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You can most definitely use diffuser lava beads with different kinds of essential oils if you want to maximize their health benefits and usefulness. It is also very easy to apply the essential oils because lava beads are porous, and will naturally absorb and then diffuse the said oils for a period of time.

How to Apply Essential Oils to Lava Beads?

The simplest way to apply essential oils to lava beads is by rubbing just a small quantity of your chosen oil on your fingers and then spreading the quantity over the top of the beads. Wait for the oils to be absorbed and you will notice that the beautiful scent will begin to diffuse in a short while.

Additionally, you can apply another quantity on your hands and inhale directly, for added effect. Essential oils are so versatile that they’re used in so many ways, not just in making diffuser lava beads more functional throughout the day.

Another method, which we simply love, is filling up a small roller bottle (the one used for colognes) and apply the oil to the lava beads throughout the day.

Obviously, any oil that you apply to your lava beads will eventually dissipate after time. Having a handy container like a roller bottle will make it easier to ‘refill’ the beads throughout the day.

In terms of oil quality, you can either use pure essential oil or you can combine the mail essential oil with a carrier oil that’s more neutral to reduce the strength. Using a carrier oil usually helps reduce adverse reactions with pure essential oil, as some people can develop a slight reaction or allergy to higher grade essential oils.

Lava Stone Beads

Lava beads are derived from cooled-down lava or igneous rock

Where do Lava Beads Come from?

Diffuser lava beads are exactly how they are named. They are derived from cooled-down lava or igneous rock. Unlike other precious stones, lava beads have a naturally irregular texture, though they may be perfectly rounded and sized accordingly. Lava beads also tend to have a sponge-like surface, which allows these beads to absorb oils and other fluids, and then diffuse the same over a period of time.

Are Lava Beads Bad Luck?

Due to their appearance, or perhaps purely because of hearsay, some people fear that wearing lava beads can cause bad luck. Are lava beads bad luck? The short answer is no, they’re not. It’s perfectly fine to wear lava beads because, despite their natural appearance of being black, gray, or dark gray, lava beads can easily be re-colored, so they would represent different energies or personalities. The black appearance just stems from the fact that they are made of igneous rock, and nothing more.

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Lava Stone Bead Bracelets

Why do People Love Wearing Lava beads?

There is now a huge demand for lava rock beads because they can be extremely beautiful when worn as jewelry, and they’re also relatively cheaper than other precious stones. There is no comparison when you put lava beads right next to items like emeralds or jade. If you don’t want to spend a huge chunk of cash on your next jewelry purchase, lava beads are definitely the way to go.

Another reason for their popularity is their origin: like other precious stones, lava rocks are derived from deep beneath the ground. Igneous rock is first heated naturally by the earth to 1000 degrees Celsius before fiery, flowing lava is created. It is from this molten rock that the beautiful lava beads are eventually derived from. 

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What Type of Essential Oils are Best for Lava Beads?

The answer to this question really depends on what you want to achieve by using the diffuser qualities of lava beads. Essential oils have different qualities, and when you are combining them, you can get even more specific results. Perhaps to simplify things (at least for now), let us categorize essential oils into two categories: relaxing and energizing.

Some examples of relaxing essential oils are ylang ylang, melissa, clary sage, lavender, bergamot, and chamomile. If you want essential oils that can energize you, we recommend that you try orange, wild orange, lime, peppermint, and basil. Essentially, the sharper-smelling oils have the capacity to make user peppier and more awake, while essential oils that have a milder scent or softer tones are more relaxing to use.

However, take note that the actual impact of essential oils is different from person to person. For example, some people feel more energized after relaxing, so they may consider a clary sage and lavender combo an ‘energizing combination’ even though these two are technically relaxing essential oils.

Another great thing about essential oils is the fact that you can regain mental focus after using them. So if you are feeling stressed and fatigued from work or studying, a quick whiff of your favorite essential oil would be like a big boost to your spirit and you will be able to work again like before.

A single application of your favorite essential oil will likely last for at least 2 hours, to a maximum of 4 hours. Simply re-apply the oil when you feel that the strength of the scent has gone, and you’re good to go again. If you don’t like re-applying too many times per day, perhaps go above the minimum of one drop per application.

It is possible for lava beads to continue diffusing for 24 hours straight if you apply a sufficient amount of oil at the beginning of the day. Also, keep in mind that some essential oils can stain clothes, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t constantly rub your wrist to your clothes anyway.

If you feel that this is going to be a problem, it is best to select essential oils that are not too thick or viscous and be sure to check how the oil reacts to fabrics before wearing your bracelet for the day. Also, be sure to let the oil absorb into the igneous rock before wearing the bracelet or necklace, or whatever lava bead jewelry you happen to have.


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