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Nowadays, leather cord bracelets and necklaces are getting more and more popular, especially for stylish boys and girls who prefer a boho chic look. Although leather cord is a durable and long-lasting material, it’s important that you know how to take care of and maintain it. Cleaning and maintaining the leather cord regularly can prevent it from getting rotten and stiff, which helps to ensure its longevity.

How to prevent your leather cord from getting dry and rotten?

  1. Store the Jewelry Properly

After every use, make sure you store your leather cord necklace or bracelet properly. These types of accessories will usually come with a dust bag when you buy them, so store them in the dust bag when not in use. Avoid storing the necklace or bracelet with other jewelry items, especially those that are made from metals. Furthermore, don’t use a plastic bag to store the jewelry as this could potentially damage it.

  1. Avoid Exposing It to Harsh Weather

Although the leather cord can withstand heat, liquid, and moisture, avoid exposing it to the harsh weather elements if possible. Don’t wear it when going outdoors and you know that it’s about to rain. Constant exposure to rain or water could make your leather cord jewelry rot easily.

  1. Avoid Crumpling the Leather Cord

Another tip in maintaining the quality of your leather cord jewelry is to avoid crumpling it. If you keep on crumpling and crushing the cord, it will go out of shape and will not look good anymore. Remove the necklace or bracelet before going to sleep so they will not get crushed or crumpled.

  1. Handle It with Clean Hands

Sometimes, we are not aware that we have touched liquids and chemicals that could potentially harm our leather cords. If you don’t want it to be rotten, then make sure that you clean or wash your hands before touching them. This is also applicable if you have applied lotion, perfume, hairsprays, or other beauty products. The chemicals from these products could get into the leather and will cause it to rot. If in the event that your leather cord jewelry has been exposed to these chemicals, take it to a professional leather cleaner.

  1. Use a Leather Protector Spray

If your bracelet or necklace is made from premium quality leather cords, it may be worth investing in a leather protector spray. The spray can help keep the cord from getting dry, rotten, or cracking. It can also help prevent staining. You can purchase the spray online or from an arts and crafts store.

  1. Clean with Damp Cloth

When cleaning your leather cord bracelet or necklace, use a soft and damp cloth. Avoid using cleaning products that contain oil since the oil could trap moisture and dirt and will cause it to rot even more. Furthermore, the oil can also potentially stain the leather material.

Hopefully, these tips will help you take care and maintain your leather cord jewelry. In order to slow down the process of degradation, it’s a good idea to store the jewelry in an airtight container.