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From that ‘thrift’ ring you picked up at some holiday store to that pretty little set of earrings you got as a gift from a special person. There’s no doubt that jewelry will forever play a vital role in our wardrobes and lives. Sadly, however, no matter how important they may be, we somehow tend to always lose them, especially the tiny little ones. The most notorious of these little ‘loves’ are earrings; the backs to be precise. As with millions of other people out there, you’ve probably lost count of how many times losing your earring backs has caused you some form of discomfort. Sometimes, it’s downright exhausting. At Beadnova however, we take the little things that cause you big troubles and find lasting solutions to them.

Beadnova Silicone earrings backs made from hypoallergenic materials are perfectly designed to healthily tackle the problem of your ever-disappearing ear backs and ensure you never have to completely abandon any of your earrings again. Designed with you in mind, our silicone earring backs are made from high-quality rubber materials with high resistance to rust, corrosion, and tarnishing, they are equally constructed to; fit most earrings posts, be easy to put on and off, be lightweight and comfortable to wear, be easily affordable. They easily match most earring types as they are colorless. They also come packaged with a plastic handy box for carrying and safekeeping, easily making them a steal for the prices they go for. DIY lovers will love these as our silicone earring backs are excellent for; earring back replacement, earring making posts, earring backs, earring making supplies, earring repairing, earring making, earring replacement backs for fish hook earrings.