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Onyx is a semiprecious stone that has been used for centuries in crafting different types of jewelry and other ornamental items. It is a subset of quartz, which is used extensively in watchmaking, too.

Like other precious and semiprecious stones, onyx is crafted and worn not just because it can be beautifully azure, as onyx color has many variations.

The most common onyx color that you will see in jewelry houses is azure (blue) and black. From a metaphysical or spiritual point of view, the various onyx color variations can have a huge impact on the results of energy healing and energy balancing.

Otherwise, you can just use the different variations of onyx color to match your daily fashion, as they are quite attractive and they will surely be a classic hit with friends and co-workers.

What are the physical properties of onyx?

As a subset of quartz, onyx tends to have multiple parallel lines running across the surface. These parallel lines are irregular, and various hues and tones tend to meld into each other, marking how everything was formed naturally by the earth itself.

The somewhat irregular markings on the surface of onyx make it doubly attractive to many people who love wearing semiprecious stones. The alternating bands of colors make the onyx mysterious and almost mystical, too.

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What are the spiritual properties of onyx?

The onyx is considered by crystal enthusiasts and energy practitioners to the noblest and most ancient stone. It has been used for a long time in pagan rituals, including “scrying” (attempting to foretell what is going to happen in the future) and burial rituals.

But that’s not all onyx was useful for: they also embedded onyx into various weapons, including axes and swords, as a method of enhancing the weapons and protecting the wielders of the weapons.

What is truly interesting here is that onyx has been present in craftsmanship and magical rituals since the Romans and Greeks, and perhaps there is a good reason why it continues to be relevant now, even if it’s for less provocative uses, like energy healing.

Over the centuries, energy practitioners as well as those who dabble in magic, have begun to realize that every semiprecious stone, whether surrounded by mystique or not, can be used for good.

Spirituality and onyx

Onyx is now firmly used in energy healing circles. If you wish to use onyx for balancing, cleansing, or enhancing yourself naturally through crystal energies, then here are some important pointers about onyx:

  1. Regardless if it is azure or any other variation of onyx color, onyx is generally classified as a grounding stone. Grounding stones have a strong association or affinity with Mother Earth, which is the reservoir of good energies and has the capacity to rebalance energy systems with excess negative energies. If you have never tried crystal healing or energy healing before, what this really means is that if you have at least one grounding stone at home, negative energies would have an easier way out, as they will be routed to the earth. Think of the ground wire of electrical appliances. The earth or ground wire directs excess energy in the event of a short circuit, so you are not shocked. Spiritual energies can also be managed the same way, using grounding stones like onyx.
  2. Onyx can also help you combine dualities in your life. In the context of energy healing, dualities occur when you believe in distinct systems of thought, both matter to you, but the two systems don’t exactly like each other. The easiest example here is when a person loves logic (say, science and mathematics) but also has a deep respect for humanism and spirituality. Obviously, spirituality isn’t going to talk about atoms and quarks, or the Big Bang Theory. Science will likely have unsavory statements about spirituality itself. This difference between belief systems can cause malaise in a person, and ultimately, it’s going to cause a lot of pain down the road. By restoring dualities and combining the energies that they create, onyx can help you come to terms with having different belief systems that all make sense to you, but may not necessarily refer to or agree with one another.This can be a huge leap of progress on your side because the conflict that you feel deep down is actually the different spiritual energies created by your beliefs clashing with one another. Let onyx help you by restoring balance with yourself, and by equalizing the energies that are being created by your personal beliefs and convictions.
  3. Onyx can also help restore strength in people. Now when we talk about strength, we refer not just to physical strength, as others are wont to believe, but also inner strength or spiritual strength. Spiritual strength has a lot to do with a person’s fortitude and creativity, things that affect how individuals handle life’s endless curveballs. If you have been feeling fatigued with life and if you feel that you are running out of ideas as to how to deal with life’s problems, perhaps your spiritual strength has been running out for some time now, and you just didn’t know how to handle it. With semiprecious stones like onyx, it is possible to begin attracting the right energies into your life, so that you will become spiritually stronger. It is also possible for you to be able to attract the right people and events into your life, which in turn will boost abundance and happiness, making you even stronger than before.
  4. Finally, you can begin using onyx if you feel that you need to suppress or defend yourself from overpowering or aggressive energies. This applies to energies that are emanating from an outside source, such as negativity from the people around you. This is the most common scenario, and people just don’t realize it. People around us can actually field or transmit negative energies through their words, actions, or even by just their presence. If you don’t know how spiritual energies work, you can absorb these negative energies yourself.


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