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Have you wondered why most hypnotists make use of a swinging pendulum? Centuries back, pendulum has been the historical object used for hypnosis, answering questions, energy work and others. It is a symmetrical object attached from a single chain. Pendulum has been a provider of knowledge or answers to different kinds of questions. How does a pendulum work? Pendulum serves as an interphase, a receiver and transmitter between the known and the unknown. It taps into the sixth sense and intuition. Pendulum is best for answering precise “yes or no” questions, by bringing the rational and intuitive sides together. It is an efficient tool for answering some questions, because, when two different sides of an event is brought together, there is a chance of accessing the sources and making best decisions at a critical time. How can I make use of a pendulum? Before the use of a pendulum, cleanse and charge it properly with your energy. The best method of cleansing is by placing it on a windowsill.

After cleansing, below are the step-by-step guides you can use during pendulum hypnosis;

1. Draw a circle of 40-50 cm diameter on a paper. Right on the paper, mark A and C at the top and bottom respectively, and B and D at left and right respectively. Join the letters with a line to form a cross within the circle.

2. Get a pendulum of your own attached to a small weight (a string, chain, or rope)

3. Seat with your drawn circle on a table; place your elbow on the table, free your arms and hold the string between the thumb and forefinger to allow the pendulum hang straight down. The hold the pendulum still and motionless.

4. Enrich your mind with imagination, while your pendulum maintains its motionless state. Now imagine how the pendulum will swing along the line of your diagram. Give a maximum concentration on the imagination, as the pendulum starts to swing on its own.

5. Couple of minutes after engaging your imagination, the pendulum may actually start swinging really. Kick-starting from small to bold swing in vertical direction. After swinging in the vertical direction, then start imagination to allow it rotate in a clockwise direction.

6. While you imagine it swing, the pendulum gathers energy that subconsciously enlarge small perceptions to the right direction. After noticing this, you become calmer and happier, which allows you focus on other things.