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Onyx has been used for centuries because of its purported metaphysical, spiritual, and magical properties. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans have used it for divination and for fortifying soldiers for battle.

Renaissance Europe is filled with examples of how onyx was used for jewelry and other ornamental settings. Onyx continues to capture the fancy and imagination of the world because of its innate beauty and unique appearance.

Black onyx specifically, is a popular subset of onyx because of its regal look, which appears to have cemented itself as a classic in any era. It is also a rare variant due to the nature of chalcedony in general, so there is a high demand for black onyx, too.

Today’s discussion will be tackling the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of this gem and how you can use black onyx to enhance yourself in so many ways. If you believe in energy healing and spiritual life, this discussion is perfect for you.

The metaphysical characteristics of black onyx

Each type of gemstone has both general characteristics and specific traits depending on their color.

Generally speaking, onyx is associated with Mother Earth, which makes it a great grounding stone. What this means is you can use any kind of onyx to clear yourself of unwanted, negative energies so you can begin functioning normally and happily.

If you feel that you are being largely influenced by negative energies from people around you and you can no longer take it, and you are losing control of your own internal energies and creativity in life, now would be a good time to start wearing black onyx.

While there are plenty of superstitions and some negative myths surrounding onyx that have emanated from the fear of the color black, it’s actually an awesome energy tool because it has the capacity to stabilize stray and excess energies in people.

Of particular interest here is the fact that onyx is used to combine dualities in people, so they are no longer fatigued or stressed by clashing emotions, thoughts, and belief systems. Instead of allowing a person to continue suffering from a clash of energies within himself, what onyx does is it allows people to give equal energy and importance to what they hold dearly, so there wouldn’t be any more malaise.

It is absolutely not true that black onyx will bring any bad luck. Actually, this is just mostly hearsay and fear of the color itself, as black is traditionally associated with burial ceremonies and funeral rites in the west.

Onyx is a portent of misfortune in some cultures, but if you look more closely, it’s just the color that is putting people off from onyx. In practice, onyx is as useful as can be and holds the same esteem as other gemstones to energy practitioners. Perhaps its natural power is just being misused in some cases, which makes it a non-beginner gem.

The benefits of black onyx

  1. Protection

As we have already mentioned earlier, onyxes are associated with the earth and provides intense grounding powers to people. By principle, grounding stones can also be used as powerful protection stones that can actually shield you from the negative effects of situations, people, and internal struggles.

Many people do not have a natural capacity to stave off negative energies or excess energies, so having a protective stone would be a good idea.

Additionally, black onyx beads can prevent what is called “energy vampirism” or the siphoning off of good energies by other people. People who can literally drain good energies and happiness from other people are called “psychic vampires” or “energy vampires,” and they exist in every culture and every era.

  1. Strength

This is a general characteristic of the onyx stone, not just black onyx. Strength in the spiritual strength refers to the ability to withstand mental hardship, change, and being able to function well in challenging circumstances.

Inner fortitude is also a function of spiritual strength. As you can already imagine, strength touches every dimension of human life, not just our daily economic struggles. It can influence how you deal with other people who may not have your best interests in mind.

It influences how you tackle problems with your romantic life or creative life. It can also influence how you grieve and recover from tumultuous events in your life.

If your emotions are often raw and you feel helpless and anxious most of the time, wearing black onyx more often just might help you manage your emotions better, so they do not become a burden, and instead, they become a source of personal power, as they should be.

  1. Self-care and Support

The concept of self-care is medical in origin, but there shouldn’t be any confusion – self-care should be as holistic as possible, and it should include spiritual self-care. What black onyx brings to the table is additional stamina to deal with highly emotional situations and a way to combat excessive and potentially deadly stress. Other staggering events like intense confusion or mental fog can also be dealt with swiftly by the cleansing properties of onyx.

  1. Wisdom

Taking off from the principle of universal wisdom and knowledge, where the Universe of the Source is the repository of the same, black onyx can also be used to enhance your ability to arrive at better decisions in life. If you want to develop how you figure out problems and think of the steps to solve issues, black onyx can help by clearing your mind of negativities and improve how it receives universal wisdom from the Source.

  1. Memory-building

Need to be creative by tapping into your reserve of memories? Many artistic endeavors are successful because the memory of the creative person can easily be accessed. In the event that this is not the same for you, black onyx can help open additional channels or windows to your oldest memories, which is a big help because no one else can access your memories but you.