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Lava beads are becoming hugely popular with different crowds (including the ones supporting New Age beliefs), and for good reason, too: lava beads, which are actually made from real lava, are awesome as natural diffusers and are beautiful when made into jewelry.

For those of you who didn’t know, lava beads are made from igneous rock that has been super-heated to over 1000 degrees Celsius, before being cooled down again. This is the same stuff that volcanoes spew out during eruptions, which is amazing.

You know that you are handling real-life lava beads when you observe the following characteristics:

  1. The beads are somewhat irregular in shape, although they are all generally spherical. Some beads would have uneven areas (flat areas) where there are lots of cavities.
  1. Lava beads tend to be dark gray or black in color. This is the natural color of igneous rock, but do take note that many manufacturers dye their lava beads, so they would become more useful to people engage in energy healing practices.
  1. Lava beads are naturally porous. What this means is the surface of lava beads have small cavities that can easily accommodate fluids. This is why it’s possible for lava beads to diffuse essential oils because of these tiny cavities in them.
  1. The lava bead jewelry is so deceptively light that people think they’re going to have a hard time moving their wrists with fine motions after wearing a bracelet. The truth of the matter is that igneous rock is far lighter than the stones and rocks that we commonly see around us, so it’s going to be a different experience wearing igneous rock that’s been cut and polished specifically to become jewelry.
  1. The consistency in the spherical shape and size also tells us that igneous rock is easy to shape into whatever dimensions are needed. Some beads are larger than others, depending on the manufacturer.
  1. And finally, there’s the price of lava beads. Lava rock beads are among the cheapest genuine pieces of jewelry you can buy online or in stores. Plus there are also a lot of options, so you can buy the one that is just perfect for you.

How is basalt used in creating great jewelry?

Lava rock beads are made of basalt, which is one type of igneous rock. Lava rock was discovered by jewelry manufacturers after studying cooled down lava after volcanic activity.

Volcanic eruption produces a lot of ‘byproducts,’ including hot gases and the dreaded ash fall. Its most valuable byproduct is lava, which is the slow-moving stream of molten rock produced by geological activity from deep beneath the earth.

The resulting basalt rock is porous and has the best attributes to become a natural, portable diffuser for people who love alternative jewelry.

Currently, lava rock is being used to produce a variety of different lava bead jewelry, including bracelets (the most popular type of lava bead jewelry, surely), earrings, necklaces, and even wearable charms.

They are so incredibly versatile that it’s no surprise that manufacturers are finding so many possible uses for them. Lava rock beads are relatively easy to produce and the material does not resist even small cutting machines, making them perfect for adapting to more modern designs.

Lava rock beads are edgy and beautiful

Another compelling reason why lava rock beads are constantly being reimagined into new jewelry is they have an “edgy” look to them, which fits so many kinds of look from avant-garde to grunge. Lava rock beads are textured, dark, and have a strong affinity to natural objects that we see all around in nature.

Fashion has always taken inspiration from nature, and lava rock beads just look the part of Mother Earth if you look at them, whether they are in their natural color or dyed.

And despite the fact that they look as natural as can be, they still look neat and streamlined, never chunky or awkward, which means they can easily be paired with a nice shirt or blouse and other jewelry, and they won’t stand out in a bad way. That’s natural beauty for you, I guess.

Can you use lava rock beads for energy healing and balancing the chakras?

Yes, you can most definitely use lava rock beads for balancing your chakras. Lava rock beads are considered adequate for “grounding,” or basically clearing the body of unwanted energies or excess energies. So when you wear lava rock beads, you are actually helping your body clear itself of blockages that may be affected by any or all of your seven chakras.

In Hindu traditional medicine, the seven chakras represent the seven “wheels” of energies that animate the body. Under better conditions, these seven wheels would all be balanced and working together correctly.

However, poor lifestyles and stress can easily cause malaise, and eventually, blocked chakras. When a chakra is blocked, the blockage can have a specific impact on your life depending on which chakra is blocked.

For example, it is well-known that if your throat chakra is blocked, you can suffer from the inability to express yourself effectively and persuasively. A blocked throat chakra can also reflect in how you relate with others: you may feel that you are not able to speak out whenever you want to, and as a result, other people are able to dominate you with their words constantly.

We recommend that you get a lava rock bracelet to restore your chakras and so that you will feel better overall, as it will help you siphon negative energies away from any of your chakras. We also recommend that you use its natural diffuser qualities to deliver your favorite scents, which in turn can help you relax or stay awake throughout the day.

Essential oils are also used for spiritual healing, so you may also want to select oils that will benefit you, depending on your needs. All in all, wearing lava rock beads is a good deal on so many levels, from fashion to health.