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DIY beaded necklace is among the most striking jewelry pieces. Because of their size and vibrant colors, they’re simple to notice and appreciate. The only equipment needed to complete these tasks are hand tools, making them the most accessible of all jewelry-making endeavors.

Making beaded jewelry elevates simple beaded necklaces to a new level. You’ll be creating your jewelry in no time with this step-by-step tutorial.

In some cases, it’s better to use this method than string your beads together. Beads rub against each other when they rub against the knots.

Although necklaces come in various lengths, they all have the exact conventional measurements. On the other hand, beaded bracelets come in a wide range of sizes and may require a little tweaking for a perfect fit.

Learning how to make beaded necklaces is an excellent option if you’re working with fragile or pricey beads. This means that even if a bead breaks, it will not fall off the strand and scatter all over the place. Also, it helps during the actual manufacturing of the necklace, which is a bonus.


Tools And Supplies Needed in Making Beaded Jewelry

  • Beads: Making necklaces is a breeze when you have a good selection of beads to work with. Beads can be ordered through the mail from stores that specialize in them. Flea markets and thrift shops are great places to get secondhand necklaces. They have a wide variety of options that are unavailable elsewhere.
  • Bead boards: It’s easy to put beads on bead boards since they have grooves. A straight board with a few channels cut into it is all that is needed. Inch marks and little drawers to store your parts are valuable features. Because the beads on some boards are flocked, they don’t move as much.
  • Tweezers: These pair of grabbers are a lifesaver when working with tiny beads. Instead of flat points, bead tweezers have a little cup on end.
  • Awls: Beading awls are available for purchase. The models in the hardware store tend to be overly bulky and cumbersome to use. An upholstery needle is an excellent substitute for a knitting needle.
  • Round nose pliers: Wire loops can be made with this type of plier. Because of this, you’ll be using them frequently to close existing loops. Pliers of other shapes and textures tend to leave marks on the metal, but these are much less likely.
  • Crimping pliers: You’ll need these types of pliers to secure the wire ends while making beaded jewelry with them. It’s fine to use any little pliers, but smooth-jawed ones are ideal. Instead of purchasing a new set, tape the jaws of your current pliers.
  • Scissors: You can’t go anywhere without a nice set of scissors. Clear, precise cuts near the knots are a must. Your work will look sloppy if you use a standard set of scissors. Beadwork requires specific scissors, which can be obtained in beauty supply stores.
  • Reamer: Make your stringing more fun with this simple instrument. It’s just a needle with diamond grit on it. If you’re lucky, you’ll get beads with holes that are the right size for your needle and thread. A few twists of the reamer make the task considerably more manageable.
  • Organizer: The truth is, if you want to make jewelry, you’ll need a lot of tiny components. Just assume what it would look like if all of your small beads were combined. It would be nearly impossible to count them, and separating them would be a chore.


How To Make Beaded Necklaces: Step-By-Step Tutorial

  • Set up your beading station with all of your supplies. Make sure you have all of the materials you need to complete your necklace before beginning. You can get all of these materials at your neighborhood craft store or shop online.
  • Determine what kind of necklace you want to wear. Think about the length of the chain you’d like to make before deciding on a style. Your finished beaded necklace will have a total length of around 18 inches, including the beads you’ve used and any jewelry clasps you choose to add to it.
  • Make a choice. You have the option of modifying the length and style, as previously indicated. Choker necklaces are approximately 13 inches in total length and are the shortest of all necklaces. About 14 to 16 inches is the length of the collar. The longest is a Lariat, which measures over 45 inches long.
  • Decide on a length after measuring your neck. Look in the mirror with your tape measure looped around your neck; if you’re not sure what size loop you want, play around with both. This will give you knowledge of how your necklace will look when worn.
  • Make a grid with your beads on a table or desk. You can experiment with the beads to develop a design you like the most. Consider experimenting with various color schemes and even using many strands of thread. You may prefer a choker with multiple loops or a single lengthy loop.
  • On a level surface, set up your beadboard. The use of a beadboard speeds up the process of stringing beads and sharpens your creative eye. Beads should be placed at the number zero, and the length of your necklace should be measured using the numbers and dashes on the sides.
  • Beading thread should be cut to your desired length, plus six inches. Beads and crimp beads for the desired necklace should be gathered.
  • Put one bead on the string and pull it tight. Make sure to remember that you haven’t yet transferred your design into the thread. This is a pre-requisite action to ensure the safety of your jewelry.
  • Insert the other end of the stringing material into the clasp using the clasp. Crimping tools or chain nose pliers are used to crimp the bead into place once the bead-crimp-bead combination has been added.
  • Beads should be pushed down into the leftover stringing material. This allows the beads to move and rotate freely, preventing them from rubbing against each other or the stringing material.
  • Slush cutters are used to trim the stringing material after being crimped and sliced. In general, you should avoid cutting the wire too close to the crimp bead.

how to make a beaded necklace

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