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A chakra bracelet, which is fashionable and practical at restoring your balance, is now an essential part of your wardrobe. Bracelets with gemstones or chakra beads can help restore a healthy balance to the wearer.

The flow of energy links your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. An unbalanced body, mind, and soul state results from one or more wheels being out of alignment. Health complications are inevitable as a result.

What are chakras, anyway?

Chakras are frequently misunderstood since many people believe they are religious symbols. They don’t belong to any faith but can be found in Tantric Buddhism and Hinduism, respectively.

Your body has seven chakras, each of which represents a wheel in your body’s natural energy cycle. Starting at the base of your spine, they’d travel up to the top of your head before they stopped.


What Chakra Beads Are Needed for Chakra Bracelet?

Chakra beads can be used in a variety of ways. Knowing how to make a chakra bracelet makes sure each connects to a chakra to reap the maximum benefits.

  • Using red jasper for the root chakra provides you with a stable foundation to act in your life.
  • Using a carnelian for sacral chakra stone is an excellent stone for boosting your self-esteem and encouraging creativity.
  • For the chakra located in the solar plexus, use yellow jade. With its association with fire energy, this stone promotes self-confidence and boldness.
  • In addition to being renowned as the stone of opportunity, aventurine is also known for its ability to bring about positive change—making it suitable for the heart chakra.
  • Amazonite is a beautiful stone for the throat chakra because of its relaxing properties and its ability to assist you in discovering your inner truth and integrity.
  • For the chakra of the third eye, use lapis lazuli. Introspection is encouraged by this bluestone.
  • Promote crown chakra healing with amethyst. Adverse ideas can be banished from your mind with the help of this stunning stone.


What Tools and Supplies Needed to Make A 7 Chakra Bracelet?

If you want to buy a whole jewelry store of chakra bracelets, no rule works to stop you from doing so. You have the option of wearing as many as you choose on any given side.

In other words, just because you wear more chakra healing bracelets doesn’t imply the energy will multiply tenfold. Mastering one level by mixing multiple stones is the best way to go about this.

Before putting on the following bracelet, please pay special attention to how it makes you feel. Sketch them out and then focus on finding the ideal combinations for you. You may also need the following tools and supplies in making your own 7 chakra bracelet:

  • Chakra beads: Beads and gemstones complement the colors of these chakras are essential. There are seven chakras in your body, from the crown of your skull to the base of your tailbone.
  • Stretch cord: Cord size is often the most crucial issue for long-term durability. Choose your beads first, and then the most prominent thread, which will slide through all of them, before making your final acquisition of the cord.
  • Headpins: Beads can’t fall off the headpin since it’s made of wire with a head on one end. Using jewelry pliers, build a simple loop or a wrapped loop with the excess wire from your headpin.
  • Jump rings: Chained jewelry is made from jump rings metal rings. A mandrel is used to form a coil of wire; then, wire cutters are used to cut the coil into separate rounds.
  • Round-nosed pliers: Plier jaws with rounded edges are known as round nose pliers. When constructing wire loops or circular connections, they are commonly employed.


How To Make a Chakra Bracelet: Step-By-Step Tutorial

  • To align the chakras, use 7 different types of crystal beads. It is crucial to choose beads or gemstones that match the hue associated with each of these chakras. They create an active line or channel that keeps you on the move and groovy as a group.
  • Your stretch cord should be at least 12 inches long. Stretch bracelets range in length from 7 to 10 inches, depending on the wrist size, but commencing with a longer piece of cord gives you more wiggle room to knot it off after you’re finished beading it. Some light tugging will help keep the cord’s suppleness.
  • Set the gemstones in chakra sequence, starting from the bottom left and working your way up to the top right. An appropriate arrangement is by following the colors of the rainbow. This diagram shows the progression of your chakras from your pelvic area to your head.
  • Increase the number of filler beads in your design. The length of the lined-up beads dictates bracelet length. Fill in the remaining space with filler beads after you’ve measured how much you have left. Make any last-minute alterations to your pattern, and then begin beading.
  • One bead at a time, thread the chain with beads until you’re satisfied with the design. You can use an eye needle to continue pushing the string through tiny holes in your beads.
  • Make a secret knot in the bracelet’s ends to keep it together. To remove the stopper, you must grasp both of the bracelet’s ends with one hand. Form a circle by bringing the two ends together. It is best to start with an overhand knot, similar to how you tie your shoelaces. Loop the string a second time through the knot before tightening it when making a knot.
  • To conceal the extra cord, tuck it into the beads. To assist the knot stay in place, you can re-weave a portion of the string through the bracelet. Cut the remaining cord after tucking the cord throughout a few beads. It’s time to put on your bracelet.
  • Your bracelet will last longer if it has been cleaned and recharged. Energy is stored and released through your chakra bracelet. Before donning it, make a mental note of your intentions. Cleansing your jewels and restoring your bracelet can help rid them of bad karma.



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