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Is dragon blood jasper vs. bloodstone one and alike?

Crystals of the dragon blood jasper and bloodstone families are not to be confused with one another. Nevertheless, you can tell them apart by observing the subtle differences in their colors. Unlike blood jasper, which has white and brownish streaks and pale olive-green color, bloodstone tends to have more intense green hues.

Red and green epidote combine to form dragon blood jasper, giving you the best of both worlds in a single fantastic stone. On the other hand, dark green chalcedony (or jasper) makes up the majority of bloodstone. In contrast, tiny flecks of red jasper (due to hematite and iron oxide inclusions) make up the remainder.

With this information regarding dragon blood jasper vs. bloodstone, you can infer that dragon blood jasper is not a solid jasper. Meanwhile, bloodstone is considered a hybrid of the jasper mineral family. While these stones are associated with Root and Heart Chakra, they have different chemical compositions, making them two distinct crystals.

While they have noticeable differences, these two gemstones still have few resemblances:

  • Both can aid in healing on a cellular level, but each has its unique properties. While all stones can work together, it never hurts to check with them first to see if they’d like to collaborate. Asking your stones if they’d like to be combined is an option.
  • These two stones can be used in any combination. It all comes down to your intention and what you hope to achieve with the stones you’re using when it comes to combining stones. For instance, they’re all focused on their own goals, like rose quartz for love, red jasper for grounding, and lepidolite for stress relief and calmness, then they’re all doing their jobs well enough.


Dragon Blood Jasper: Meaning & Properties

For those who need an increase of courage, dragon blood jasper is an excellent choice. Yet, when it comes to this crystal’s name and historical-mythological background, you know it’s going to be powerful.

Western Australia is home to Dragon Blood Jasper. The legend surrounding this stone is fascinating. According to legend, the green color represents the dragon’s skin, which means strength and courage, while the red color represents the dragon’s blood, which represents passionate love and courage.

Dragon stone’s unique healing properties will help you deal with the past’s emotional wounds and dark memories. Additionally, you may use the power of this crystal to restore your self-belief and self-confidence while creating an impenetrable shield of protection around your inner self.

In addition, it helps you to accept and forgive yourself and move on with your life with greater self-awareness, inner calm, and a loving, positive state of mind. It does all of these things for you.

It shows you that you already possess the innate and effortless ability to pave your path confidently, and it empowers you to overcome any obstacles or mental blockages that may stand in your way of reaching your full potential. This stone is a powerful ally and staunch supporter when you need courage, determination, and extra stamina.

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Bloodstone: Meaning & Properties

The energizing and revitalizing properties of bloodstone are well-known. When you connect to the crystal’s frequency, you’ll gain the courage and inner drive you need to overcome obstacles and bring your dreams to fruition.

Bloodstone is a potent cleanser of the blood as well as a healer. In addition to providing additional vital energy, this stone helps to clear your mind of any competing thoughts, allowing you to have greater mental clarity, which aids you in making wise decisions that lead to more satisfying outcomes.

While wearing this crystal with amethyst, you will feel grounded and calm, both of which are important for improving your overall well-being. In addition, these healing crystals help you become more self-aware, which is a critical quality for enhancing your skills and recognizing the areas in your life where you need to make improvements if you want to undergo a radical change.

Bloodstone has a calming and energizing effect on the mind. It clears away confusion and helps people make better decisions by aiding with adjusting to new situations. Moreover, electromagnetic and geopathic stresses can be overcome with the help of bloodstone, which absorbs negative environmental energy.

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Dragon Blood Jasper: How to Use

As mentioned earlier, dragon blood jasper isn’t an “actual jasper” since it is made from epidote and piemontite. Still, this healing crystal is considered a powerful stone of creativity, courage, and strength.

Wearing dragon blood jasper jewelry will allow you to benefit from the stone’s powerful energies and vibrations throughout the day. Furthermore, this crystal is excellent for removing stress, negative thought patterns, self-pity, and anxiety from the subtle and emotional bodies.

To aid in self-discovery and self-love, use this crystal. Regardless of the situation, it keeps you grounded and centered while bringing in happy, optimistic vibrations to lift your mood and spirits.

As a result of the stone’s frequency, a person’s mind and body are calm, making it easier to set and achieve goals, spark creativity, and right wrongs. An effective talisman when used in conjunction with labradorite, also known as the dragon’s heart.

Bloodstone: How to Use

A small amount of the situation’s pain can be absorbed by the bloodstone. Physical pressure has been shown time and time again to reduce anxiety. You should always feel a sense of weight or pressure when using bloodstone for anything related to relieving stress or calming turbulent emotions.

Bloodstone, as the name implies, has a lot to do with the circulatory and blood systems. If you are attracted to pursuing bloodstone’s physical healing properties, you may soak the crystal in cold water overnight. In the morning, drink the water to help with your symptoms and blood flow.

You can ward off external and internal enemies by wearing bloodstone jewelry. It can also give the crystal’s user the necessary courage to face your problems or dangers head-on.

Sew a piece of bloodstone into a child’s coat as a protection amulet if your child is being bullied at school. The child will also have a more intimidating aura, making the bully less likely to confront the child. Besides, this will empower them to stand up to the bully on their own two feet.


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