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Lava rock beads have experienced a great revival in recent years because of they can be used as natural diffuser wearables, such as bracelet or necklace. People who have bought a lava rock beads will be amazed, because they can use it for releasing scents when essential oil is applied on the bead. However, regular cleaning is required to keep the beads long lasting or when you want to change the scent. This blog will show you how to clean Lava rock beads.

Clean Lava Rock Beads bracelets regularly 

Of course, anything that comes into contact with the skin will eventually have a crust of sweat, body oils, and dirt. This applies to all kinds of jewelry, and not just lava rock beads. There are two methods of keeping jewelry clean.

1. With soap and water

The simplest method is to use soap and water. Get a bowl of lukewarm water and some mild soap (body creams, shower gels, bath soaps are all acceptable). Mix a small amount of soap in the water and let the bubbles come out, activating the soap. Submerge your lava rock beads bracelets or necklaces for a few seconds and quickly get them out.

The soap will work on the leftover essential oils in the lava rock beads and lift them out. Get a cheap toothbrush or a clean, unused one and gently rub the surface of the lava rock beads. Perform the cleaning motion gently around the bracelet until you see some suds coming out, signaling that the soap has penetrated the tiny cavities of the igneous rock.

Open the tap and rinse all of the soap and dirt. Rub the beads with your fingers to coax out the suds and dirt. Give your lava rock bracelet a quick sniff.

If there is only a small, small amount of soap smell left, you should be good to go. However, if the smell of the soap is overpowering, then you need to re-rinse your bracelet. If the smell won’t go away, try washing the bracelet with lukewarm water to coax out any remaining soap from the tiny cavities on the surface of the bracelet.

After washing, be sure to pat your bracelet dry with a clean piece of cloth. Any absorbent cloth or hand rag is fine, as long as it’s clean and doesn’t have any chemical cleaners sprayed on to them. You should never use chemical jewelry cleaners on lava rock beads, especially if the cleaners are designed to clean metal jewelry such as silver, gold, and platinum.

You’re cleaning cooled down lava, not metal. There’s a huge chance that the harsh chemicals will remain on the bracelet and interfered with what is being diffused by the lava rock beads.

cleaning lava rock beads

Cleaning lava rock beads with vinegar

2. With warm water and vinegar

Some people like cleaning their lava rock beads with water and vinegar. These folks believe that using too much water on lava rock beads can weaken the porous rock, and in turn, deteriorate it faster. If you want a more conservative method of cleaning your lava rock beads, this would be it.

To clean lava rock beads with vinegar and warm water, you will need the following:

  1. A clean piece of cloth
  2. A bowl of warm water
  3. 50 ml of vinegar (any kind)

Combine the vinegar with the bowl of water. Then, mix the fluids with your fingers until you get an even solution. Dip the tip of your cleaning cloth into the bowl and let it soak in a good amount of the cleaning solution.

Hold your lava rock bracelet with your other hand and angle the beads for easier cleaning. Rub the tip of the cleaning cloth (the tip with the solution) and gently rub the spheres. You should be able to see crusts of dirt and old oil being removed as you rub the beads gently. Should the beads begin soaking in the solution, that’s fine, as you can rinse your bracelet later with warm water.

Lava Rock Beads Bracelets used as essential oil diffuser need to be cleaned regularly.

Lava Rock Beads Bracelets used as essential oil diffuser need to be cleaned regularly.

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Why do people love using lava rock beads?

Lava rock beads are Mother Earth’s gift to harried and stressed people. Igneous rock is naturally porous because of its irregular structure, so that it can absorb and release scents easily throughout the day.

People love using lava rock beads because they can smell their favorite essential oil while working or studying. You can, too. It is as easy as buying your first lava rock bead bracelet and rubbing a small quantity of essential oil on the surface.

Some lava bead bracelets are also dyed with different colors to represent the seven chakras of the human body. The seven chakras represent the energy centers or energy wells that regulate life and how we interact with people and the world.

A chakra bracelet has the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and pink. These colors represent all the chakras going all the way from the sacrum (base chakra) to the crown chakra which is located on the top of the head.

The chakras have an impact not only on your spiritual life, but also on the inner workings of your organs and how the energies regulate the body. For example, having constant digestive upset might mean that chakras near your stomach are blocked or over-powered, which both can lead to the malaise.

Using lava rock beads can help facilitate grounding or clearing processes that will send back excess negative energy to Mother Earth, where the energy will be neutralized, leaving your system clear and balanced. The more you clear or ground yourself using neutralizing elements like lava rock beads, the better you will feel over time, especially if you suffer from conditions like anxiety and depression.

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