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Not only do crystals exist in many colors and fulfill various functions, but they are also discovered in many geometric formations. So, like the crystal power, the crystal shape is significant. Although it’s stated that the crystal shape’s meaning doesn’t alter the energy it radiates, crystal shape does affect how you receive the crystal power.

The history of crystal shapes meaning stretches back hundreds of years. It is connected to the practice of cutting crystals into specific shapes. The healing properties can be channeled into a figure through the combination of geometry and symbolic meaning. It is essential to note that when people cut crystals, they wish to represent sacred geometry or add specific characteristics.


Do Crystal Shapes Affect the Power?

Crystals shapes can have an assortment of varieties. For instance, the human hand leaves no trace on cubic Pyrite or rhombic Garnet, both of which may be found here. Instead, you may encounter bear-shaped obsidian or heart-shaped rose quartz. Each of these shapes is lovely and appealing in its way. Still, each also possesses much more to offer regarding significance, energy production, and applicability.

When considering the purpose of a crystal, one should select an appropriate carving. However, it’s always important to note that all crystals have natural qualities, regardless of their form. Therefore, you could study the qualities of each crystal shape to know the suitable material for your need.



Amethyst Cluster

Even if they’re very different in appearance, Crystal Clusters and geodes have one thing in common: they have plenty of facets that can transmit intense vibrations.

  • Crystal Clusters all have individual nodes with varying forms and sizes, including terminal points that often vary in direction. No two clusters are identical, as each one is special and unique.
  • In any location, clusters of points vibrate harmoniously to bring positive energy and transform negativity.
  • Geodes, a variant of Crystal Clusters, are sometimes sliced at the base to be displayed upright. The interior of each geode is incredibly potent and can be used to charge or cleanse tiny crystals or tumbled stones.


Tower Crystals are also known as crystal edifices. Point Crystals are cut at the base to stand upright, while a cut-stone version is formed from a large stone into a smaller pointed crystal.

  • Their terminal points serve as focal sites for energy dispersal.
  • These crystals are suitable for elevating the energy of a place. You can use them on your altar or any other sacred area.
  • Tower energy is sent upward and outward. In addition, they send forth focused and directional energy, which influences the surrounding region and any other crystals.



Sphere Crystals are carefully carved and polished to achieve absolute roundness. They are called a Ball Crystal as well.

  • A sphere diffuses energy constantly and smoothly, radiating it outward in all directions. It can also slow down and neutralize negative or imbalanced points.
  • Crystal balls are usually used for scrying, so it makes sense. Auras, crystal healing, and chakras are all possible channels of transmission.
  • For earth healing, harmony, protection, or psychic development, position sphere crystals in the center of crystal grids.



Pyramid Crystals guide and center all kinds of energy. This pyramid-shaped crystal also has a square base, with a triangular four sides.

    • Homeowners are advised to use pyramids to ward against evil spirits. This is because they control the Earth’s energy while boosting and transmitting energies out of the top.
    • People claim that crystal pyramids are effective for bringing their desires to life. Their solid foundation gives you something to cling to.
    • The pyramid’s pinnacle broadcasts the message to the universe. So regardless of what your intention is—whether it’s to raise money for yourself or to send out love to the world, pyramid crystals will take you to the next level.



Wand Crystals are offered in a variety of styles, but their concept remains the same. If you’d like to detect energy blockages and correct them by moving energy via auras and chakras, you can utilize this crystal.

  • With long, thin shapes, wands facilitate energy flow and allow energy to flow up and down and in and out.
  • Some wands have one pointed end and another rounded end, while others are rounded at both ends. They are available in facets with six sides or with a completely spherical and smooth finish.
  • Large crystal grids could be made more efficient by adding them, but it would be rather costly.

Tumbled Stones

gemstone tumbled stones

Tumbled Stones could be a good starting point in your crystal journey. These little dynamos pay enormous dividends for just a modest investment.

  • Small stone bits are tumbled for a smooth and lustrous finish. Even though the forms are uneven and variable in size, they usually are travel-sized.
  • You may stow them in your pocket, purse, or bra and use them on the go. Having someone close by—perhaps even right next to you—can serve as a reminder of your goal.
  • You can take a journey into the wondrous realm of crystals using tumbled stones. Small, polished crystals are generally affordable and can be easily obtained online or in a local crystal shop.


Cube Crystals may provide you with some grounding energy if you’re seeking it. For example, if you hold a crystal in each palm, you can more readily contact the point of the Earth.

  • Pyrite and galena are the naturally occurring mineral forms of cubes. While it is impossible to create a “perfect” crystal, the formation of cubes is similar to a crystal cut in a similar shape.
  • Cubic crystals can ground your energy and allow you to connect with the world around you. For example, you may ground your space’s energy by planting four cubic shapes in each of the room’s corners.

do crystal shapes matter

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