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Lava Rock Beads is commonly used for making bracelets all over the world over. Lava rock beads are made from cooled igneous rock released to Earth surface after a volcano eruption. Lava rock beads are quite special compared to other stones use for jewelry because these are naturally porous and absorbent, meaning lava rock beads can be used as diffusers for fragrances.

Due to their ability to diffuse essential oils, they are used extensively by folks dealing with stress, anger issues, depression, and other similar conditions. So if you need a way to relax or become more wakeful throughout the day, you can try wearing a lava rock beads bracelet imbued with your favorite essential oil/s.

Use of Lava Stone Bracelet with Essential Oil

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their therapeutic properties. Essential oils are also present in multiple ancient cultures, from China to the Middle East.

Each culture and country has its own unique appropriation of powerful plant oils. Below is a summary of the benefits of common essential oils that you may want to try using on your lava rock beads.


1. Lemon essential oil – Lemon is associated with aiding impaired digestion and improving the overall wellbeing of the lungs and associated pathways.

2. Peppermint essential oil – A most rejuvenating and preppy essential oil, peppermint is going to be best suited for people who need to improve their energy and improve digestion.

3. Jasmine essential oil – Jasmine is excellent for people suffering from anxiety and depression, and can also be used to improve a woman’s condition prior to giving birth and during pregnancy. This is probably due to the fact that jasmine is both a stimulant but it has relaxing properties as well, and it will definitely have an impact on the health of a pregnant woman as her pregnancy progresses.

4. Lavender essential oil Lavender is known for being an all-around relaxing essential oil, and you can use it to quiet anxiety and anger spells throughout the day.

5. Tea tree essential oil – Tea tree oil doesn’t just smell good – it is known for being able to stave off infections and improve skin health. It has a most relaxing effect on the body as well, so it’s perfect for people who have stress and fatigue issues.

6. Rose essential oil – Rose essential oil is highly recommended for people who are suffering from anxiety spells, as well as those who are chronic worriers and are already suffering from physical ailments as a result of chronic worrying. If your mind is constantly flooded by speckles of negativity, try adding rose essential oil to your natural diffuser.

What Kind of Essential Oils are Better for Lava Stone beads?

Lava Rock Bead bracelet

The best essential oils for Lava rock beads bracelets are made from at least 99.99% plant-derived materials. Alcohol and stabilizers do not count, so if an essential oil is being advertised as pure but it has too many components, it probably isn’t.

We also recommend that you purchase chemical-free oils that have not been modified by the extraction process used by the manufacturer. Essential oils can be moved from the plant material either through cold-pressing or through a more complex method called distillation. Either method works well, as long as the manufacturer has a good reputation.

How to Add Essential Oil to Lava Stone Bracelet?

essential oil and lava beads

After selecting the essential oil that you think would be most useful to your needs, just rub a small amount of oil on the beads and leave the beads for a few minutes. Lava rock beads require a few minutes of sitting time so it can properly absorb fluids.

When the surface of the lava rock beads begins to look dry enough to wear, feel free to wear your bracelet. You will probably notice that your bracelet is now naturally diffusing the essential oil you added, and it will continue to do so for hours, or perhaps an entire day, depending on how much essential oil you added.

What are the Benefits of Using Lava Stone Bracelet?

Lava Rock Beads Bracelets used as essential oil diffuser need to be cleaned regularly.

When you choose to use your lava rock bracelet as a natural diffuser, a world of natural health benefits can open up for you this year. Among the best benefits of regularly using essential oils are:

1. Anxiety control
Many studies have shown that aromatherapy in general can help people reduce high blood pressure and improve their overall wellbeing by calming the nerves. Individuals who are already suffering from depression and anxiety disorder/s will do well to have a ready method of acquiring aromatherapy on the go.

2. Migraine control
Everyone gets migraines and headaches, and in today’s world, the most common cause of these two problems is overexposure to gadgets and overwork.

If you are constantly working on a computer and your eyes hurt, as well as parts of your head, you may be suffering from stress-induced migraines. What you need to do is to reduce exposure to the stressors and inhale diffused essential oil to calm your nerves.

Lavender therapy insomnia

Lavender specifically, has been associated with improved sleep quality in women

3. Sleep quality
Lavender specifically, has been associated with improved sleep quality in women. The application of essential oils like lavender is constantly mentioned in natural health references as a quick and easy way to relax better at night. Relaxation can lead to better quality sleep for both men and women.

4. Inflammation control
Are you struggling with inflammation in any part of your body? Essential oil therapy or aromatherapy just might be for you. Many essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties, and if you are able to find the perfect essential oil, you can say goodbye to those outs of inflammation at home.

5. Bacterial control
While a bracelet would not really protect the skin, frequently being in contact with essential oils can help shield your hands from bacterial contamination, which can prevent common disease like flu and the common cold from being transferred to you easily, especially in public places where you have to hold surfaces that have already been frequently handled by other people.

Find our lava stone bracelets or lava beads to make your own essential oil diffuser bracelet.


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