin reactions, and tissue damage, this jewelry is always oversized.

As a result, nose piercings typically take longer to heal than other conventional piercings. In addition, due to a lack of blood supply to the cartilage in your nostrils, mending is more complicated and takes longer.


When Can I Change My Nose Piercing?

Change Nose Piercing

Nose piercings have become equally fashionable in recent years. The healing time for this kind of piercing is approximately four to six months. Before you can remove or change a nose piercing, it must have passed through the final healing phase first.

Your body shuts off the wound where the jewelry has entered for the first several days or weeks after being removed. Then, to avoid the piercing, the skin around the jewelry swells. Finally, since the healing process cannot be completed, your body regards the jewelry as a foreign item.

These weeks or months may be painful for those who had an unforeseen injury or trauma inflicted by the piercing. Therefore, if you observe a lot of discharge or pain, you should be very vigilant.

It’s possible that your piercing will feel highly uncomfortable for a few weeks or months after it’s healed if the piercing causes any trauma or injury to the surrounding tissue. Take caution if you observe a lot of dripping or discomfort.

As a result, you may have to wait up to eight months or more to get new jewelry. However, you shouldn’t feel any pain, soreness, leakage, or discomfort during the procedure.

If you’re unsure if your piercing has healed, see your piercer. Infections and piercing closures can occur if the jewelry is removed prematurely. A piercer can correctly implant new jewelry.


What are the Signs of a Healing Nose Piercing?

In comparison to other piercings, nose piercings take longer to heal; however, the total healing time should not exceed nine months. Any indications that are out of the ordinary or painful should be reported to your piercer, as should any healing time that exceeds nine months.

  • It involves the first week of bleeding, pain, and swelling in the nose. Then, after a specific time, the punctured tissue begins to recover and becomes more sensitive to touch. A rare case of a slightly raised body temperature is to be expected.
  • You’ll be at this stage for the next few weeks—an area known as a “fistula” forms around the jewelry when the skin cells expand rapidly. The swelling, redness, and discharge subside with time.
  • When you reach the last step, the piercing is completely healed. This stage is earned after around six months. That’s when you can swap out or remove your nose ring for a short time. Routine saline solution rinsing is the only daily treatment needed when there is no discharge, edema, or pain.

Contact your piercer or a healthcare expert if you detect any of the following indicators of incorrect nose piercing healing. Itching, redness, blisters, fine lines and wrinkles, burning in the piercing area, change in ear’s texture, unpleasant smell, and greenish or yellowish discharge are symptoms.


When Can I Change My Nose Stud to a Ring?


The healing process for a nose piercing might take anywhere from two to three months. Once you’re satisfied that the piercing has healed, you can remove the jewelry and replace it.

Nose piercings typically take longer to heal than other conventional piercings. In addition, due to a lack of blood supply to the cartilage in your nostrils, mending is more complex and takes longer. Therefore, if you’ve had your septum pierced, you should expect a faster recovery time of six to eight weeks.

Before wearing your unique jewelry, soak it in alcohol for a few moments and then thoroughly rinse it with water.

Most piercers advise against removing your nose ring while it is healing. You should generally wait at least two months before changing your jewelry.

The piercing may appear to be healed, but it hurts when you try to remove the ring. One or two weeks can make a significant impact in this situation. There is a risk of tissue rupture and scarring resulting from premature removal of rings.

It’s time to give up and wait for another week if you’re experiencing any discomfort, pain, or metal clinging to your tissue. In addition, you can always go to your piercer and request that the item is replaced.


When Can I Change My Nose Piercing?

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