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Black onyx is revered in many cultures because of its intrinsic metaphysical properties and spiritual powers. A member of the chalcedony family and sometimes classified also as agate, onyx remains firmly embedded in energy healing lore and practices around the world.

You may have heard some people say that black onyx is somewhat a harbinger of bad luck and that it can actually bring misfortune to your life.

This is largely superstition and is probably the result of fear due to onyx’s seemingly surreal appearance (often dark, with multiple layers of other colors). Nevertheless, it is a great addition to any jewelry collection and if you would like to use it to improve your spiritual life or just your life in general, it is definitely a good pick.

Black Onyx Spiritual Meaning

Like other gemstones used for energy healing, black onyx or just onyx, in general, has so many spiritual benefits that you may not have heard of before.


1. Personal Shield

If you have ever dreamed of having your very own personal shield against negative energies or harmful vibrations from the people around you, then this would be a great time to get some black onyx. Let us explain. Black onyx is a powerful grounding stone because of its strong affinity with the earth.

What this means is that the primary or main power of the stone, if you will, is absorbing negative energies and routing them to the earth, where they will be safely and harmlessly neutralized. If you have never delved into the spiritual realm before, all of this may sound a bit fanciful, but it’s completely true.

The art of energy healing with crystals has been around for hundreds of years, and both the East and the West have distinct methods of channeling energy to benefit the user.

When you have black onyx on you like a bracelet or any type of jewelry, you basically have a ground connection to Mother Earth, which means all of the unwanted energies you may have from other people (as a result of interacting with them) are going to be dealt with swiftly and removed from your system. This benefits you because one of the leading causes of blocked chakras in people is interaction with other people who cause negativity.

Negativity isn’t just a state of mind, it never is. When someone is constantly negative towards you, either in the way he/she talks to you or deals with you, you are actually absorbing the negative energy from that person and this can definitely mess up the delicate energy balance in your body. Black onyx will stave off those negative energies and also put a stopper on your positive energies so they do not drain away, even in the presence of negativity. Truly, black onyx is a worthy energy shield for anyone.


2. Emotional Balancer

One of the key benefits of gemstones like black onyx is they can directly help you regulate your emotions. Emotions are a double-edged proposition if you think about it.

If you are able to manage your emotions, it is likely that you are going to have a very fruitful and rewarding life. On the other hand, if your emotions manage you instead, then it can go either way. Any excessive emotion can trigger a cascade of bad or unfortunate events. If you feel that you are poor in managing your emotions, then use black onyx beads.

Black onyx beads can help you stabilize your emotions, so negative ones that can overpower your thoughts and actions can be controlled more easily. This applies to anxiety, anger, sadness, etc.

While these emotions are valid and we are not denying that sometimes, they are a natural part of some human events, often, people struggle to control them from the get-go. This struggle can actually lead to years of anger management issues, depression, chronic anxiety, and the like.

Cleansing stones like black onyx can help regulate these emotions by providing a way out for the excess energies. So black onyx provides protection from the negativity that comes from without, and the negative that stems from within. When you cleanse with gemstones like black onyx, you will also notice that your overall strength as a person will increase.

We’re not referring specifically to physical strength (though this might happen if you feel motivated to exercise), but inner fortitude and emotional strength that allows people to become steadfast no matter how unfortunate and sudden an event may be.

3. Meditation and Projection

Much of what spiritual people do involves meditation or focusing on the present, so they may be able to clear their minds and connect with the Source.

Again, due to the nature of the black onyx, it can help you refocus your spiritual energies so you can truly meditate minus the common mental fog that people experience because their minds have become so preconditioned to be distracted or preoccupied with things that they are busy with all day like family, work, chores, or even social media.

With black onyx, you will be able to engage in spiritual practices like Reiki healing, astral projection, lucid dreaming, chakra cleansing, and more, with the help of additional gemstones if you feel that you need them. But all in all, black onyx is an excellent starter gemstone and it’s not expensive at all so you can use several types of black onyx jewelry to get started on your spiritual journey.

If you are wondering: how can you use black onyx beads to meditate better? That’s easy: simply get into the most comfortable meditative position and just channel all the calm energy through your onyx beads.

You will feel a faint glow of energy emanating from your chakras, as well as your onyx beads. Invoke peace of mind and a quiet mind, too, as you go into a meditative state of mind. A meditative state of mind is completely calm and focused on the present.

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Spiritual Meaning of Black Onyx

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