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Googly eyes have been around for decades and they’ve enchanted several generations of kids for years now. Googly eyes are so simple, and yet they add a ton of fun to toys and games that were just formerly plain and predictable.

Googly eyes make family time more exciting, funny, and dynamic, because the eyes tend to move around on their own with a bit of movement, making toys appear more alive and fun to play with. The most basic type of googly eyes is comprised of a white background (made of plastic or hard paper board) and a second layer (another disc, this time colored black).

The two discs are then locked by a shallow plastic dome, allowing the second black disc to move around freely within the googly eye. The different googly eye shells come in a variety of sizes from one that is as small as 4.8 millimeters to massive googly eyes that measure two feet in diameter.

The colors of the pupils of the googly eyes also vary. Colors are as varied as blue, pink, red, yellow, etc. Googly eyes are normally used for craft projects to give toys and decorative items a touch of fun and wacky. People use googly eyes to make their creations appear cute and harmless, and kids love them because googly eyes don’t like to stay put, making objects look sillier and more entertaining, too.

A game inspired by googly eyes

Googly Eyes Showdown is a fun tabletop game for the whole family. Instead of just adding the googly eyes to the props of the game, the googly eyes are the main prop. Players are divided into teams, and each team will have to don the googly eyeshades and draw on a piece of paper. The other team will be required to guess what the other team is drawing.

Googly Eyes Showdown is a fun game that is fit for all ages and uses the concept of the shifting googly eyes to the fullest extent, making it a fascinating game altogether. The manufacturer also designed the game so that gameplay is pretty fast and players will find the hilarious drawings the best after each turn.

This googly eyes game uses shades that are meant to distort the vision of the players, making it harder for them to draw accurately. This googly eyes game is fun because the artist for each turn will have a tough time drawing, and the ones guessing will have a tough time deciphering what the inaccurate, squiggly lines might really mean. It’s the perfect time burner for the entire family, and it can bring together all members of the family easily. If you have been looking for a way to unplug or bring back your kids from their constant use of gadgets, Googly Eyes Showdown would be the best way to do it.

Crafting for kids with googly eyes  

Nothing could be more fun than doing crafts projects with your kids at home, especially when the crafts projects have googly eyes on them! In today’s blog, we are going to explore how you can make a simple, fun project at home with googly eyes.



Googly eye Santa

You can make googly eye Santas any time of the year and just keep them until it’s time to bring them out during the Yuletide season. For this project, you will need followings:

  1. cardboard tubes (or empty tissue rolls, those work too),
  2. a pair of scissors
  3. art paint (skin color)
  4. crocheting yarn (colors are red for the hat and white for the hair and beard)
  5. some crafting glue
  6. googly eyes
  7. some cotton thread

Step 1

Cut your cardboard tubing to three pieces, with each piece measuring about .75”. Get your flesh tone paint and start painting one of them. This will be the visible part of Santa’s face. You can use any color that you want, depending on your preferences. This can be flesh-colored, or brown, or red if you feel that Santa has to look really creative. It’s up to you. Leave the painted roll of cardboard and let it dry.

Step 2

Next, start wrapping yarn around the second ring by first wrapping it completely with the red yarn. When the entire ring has been covered, Re-wrap the ring, only this time hook the yarn about 1.5” inches above the ring so you will have ruffled yarn. Cut the end of the ruffled yarn after and bind the tip with a tight knot.

Perform the same process with the third ring, only this time leave enough yarn for the hair and the beard. The beard would be about 4 to 5″, while the hair section would be about 2.5”. Trim the ends of the white yarn to give the beard a more natural look. Do the same for the hair section.

Step 3

When the beard and hair ring is complete, insert the ring into the face ring that you painted earlier. Use a pair of scissors to shape the beard and hair. For the hair, you will only need a few centimeters and bunch together the rest. Use a bit of red yarn to make a smiling mouth for Santa (feel free to use glue here or sew it on). You will just need an inch of red yarn for the smiling mouth.

Step 4

At this point in time, it is time to add the googly eyes. Glue the googly eyes near the center and then add a small circle below for the nose. Use the craft glue throughout. Let the glue dry before proceeding to the last steps.

Step 5

Cut about 0.5 inches white yarn and decorate the googly eyes topside. Make sure that you put Santa’s eyebrows symmetrically so he looks really good. Once that’s done, feel free to add the hat ring to the face ring. Attach the edges with crafting glue and let dry. As a final touch, attach a bit of string to Santa’s hat so you can hang the decoration after.