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Lava Stone Beads are made from cooled down lava or igneous rocks, and they have natural porosity that allows them to absorb liquids and oils. This being the case, it can technically get wet and absorb a little water, but this should be resolved by patting dry the beads until all water is removed after washing and here is why they should not be left wet.

How to Clean Lava Stone Beads Bracelet?

Lava Stone Bead Bracelet

Lava Stone Beads Bracelet

Some beaders like to wash their lava stone beads bracelet with water and a little soap to remove the scent of a previous application of oil and perhaps dirt or grime. It is completely fine to wash your stones, our only reminder is to rinse it completely after because the stones may take on the scent of the soap that you used.

Should your lava beads take on an unnecessary or unwanted scent, simply rinse it again and gently pat dry. Use absorbent fabric to pat dry your beads. Since these are technically stones, unless the exposure to water is constant and/or extreme, there shouldn’t be any damage to it at all.

It is also fine to wear your lava beads when washing dishes and other normal, day to day activities. Don’t mind it too much – it’s fairly hardy, and it will continue to diffuse any oil you’ve added to it even if it gets a little wet, as in the case of washing dishes or washing your hands. Some beaders like to spritz their favorite perfume onto their lava beads, and this might be a good idea too if you feel that the scent of your lava beads dissipates when they get wet.

Essential oils are also a good idea – especially if you can get into the habit of combining essential oils to create your very own perfume at home. Essential oils have distinct properties, and you can create blends that suit your personality and needs.

It all begins with recognizing what you are particular needs are when it comes to relaxing or energizing yourself and then tying these needs up with available essential oils. Normally, essential oil blends are allowed to cure for about a month before they are used as perfumes, but for the purpose of creating a special blend for a diffuser, you’re good with a day of curing.

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Lava Stone Beads meaning?

Lava Stone Beads

 Lava beads are made of basalt, a type of igneous rock, and are widely regarded in the New Age and energy healing circles as a vital grounding stone. Lava beads are associated with the base chakra and can be used to balance the energies of Taurus and Cancer people.

It is closely tied to the Earth subset in Chinese astrology, as well as the elements of Fire and the Earth. Like other grounding stones, lava beads are amazing when you are trying to accomplish the following:

  1. Dream work – Dream work refers to the process of eliciting different, possible meanings from dreams. A dream worker may apply the process to himself, or another person, depending on the need. Lava beads can help dream work in the sense that you can get clearer answers and interpretations because your base energies are more balanced, and therefore, your access to universal wisdom energies is also enhanced.
  2. Creativity – When we speak about creativity, we are not just talking about literal creative pursuits like painting, sculpting, writing poetry, or writing stories. Creativity plays a huge role in having a healthier and more rewarding life. It figures not just in obviously creative pursuits but also in a person’s romantic relationships, family life, professional life, and so on. To be creative also means a person is more abundant because he will have the motivation to explore more options in life.
  3. Communication – This is a huge problem for many people, but with proper grounding, it is possible to recuperate what was lost due to bad communication in the past. In the paradigm of chakras, a blocked throat chakra may be the cause of being “bottled up” all the time, so grounding your energies and removing excess energies caused by negativity is the way to go.
  4. Cleansing – Energy cleansing is the most basic procedure that involves the removal of negativity from your system. Of course, you will get better results by avoiding situations, people, and activities that cause negativity in your life in the first place.

Benefits of using Lava Stone Beads

Lava Stone Bead Bracelets

Lava Stone Beads Bracelet

  1. Lava beads can help improve your connection with the Earth, which is the most natural conduit for excess and unwanted energies. The body’s homeostasis in the context of spiritual energies depends on your ability to ground yourself to the Earth so that you can route unwanted energies to the Earth, where they can be safely dissipated. The Earth is always warm, positive, and welcoming.
  2. Achieving balance through energy cleansing can help you become more aligned and focused again on the tasks at hand. To be aligned also means that you will have more energy and courage to face change, which often leads people to the pit of despair. You will also receive better spiritual guidance from the Universe, as well as wisdom, as all wisdom emanates from the One/Source.
  3. Do you have anger management issues? Are you constantly expressing your anger because of stress or circumstances beyond your control? You may want to try using lava beads and some essential oils. As a grounding stone and a natural diffuser, lava beads can help dissipate uncontrollable or extreme anger, which on the whole can help improve your life. Too much anger is unhealthy, and can easily cause health problems and issues with your spiritual life as well. Recovering from anger takes time, so be sure to begin your energy cleansing as soon as possible.
  4. Lava stones have also been associated with fertility, because of its association with the Earth and the base chakra, which is the main, balancing chakra of the body. Used in tandem with other powerful energy stones, it might help you become more fertile in the future.