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Howlite gemstone is commonly found as a large cauliflower like masses. It was discovered by Henry How in the 19th century. He named the gemstone after its discovery in Nova Scotia. The howlite gemstone is a borate mineral that is commonly found in the evaporite deposits. They are commonly found as the irregular nodules. The cluster of howlite gemstone commonly resembles a cauliflower. However, you should know that the crystals of howlite are rare. There are only a few locations around the world where you can easily find the gemstone.


The biggest attention of the gemstone is that it is fairly soft. This is the reason it is very easy to dye. You may have been surprised to know that howlite gemstone is rare because it is available at an inexpensive rate. It is affordable as compared to costly gemstones because of the texture. The natural color of howlite gemstone is white. There are clean and gentle black and gray veins there are naturally formed on the gemstone. Commonly it is dyed with the rich colors. You can have the howlite that commonly resembles Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Red Coral or more.

Is it natural?

A common question most people have is that whether howlite gemstone is natural or not. You should know that it is a rare and natural gemstone that is not easily found. It is commonly used in jewelry because of the healing properties and other benefits that the howlite gemstone have. There are many people who are only using it for the amazing magical and chakra balancing properties that the gemstone has. Make sure that you get the howlite gemstone from a reliable retailer. That is the only way you can enjoy the original benefits of the product.

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