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Onyx is an ancient gemstone which has been in use not only for jewelry but also magical and spiritual practices since the time of the ancient Romans.

What makes onyx unique is that it has been traditionally feared because of its dark colors, but it is only now that people are beginning to fully appreciate the positive benefits of using onyx in their daily lives.

You don’t need to be a full-fledged spiritual practitioner to make use of onyx –you just need to believe in your own spirituality and energies, and everything else will follow suit. Onyx is one of the strongest and most reliable.

Earth gemstones around, and despite its association with death and burial ceremonies because of its color, its metaphysical properties really have nothing to do with death or the draining of life in any way, as you will understand from our discussion today.

Meanings and benefits of onyx

1. Amulet of Protection

We often read about or see amulets of protection in the movies or in fantasy books. But did you know that these amulets really exist?

Amulets of protection have been around for centuries and are made with gemstones that offer shielding from negative energies.

Basically that is what an amulet of protection does – it prevents negative energies from other people from taking over your energy system. When you wear an amulet of protection (say, black onyx beads), you will gain several benefits. The first benefit is that you onyx is a natural cleansing stone, which means all the negative energy you have inside will be siphoned off and cleansed.

What makes this interesting is that many people have blocked chakras and what not from years of not being able to cleanse or ground themselves properly, and if this is your first time to dabble with the energy healing arts, the experience can be quite memorable.

Grounding or cleansing stones will reconnect your physical body and spiritual body with Mother Earth, and all the energies that are causing malaise in your life right now will flow from you toward the earth, where the said energies will finally be neutralized, with no ill effect whatsoever on you.

The second benefit is when you wear an amulet of protection, your mind is boosted and it becomes clearer, readier, and more aware. You can just imagine right now how useful this would be when you are at work, while you are driving to and fro places, and when you need to walk alone at night. The added mental clarity is a product of the cleansing properties of onyx, since it is a grounding stone. Additionally, if you have been struggling with strong emotions such as fear and anxiety, onyx will be useful as well.

Did you know? You can either wear your black onyx beads or put them somewhere close and you can still get the same results.

You can place onyx on your table if you don’t want wear onyx jewelry

Let’s say if you don’t want to wear your jewelry at work because you will constantly hit the table because you are typing, you can place it on top of your table or on top of your PC so that it would still form a protective psychic shell or shield around you.

Negativity that is emanating from other parts of the office, say, from an angry or sad workmate, will no longer affect you, because the onyx will be constantly blocking those harmful vibrations or energies, keeping your energy system safe and pristine.

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2. Better Energy System

As we have discussed earlier, just holding on to onyx can benefit you because it naturally shields you from negativity. If we extend how this works, you can also create better relations with people because of the protective qualities of the stone.

For example, if you struggle with people who try to agitate and manipulate you constantly for their own benefit, such attempts at personal hijacking can be easily remedied with protection stones. This applies most especially to people who have poor handling of their emotions, and their emotions become an easy target for manipulative people. Manipulators are folks who exploit other people’s emotions for their own benefit.

They will push your buttons, and purposefully make you feel bad because that is how they maintain control of the situation. Sadly, not everyone is capable of fighting off manipulators, especially when the said manipulators have been around for so long in their lives.

Using gemstones that have protective qualities like onyx can help you uproot yourself from the cycle of abuse that you have been getting from people around you who do not have your best interests in mind.

3. Better Sleep

Did you know that you can onyx like a dream catcher? People who suffer from uneasy sleep may actually be suffering from negative energies that are coming in at nighttime.

Signs that you may need an onyx dream catcher are: not being able to sleep soundly at night, having constant nightmares, having racing thoughts before going to sleep, and a general feeling that you are not going to get sufficient rest for the night.

While other possible problems may be causing the lack of sleep or poor quality sleep, you can most definitely use onyx to help improve it, just so we are sure that the problem is not caused by psychic vampires (those who steal energy) and other common energy-related triggers.

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4. Protect Your Home

Sardonyx, a type of onyx, can be used as a protective ward for a larger space like a home or a building. Wards can prevent people from doing things by blocking their energies, and therefore cutting their courage, motivation, and energy.

This is highly recommended if you would like some psychic protection for your home, so you won’t be so worried at night of people trying to break in to your home for whatever ill intentions. You can either create a personal ward by hanging sardonyx beads around your home, or some people like to conceal the sardonyx by placing it outside.