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Lava Rock Beads

Lava Rock Beads

Lava stones beads can be a huge help to people suffering from anxiety on a physical level and a spiritual level. Unlike other types of conventional jewelry made from gold, silver, and platinum, special jewelry like lava stones have a strong affinity for the human body and provide delightful effects that help prolong health, increase longevity, maintain inner peace, and increase happiness. This is the spiritual dimension of using items like lava stones beads to improve your inner energies, which will be discussing shortly.

What are lava stones beads?

Lava stones beads or lava beads are actually made from a special type of rock that can only be formed after hot lava is spewed by volcanoes. Igneous rock forms when stones are heated to super-hot levels underground (up to 1000 degrees Centigrade) and then ejected through molten hot pillars by a volcano.

Once cool, the resulting rock is porous, pitted, and perfectly textured. These are then taken to create the beautiful beads that are used for personal jewelry. Lava beads come in a variety of colors because they can easily be dyed, but for the most part, you will be seeing a lot of dark grey and black beads on the market because these are considered the most attractive.

Also, on a spiritual level, changing the color of a special stone can have an impact on what type of energy it attracts or gives off, so unless the manufacturer really knows what it is doing, they will simply retain the old color of the lava beads.

Using lava beads for anxiety

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health issues in America. An estimated 18% of the total US population of about 40 million Americans suffer from at least one type of anxiety disorder. Sadly, only 36% of those who suffer received adequate treatment for such disorders.

While lava beads may not be the most convenient method of helping a person suffering from anxiety, it can provide a different type of support that downers, anti-depressants, and anti-anxiety meds cannot provide: spiritual healing, energy cleansing, and a way for the anxious person to benefit from essential oils throughout the day. Look at it this way: people who suffer from anxiety disorders often feel that they don’t have a way out, that they can’t help themselves. They feel trapped and confused.

What if we tell you that by just wearing something as simple as a lava bead necklace or lava bead bracelet, that you can have something soothing and comforting by your side all day, and you won’t feel alone anymore?

Using lava beads with essential oils

We have always loved the way nature designed igneous rock. For something that’s basically stone, lava beads exhibit the same level of porosity and diffusing capacity as other diffusers made of more organic materials, like wood fibers. People with anxiety wear their lava bead bracelets and necklaces and take a quick whiff to relax throughout the day.

It’s actually very easy to turn a lava bead bracelet or any kind of lava bead jewelry to a functional diffuser. The first thing that you need to decide is what type of essential oil you need.

There are different grades of essential oils, and there are also different types of oils that have differing properties. Oils like ylang-ylang and lavender have relaxing properties and are best suited for individuals suffering from anxiety and other disorder that require calming down. The best thing about this is you can:

  1. Use one type of essential oil in its pure form
  1. Combine a pure or high-grade essential oil with a more neutral, carrier oil to lessen the smell if it is too overpowering
  1. Combine two or more essential oils with a carrier oil to craft your own DIY perfume

Regardless of your choice, you are still going to get excellent results with your new diffuser. Since lava beads are so small, you do not have to use a lot of essential oil to get good results – just one or two drops will likely provide sufficient fragrance for several hours or even a full day.

You can switch to another fragrance when you no longer like the one you were using previously, and all you need to do is to wash the bracelet with a little soap and some water.

Make sure that you pat your jewelry dry and that you rinse it quickly, so the scent of the soap does not stick too much to the lava beads. Lava beads are naturally porous, so the scent of soap can easily get into the small cavities of the beads.

The simplest way to add fragrance to lava beads is by rubbing a small number of essential oils on the beads with your fingers. If you don’t like touching the fragrance to the stones, you can use a roller bottle instead. Roller bottles (the ones with a small movable ball on top) are quite portable, they seal the essential oil’s fragrance quite well, and you can apply additional fragrance to your beads any time that you want.

How can lava beads help reduce anxiety through spiritual energies?

Lava beads are associated with Mother Earth and are normally used for grounding and for the reduction of excess or unwanted energies. Over time, anyone can suffer from blocked chakras and excess energies, so these events may also have an influence over your anxiety.

Choosing to wear lava beads on a regular basis can also help reduce other negativities in your life, such as anger. Those with anger management issues will also benefit from wearing lava beads regularly. Take note that lava beads can have a specific impact when you wear it while engaged in energy cleansing, so you may also want to look into combining your lava beads with other healing stones, depending on how you think it is changing your energy levels.