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Christmas is fast approaching which means that it’s about time to do some gift shopping! But for those who are short of cash, don’t worry because there are ways to give Christmas presents without breaking the bank. One of these is to craft some DIY jewelry. These jewelry pieces will surely delight your friends and loved ones and your efforts will be greatly appreciated.


If you need ideas and inspirations, here’s the top 3 DIY jewelry for Christmas.


  1. DIY Scrap Ribbon Bracelet

For this DIY bracelet, you’ll need the following – Christmas-themed satin ribbon, fancy trims, glue, double-sided tape, and some fancy studs.


Place a small strip of the tape at the edge of your fancy trim and fold it over to hem it and prevent it from unraveling. Then press the trim at the middle part of the satin ribbon. Next, apply glue on the area where you want to put the studs. Press the studs on the area and leave to dry. Once it’s dry, you now have a fancy bracelet that you can tie around in your wrist!


  1. DIY Peppermint Holiday Earrings

To create these DIY holiday earrings, you need some peppermint ornaments, a nose plier, fish hook hearings, and some jewelry findings and components. 


First, grab your peppermint ornaments. Using the pliers, open the tiniest jump ring of the ornaments. Slightly pull the ring to one side and make sure not to bend it entirely. Then place the earring hook to one end of the ring while the peppermint ornament should be on the other end. Finally, close the jump ring using the pliers and you now have a cute pair of peppermint earrings which will be perfect for the holiday season!


  1. Candy Cane Bow Necklace

For this DIY project, you will need Polymer clay for the candy cane, which should ideally be red and white. You also need a Sculpey Glaze and brush, as well as jewelry findings. First, break the white and red clay in two equal chunks. Knead each of the clay separately and roll them into a rope. Then roll both clays together to form a much thicker rope and twist all along the length of the rope until it looks like a candy cane. Don’t worry about the rope being a little bit bumpy. Next, roll the rope using your hands until it’s smooth and has the same width as that of a candy cane.


To make a clay bow, begin at the middle of the candy cane rope and then form a loop to one side. Simply pinch the clay at the middle and create another loop at the left. Let the bottom part of the rope cross over to the rest of the bow and continue with the right.


Then cut a small piece of the rope, which you will use to wrap around the middle of the bow. Once the bow is formed, bake the bow flat according to the directions stated on the clay package. Leave it to cool and paint a coat of the gloss to make it look like a real candy. Attach the bow candy cane to your necklace.