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There is something exquisite about organising crystals in the home. They can create good feelings and help start engaging conversations. However, having your store crystals in plain sight isn’t the most recommended course of action.

For people who organize crystals for their collections or who believe in crystals’ therapeutic abilities, they can keep the stones in their pockets, on their bookshelves, or in their luggage.

If you’re going to keep your store crystals in a pouch or a container, make sure to avoid any potential chipping or other damage. Healers usually recommend natural materials as they are thought to provide natural energy shields. Therefore, these crystals will remain untouched by negative energy.


How To Store and Organise the Crystals Properly?


The best way to distinguish your crystals is by the finish they were given. Crystal surfaces are buffed to a lustrous sheen by a tumble-polishing process.

  • Your finished rocks can go in a box, and your raw materials can go on a bookshelf. Use these categories to organize your gems and keep them in your storage solution separately.
  • For healing purposes, you may find it helpful to organize your crystals by color. For reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, clears, whites, and blacks. When you want to locate a good stone for your healing session, this is easy to do.
  • The size of your crystals can also be important. Group your stones by type and size for more consistency. Keep the big ones towards the back, and position the small ones at the front.
  • It’s good to carry a few stones in your pocket or purse to look at or work with during the day. By keeping them close by, you can utilize them whenever you desire. For instance, you may put them on your desk at work or school or perhaps display them on shelves.
  • To store your latest collection of crystals, keep them organized on a shelf of your bookcase. Take the time to clean the shelves, dust, remove clutter, and then arrange your crystals according to your preferred organizational strategy.
  • If you have a good number of gemstones and want to feature some of your favorites, a display case is a fantastic option. The display cabinet can be used in the living room, bedroom, or basement.

What To Consider When Storing Crystals?

It is possible to break a crystal even without dropping it. Improper storage can cause scratches, dullness, and chipping. Specific crystals are fragile, whereas others are not. Stone crystals lose their glitter, clarity, and shine as they rub against one another because of their size. Healing powers are generally unaffected, but they are not as appealing.

  • Using sunlight, a crystal can be energized or cleansed. However, many stones suffer discoloration, change in color, or break down if exposed to direct sunlight for too long. Examples of crystals that can be damaged through sunlight are carnelian, amber, aquamarine, chrysoprase, kunzite, and sapphire. Opal dries out on prolonged sun exposure.
  • It is better to avoid placing your crystals on a show if you plan to store them. The color in some individuals’ eyes may diminish as a result. You should also avoid storing your crystals in locations with dramatic temperature shifts, leading to cracks.
  • When keeping your crystals, the Mohs’s hardness scale is something to bear in mind. Mohs’s hardness is a measure of how easily two different minerals may be scratched against each other. The hardness of minerals depends on the type of bonding. Ionic, metallic, and Van der Waals bonds make the material softer, whereas covalent links are the hardest.
  • Hard stones should not be stored next to soft precious rocks, as they may get damaged. Diamonds, the toughest of all gemstones, are incredibly hard—but also quite brittle.
  • Specific crystals are fragile, whereas others are not. Amethyst, fluorite, opal, and calcite can be scratched and damaged easily. Covering them with an extra layer of cotton or silk will reduce the crystal’s friction.


What Type of Container Is Good for Storing Crystals?

Storing healing crystals is a matter of preference and use, and there are numerous options. You can keep crystals in several ways. People who prefer labeled plastic containers utilize them. If you’re not interested in using wood, stone, or glass jars, consider using stainless steel or enamel. When traveling with crystals, utilize organza bags, but remember that raw and polished stones should not be mixed.

 container for crystals

Stone or glass containers

Stone containers like boxes and jewelry cases are easier to move around than fabric bags. They offer more excellent protection than the latter. You may discover one with divisions or maybe build your own.

You can store your crystal collection in a big box and place it on a desk or shelf. Pick a wooden or stone container that suits you, such as an antique chest or detailed sculpture, to find your preferred storage option. In terms of overall size, place in the box various stones.

wood container for crystals

Wood containers

If you’ve amassed a massive collection of crystals, consider using a wooden drawer to store them. The crystals can be organized into groups or categories by using miniature gift boxes. In addition to a whole host of other uses, these drawers can be utilized in most drawers in your home.

This foldable box can also store the crystals while keeping them clean and clear of dust. Each group has a distinct pocket to avoid damage.

Do you like to bring your crystals with you when you travel but are unsure how to pack them carefully? Use a wooden stackable! It can be stacked individually, preventing the unintended rubbing that can occur.


Velvet pouch

If you go on holiday or work, try bringing some of your favorite crystals. They might act as a calming or reassuring figure on your journey. Please put them in a velvet pouch with at least five to fifteen other crystals to preserve your crystals. Secure the pocket by tying the top.

When traveling with crystals, utilize organza bags, but remember that raw and polished stones should not be mixed. Other fragile crystals should also avoid fabric bags. Instead, pack your gems in a protective pouch and wrap them in a durable fabric before leaving on a trip. They’re fragile, and they cannot be repaired.

how to store crystals

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