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One of the fundamental goals of crystal therapy is to maintain the equilibrium of your energy flow or chi. Therefore, a chakra blockage can appear in various ways since each chakra serves a specific purpose.

It is like a helium balloon with a string tied to it, and the root chakra location is our anchor. Anxiety, depletion, and a lack of faith are all symptoms of root chakra blockages.

The root chakra meaning represents our most basic needs and desires and a sense of security, making it the first of the Seven Chakras. The root chakra properties represent our need for physical and emotional safety and energy.

Root chakra properties are responsible for keeping you grounded, coping with adversities, and trusting in your abilities. Your root chakra location, which serves as your body’s sense of safety, is responsible primarily for regulating your natural fight or flight reaction.

This means that the user receives less of what the energy center would usually offer if it were in its optimally balanced form if an energy center were blocked. They believe that ill-luck and repeated losses have plagued them and perpetual victims.

A natural connection is necessary to reap the advantages of using gemstones for the root chakra. In contrast, hiking in the woods or mountains, carrying crystals for root chakra in your pocket.

At the same time, gardening or holding these crystals in your hands while meditating outside will do wonders for your mental health. Also, place them on your lower back to stimulate the chakra.

Root Chakra Location

Muladhara, or the root chakra, is located at the base of the spine. It is the first chakra to open. Muladhara, which means “root,” is associated with the earth element and is associated with your capacity for digging in and staying put. There is a strong connection between this energy wheel and your sense of security, familial bonds, and home.

A chakra called Muladhara, located at the base of your spine is known as the root chakra. As a result, it makes you think more secure and capable of coping with life’s obstacles. However, if one of these wheels is obstructed, your health may suffer.

Calm and steady energy will flow through your body when your first chakra is in alignment. As a result, you’ll be able to feel at ease in your body and the world around you.

Your digestive system and tailbone may hurt if your first chakra is out of whack. Constipation, pelvic pain, weight gain or loss, and incontinence can all be symptoms of this imbalance.

An overactive root chakra can also harm someone and the challenges of a blocked root chakra. An overactive root chakra can cause a person to be irritated, defensive, and fidgety. You’ll find them arguing about minor matters, spreading rumors, and fabricating stories.

7 chakras

seven chakras

Root Chakra Properties

The color gold or yellow has traditionally related to the root chakra. On the other hand, red denotes strength and energy on the chakra color spectrum, and it is a color that awakens a person’s instinctive tendencies.

The most common hue representing the root chakra is a deep vermilion red. Its petals are filled with the color used on its sign. Energy healers believe that the root chakra is sometimes related to grey, black, and brown hues.

The root chakra is the most densely packed of the seven chakras. The root chakra’s primary color is red, which also happens to be the densest of all chakra hues. In terms of wavelengths, red is the slowest hue in the visible spectrum, yet it is also the most thrilling.

Red is also associated with life energy. It is the color of blood, and it is the first color you encounter when you are born. This chakra color is commanding. It draws attention to the threat so that action can be taken immediately.

Red is a high-energy hue—it stimulates, provokes, and leads you to change. It is the color of advancement, movement, and transformation. The radiant energy from this color inspires you to reinforce your commitments and to believe in others and the universe’s plans for you.

People are drawn to red like being in their physical bodies and on this planet. They could relax, calm down, and remain still and silent. They are in good physical condition and have healthy body weight. They have a lot of physical vigor and vitality.

When there is an imbalance in the red chakra energy, they can feel somewhat distant from their bodies. As a result, cramping, depression, obesity, inflammation, irritability, sluggishness, and eating disorders are common.


Crystals For Root Chakra

  • If you require a more substantial effect than obsidian can supply, plain hematite can provide that anchoring, as well as a complete cleansing of the root chakra. In addition, it has a beautiful silvery tint that is deeply connected to the Earth, which means it can anchor you in your lifetime and help you focus on what is most important to you.
  • Onyx is a protective stone well recognized for aiding in the sharpening of one’s focus and senses. Using it with your root chakra is an excellent approach to increasing your inner sense of safety and security, strengthening your basis.
  • People dating back to the ancient Egyptians saw jasper in all its forms as a sign of life, and it is excellent for usage with the root chakra. These root chakra crystals are linked to the Earth’s electromagnetic forces.
  • Carnelian‘s vibrant red color immediately resonates with the root chakra, stimulating energy in your life and keeping you from falling into darker moods. Carnelian is an excellent gem for root chakra cleansing if you need some motivation and confidence to continue forward.
  • The bloodstone, a deep silvery green and red flecked rock, was a popular crystal for samurai, soldiers, and warriors to bring to combat. With this powerful stone in your hands, you’ll feel unstoppable as it works to clear up your root chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, and heart chakra.

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